Stuff I Like

Here’s a list of stuff I can see myself going back to whenever I have some free time.

–5 Centimeters Per Second
–Aku no Hana
–Aoi Bungaku
–Cat Soup
–Clannad: The Motion Picture
–Concrete Revolutio

–Cowboy Bebop
–Eden of the East
–Great Teacher Onizuka
–Guilty Crown

–Haibane Renmei
–Mawaru Penguindrum
–Mind Game
–Mouryou no Hako
–Natsuyuki Rendezvous
–Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind
–Ping Pong: The Animation
–Princess Mononoke
–Sakamichi no Apollon
–Scum’s Wish

–Serial Experiments Lain
–Spirited Away
–The Tatami Galaxy

–Terror in Resonance
–Welcome to the NHK!
–Whisper of the Heart

Movies: Click this link

Non-Anime TV Shows:
–Adventure Time

–Black Books
–The Boondocks


–Fawlty Towers
–Gravity Falls

–Looney Tunes
–The Loud House

–Malcolm in the Middle
–Modern Family

–Parks and Recreation

–Rick and Morty
–Sense 8
–The Simpsons

–South Park
–Steven Universe
–True Detective

Video Games:
–Assassin’s Creed II
–Batman: Arkham Asylum

–Dark Souls
–Final Fantasy VII

–Life is Strange
–Majora’s Mask
–Metal Gear Solid
–Metroid Prime
–Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
–Resident Evil 4
–Saints Row

–Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
–Super Mario Galaxy
–Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Star
–Wind Waker

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