Anime Blogs:

Anime B&B
Anime Instrumentality Blog

Anime Maru
Anime World Order
Draggle’s Anime Blog
Fantastic Memes
Mage In A Barrel
Moe Sucks
Perpetual Morning
The Cart Driver
Wrong Every Time

Youtube Channels:

Channel Awesome

Chris Stuckmann
Glass Reflection
Jim Sterling
Kagato The Final Boss
The Musical Gamer
Nitro Rad
Pushing Up Roses
Some Call Me Johnny
Weeby Newz
Zero Punctuation

13 responses to “Blogroll

  1. I’ll take it you’re not the biggest fan of Eureka Seven, haha. Thanks for adding me, I’ll be taking a better look around when I’ve freed up some time. =)

    • Nope. πŸ™‚

      It’s not like I dislike the franchise, but I have to watch E7 dubbed just to get thru it, and even I think it’s just alright. Regarding Ao, I liked the first half a lot, but the second half went too bonkers for me to enjoy it fully, despite my many attempts to believe in it.

      • You can like what you like. =) For me, E7 is a personal thing; the themes inspired me when I was borderline suicidal as a young teen. I can find all sorts of things to love about it because of that, though I by no means consider it the best anime ever made. It’s highly flawed, though I’ve always believed that finding flaws in something doesn’t mean you hate it. AO is something I liked because of my attachment to the original and because I like Ao as a character.

    • It’s not like my favorite anime aren’t heavily flawed, so I don’t mind people liking stuff I don’t enjoy. Personally though, I liked AO because it didn’t have much to do with the original. Unfortunately, it went in a direction I didn’t care for in the end.

      • Same, it’s all in personal preference and experience. That’s interesting considering most people hated AO for that very reason. I actually feel about NGE more or less how I think you feel about E7, though I do understand why that’s praised so highly. My best friend is about as obsessed with NGE as I am with E7, so we have some great debates.

    • I don’t do link exchanges (although I guess technically your link is on this comment). I only put something on here when I feel it’s good enough for personal promotion.

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