Gaijin World

If you want an explanation for what Gaijin World is, click here.

Part Numbers

1. Skit 1
2. Oh, Anime
3. Sterile Living
4. The Predictable Outcome
5. Tough Love
6. Not So Above It All
7. Inou-Battle: Episode 10
8. Parasyte: Episode 11
9. Preparing For The Christmas Period
10. Meeting the Neighbors: Part 1
11. Meeting the Neighbors: Part 2
12. A-1’s Apology Letter
13. Choosing the Right Suffix
14. There’s Only One Episode Left?
15. You Don’t Always Need To Be Epic
16. Don’t Support Peter Jackson!
17. Fair is Fair In Terms of Failure
18. Getting Priorities Straight
19. The Wests’ Favorite Christmas Films
20. Hate Leads To Blindness
21. Beware The Nice Ones
22. What I Want For Anime Christmas
23. Christmas Karaoke
24. Post-Christmas Blues
25. The World Is Rotten
26. The Ruination of Butts
27. Idol Story Written By Disney
28. The Wests’ New Years’ Wishes
29. First Day at School
30. Michael’s Understanding Of The Japanese Language
31. Can KyoAni Just Fire That Guy?
32. It Could Have Been Worse
33. There’s A What?
34. The Deskmate
35. Blind Fanboyism
36. What Are Episode VII’s Chances?
37. Lain’s Job
38. First Dibs
39. Current State of Mecha
40. What The Mecha Genre Needs: Lain’s View
41. What The Mecha Genre Needs: Alex’s View
42. Where To Start Insulting?
43. Dungeons and Girls?
44. Boys Love + Magical Girl Setting = Best Show? Really?
45. January Weekend Watch
46. It’s For Little Girls
47. It’s Not What It Looks Like…Maybe
48. Japanese Satan Is Boring
49. Maria the Virgin Anime
50. Spring 2015 Season Preview

* – This symbols means the characters are speaking Japanese.

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