My Favorite Youtubers of All-Time

Wonder how many people can guess what this list contains before reading it?

Holy hell was this a time-consuming project. You guys remember back when I wrote my Anituber post how I was planning to make a top fifteen list of my all-time favorite Youtubers and that they would all be gaming-related? Well during the initial write-up of that post, I looked back at how my Anituber post turned out and after some thinking, I decided “fuck it. Let’s get more ambitious with this project and give attention to ALL of my Youtube subscriptions”. And it seemed feasible to do because I’m not one of those people who subscribe to a lot of channels. Like only around forty or so.

So I went and did it. Now I’ve got this monster of a post as a result, and I’m dead tired.

But honestly, I’m glad I did this. While I’m not a big fan of Youtube itself, I love certain content creators on there, and I feel like I’d be shortchanging them if I just limited myself to talking about fifteen of them. This is far from an unusual thing as many people go to Youtube for entertainment, but something I hardly ever see on the Internet or in real life is people talking about their favorite Youtubers. The only place I ever really see that discussed is in the Anituber sphere, mostly when that tier list thing was going on. And while you’ll see people praise Gigguk or Super Eyepatch Wolf for various reasons, actual discussion on that topic is rather limited, and that’s not even counting how there are many good Youtubers out there besides Anitube. Although I guess that’s not unusual coming from me since I’ve admitted in the past that I don’t like Anitube very much. Still don’t for the record.

So I want to be one of the few members of the anime community to actually do this sort of involved project highlighting the popular and unpopular Youtube channels that I watch – although slight spoilers: I mostly watch popular channels. However, while I’m going to be highlighting every channel I subscribe to, I’m only going to give involved descriptions to the ones I actually love. There are quite a few channels I’m subscribed to that I don’t actually get excited for or go out of my way to watch their content but subscribe to anyways for personal reasons, and they’re only getting short descriptions from me in order to save time/words – plus I don’t have a lot to say about them because I’m not very passionate about them. I’ll go through them first then get to my actual favorite Youtube channels afterwards.

Yes, all of the anime Youtubers I highlighted in the last post will be on this one, with some of them being in my favorites section and some of them getting the short description treatment. Given how I gave almost all of them long descriptions last time, I really don’t think anyone is going to mind. Although keep in mind, it’s been almost a month since I wrote that post and my opinions have changed somewhat in that amount of time. Also, there might be some new additions to the Anitubers that I’m actually subscribed to.

One last thing to note: a lot of you are probably going to recognize most of these channels because like I said, most of them are pretty big. If you don’t like them, you’re free to say why, but please don’t act like a dick about my choices like saying “omg I hate this Anituber. He is so obnoxious” or anything like that. I get enough of that shit from other places and don’t need to see that here. Also, feel free to talk about your own Youtube subscriptions and such in the comments section below, including controversial figures like Contrapoints or Dan Olsen or such (although I will roll my eyes if you say you like Dan Olsen). Or do your own post/video/whatever highlighting your favorite Youtubers. Just don’t act like MAL every time someone breathes there.

Alright, let’s start things off by going through these quick descriptions of all the channels I’m subscribed to, but don’t necessarily love. Also known as the runner-ups section.

Phillip DeFranco

Like many people, I consider Phillip DeFranco to be my go-to guy for daily news. I’m aware of all the controversies he’s gotten into over time, but he’s still the least biased news guy I know, and he’s just a charismatic person who tries his best to play to both sides in general, even when it’s clear he leans left. I don’t find his videos to be the least bit rewatchable or relevant after a day has passed, but I guess that’s just the nature of news in general, isn’t it? But seriously, if you want a good news source that’s mostly free of all the shit that CNN, NYT, and so on and so forth put in their articles, then I couldn’t recommend DeFranco enough.

