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Here’s a bunch of lists regarding stuff I like:

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14 responses to “Flawfinder’s Rankings

  1. Have you seen any of Ufotable’s stuff? They did fate/ zero, and Kara no kyoukai, and they did a fantastic job on the adaptation, it’s like 100x better than studio deen’s adaptation of Fate/Stay Night.

  2. How about Production I.G and Sunrise??
    And Madhouse? I’m a big fan of Satoshi Kon’s.
    About Toei, though. I really enjoyed Kuuchuu Buranko! It was really different from other anime that I’ve seen. Of course Ayakashi is also worth it just for the art. As expected of studio which produced Slam Dunk. Ah~Being a 90s kid is so nice.

    • Will do them some day, but here are some of my thoughts:

      Production I.G. churns out some good stuff, but they also churn out some crap stuff too. Sunrise is the same, although I’m not a fan of them in general mostly because they churn out a lot of Gundam, a franchise I’m not fond of.

      I used to really love Madhouse, although their more recent stuff haven’t been doing much for me. I do love Satoshi Kon’s output, although I’m not his biggest fan. I’m one of the few who think Millenium Actress is his weakest work.

      Haven’t delved into much Toei stuff that I can think of off the top of my head. Only remember the Key movies and the SJ stuff. As for the anime you mentioned, I have yet to see Ayakashi or Slam Dunk, but I’m not fond of Trapeze.

  3. Have you played mario and luigi superstar saga? To me its the best nintendo rpg ever made. Also you banned me for a mexican joke i made. It was obviously of very poor taste and I regret it and I wont do it ever again on the internet (I Swear). So it would be nice if you unban me :). Im not a bad person I didnt realised it could be taken in a bad way.. changing ip is a bothersome thiny too..

  4. Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne is super legit. After being super disappointed by Final Fantasy X, and getting burned out of JRPGs in general, Nocturne was the game to get me back into it. I would soon get Digital Devil Saga 2 and get stomped horribly by a certain boss, making me sell it because I was like “Fuck that shit”(This is an old shame of mine). I then got into the Persona games, and started exploring all the cool little niche games. Basically, Atlus saved JRPGs for me.

    And, in case you were wondering, the boss was Vritira. Fucking Cielo, man.

  5. I watched “Milk Money” one day interested by its premise on a plot summary I read. Huge mistake. It left me bitter and sort of scared. I never watched any hentai crap again. It seems these hentai shows don’t really know what “love” is, reducing it to silly quest for lust fullfillment.

  6. Interesting video game list. I loved TTYD and how it somehow successfully took a happy-go-lucky series and mixed it with darker elements, and how it made some repetitive levels (bar chapters two and four) super fun.

    Always sad to be reminded that my gateway drug (Soul Eater) is so hated among bloggers, but I’m certainly not alone in that regard.

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