Memeology 101

Now this guy is basically someone who calls out fake news and Internet bullshit, especially when Youtube or DSP is involved, through generally short videos consisting of text, images, and video clips, not too dissimilar from Crowbcat. As someone who likes to keep up with when the big guys are lying to me (and this includes DeFranco, who Memeology is really not a fan of), this channel is really important for me to follow. Now like DeFranco, his videos get quickly dated as well, but the short length makes them a little more rewatchable. He’s also explicitly anti-woke, so if that bothers you, I can’t really recommend him. Personally, I find his viewpoints fascinating, and he does his best to not be too biased when tackling a subject matter, even if like DeFranco, he doesn’t always succeed.

Nux Taku

Holy shit this guy is favoring the Youtube algorithm, and honestly he deserves it, even if I’m not exactly Nux’s biggest fan. His attitude towards things is great and I enjoy when he’s talking about memes or anime fandom. But I really cannot sit through any of his shonen videos (which is like 95% of his content) and his sarcastic humor gets grating after a while. Still want him to surpass all of the other Anitubers though so he can flex on them with no irony whatsoever. I mean he’s friends with all of the Anitubers, so I don’t think they’d mind.


Admittedly I don’t watch Lucahjin’s LPs all that often, but whenever I do, they’re usually pretty entertaining. She mostly plays anime games that aren’t too high in difficulty because she’s not exactly a great gamer, and she has a hilarious sense of dirty humor that enlivens her play throughs. Like I have no idea how she’s so good at poop jokes and other forms of lowbrow humor, but I do know that I laugh every time I open up a Pokemon video and read the nicknames she gives to each creature she captures. If you want funny LPs in your life, she’s definitely worth watching.

Heavenly Controller

I’ve seen a few more of Anthony’s videos since the last time I talked about him and it’s just fun to watch him every time he gets excited for an anime or a video game or his cosplay friends. There’s just something about the dude that makes him funnier than most reaction channels out there, plus the fact that he’s actually really smart when it comes to explaining his opinions is a huge bonus.


Now I’ll be honest. It’s a little hard to recommend Trisha because she has such terrible production in her videos and I honestly only watch her when she’s giving her two cents on the woke crowd or a particular anime, because she has pretty rational as well as sweet takes on them (with a sweet voice to boot). It’s true I’m not much for comics, but I’d listen more if she presented herself better. That said, she has the occasional hilarious video. Her video on Twitter for example? Totally accurate representation of what’s wrong with that platform.


This guy is a Let’s Player who mainly spotlights horror games on his channel in a pretty informative yet entertaining way. I’m a big fan of horror games, and seeing a guy go through them relying on wit and logic rather than screaming reaction faces is pretty damn refreshing.

Clownfish TV 

This is my go-to channel whenever I want to see the truth of my childhood favorites like Disney, Funimation, and such exposed for the shitty corporate sell-outs they actually are, because they have the best presentation when it comes to reporting on news whilst using other news articles as sources, as well as how they’re the least biased. Just a fun-loving couple who are disappointed that the mouse is dead. Couldn’t recommend them enough if you want to know how Disney or Crunchyroll or the animation industry as a whole is doing these days. Could do without the constant Star Wars: Episode IX talk though.


Ploopy is a woman who does a lot of K-pop dance covers, and she’s pretty good at it. Blackpink. BTS. Twice. Even Arianna Grande. She really works her butt off to learn those steps. But what I really subscribe to her for is the insight she gives into K-pop as a medium. Like how difficult the training can be. How fucked up the industry actually is. Giving exposure to some of the most unpopular K-pop music videos. Yeah if you want a decent channel to get into one of the newest popular music crazes, Ploopy is a good choice.


Haven’t really watched more than two or so videos of ValkyrieAurora’s stuff, so I can’t say how much I like her as a Japanese game reviewer. I’ve seen her Drakengard lore video being recommended to me years ago, but I never took the opportunity to actually watch it. Also, from what I’ve seen of her videos, she’s fun but I’m not seeing anything I particularly love about her, which is why I haven’t made catching up on her videos a priority either. She’s funny when doing Ventures videos, but she’s not that funny, and her presentation when doing reviews is a bit dry for my taste.


Not really accurate to say that Emirichu is an animated storyteller consider how her stuff is mostly conveyed through still drawings, but basically she uses a similar format that Domics, Jaiden, and all of those other popular Youtubers use in order to convey her feelings on nerdy hobbies like anime and K-pop. Basically stuff I’m interested in. Also, she’s sweet.

E ve

Yeah I’m subscribed to a Vocaloid channel. What of it?

Alright, that’s all of the honorable mentions. Quite a lot of them wasn’t it? Well there’s even more on the way. Now it’s time to get into the true meat and potatoes of this project: my favorite Youtube channels of all-time. The ones that bring me so much joy whenever I see that they’ve got a new video uploaded (for the most part).

Let’s start with a big one…

Yahtzee Croshaw

I don’t think anyone is going to be surprised that this guy is on here, even if calling him a Youtuber is a bit of a stretch. To subscribe to him, I have to subscribe to The Escapist, and that means ignoring all of their non-Yahtzee content like everyone else does. Plus, I watch a lot of his stuff on the main site for the most part since the video player seems to work for me there. Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure he counts, especially since he got his start on the Youtube platform.

Yahtzee has been a big influence on a lot of current Youtubers in the same vein as the Angry Video Game Nerd, and he’s the one who helped shape a lot of my personal philosophies in regards to reviewing things as well. Like how most things suck. The dangers of trusting in big publishers. Why you should never get hyped for sequels. Being the sane voice of reason in a world full of biased journalism and fanboy hype. Oh, and he’s just really funny. Still is after all these years.

Every time he comes out with a new review, I get excited to find out what recently released game he’s thrashing next and why the AAA market is consistently failing to meet expectations. And while I don’t agree with all of his opinions, what I enjoy the most about them is that whatever he complains about is usually spot on whilst also sometimes being complaints you rarely see in most reviews. Like how tedious the school sections in Fire Emblem: Three Houses can be. Or how un-fun the gameplay in NiER: Automata is compared to other Platinum Games entries. Or how cover-based shooting is just a boring gameplay mechanic in general. This is a guy who really understands game design in unique yet interesting ways, and I think the only criticism I have towards him is that his ZP-schtick hasn’t evolved much over the years.

He does come up with other projects from time-to-time like the Rhymedown Spectacular with Jim Sterling, the Judging By the Cover series where he talks about box art, and currently he’s doing a Dev Diary series where he talks about creating games, as well as streaming the games he reviews on Twitch. I don’t keep up with those videos as much as his main ZP stuff, but they’re usually fun whenever I get around to watching them.

But yeah, Yahtzee was a legend to me back when my brother first introduced me to him in 2007 and he’s still someone I enjoy to this very day. He’s pretty much the only honest reviewer left who keeps up with all the big releases at this point and I’ll usually trust his word over both the mainstream game reviewers and the general fandom, because he makes it clear that he’s in his own world when playing games. I think anyone who can do that in an intelligent way deserves to stand out amongst the crowd.


Another non-surprise if you keep up with me regularly. This guy had such a huge impact on me when I discovered him about three years ago. I came across Nico around the time the Danganronpa 3 anime was airing and a lot of people in various forums recommended that anybody wanting to get into the series watch his Let’s Plays of them. So I watched his LP of the first Danganronpa and have been subscribed to him ever since.

Nico is basically known for doing Let’s Plays of anime-style games whilst adding funny voices, hilarious edits, and sarcastic observations to what actually goes on in said games, often giving them more life than when you play the game yourself. And man, seeing this guy having so much fun with what he does brought back the fun-loving side of me that kind of got buried after being cynical about anime on the blog for years. Oftentimes I love when he reimagines the characters to act completely different from how they’re actually supposed to be. Like when he reimagined Maya from Ace Attorney as a yaoi-loving maniac. Or when he interpreted Link from Ocarina of Time as Kokichi from Danganronpa V3. And of course, who can forget his creation of the infamous Danganronpa meme where he reimagined Nagito Komaeda as a bagel-loving maniac.

But jokes aside, Nico is really good at games, and has exposed a lot of secrets and tricks to them that I didn’t know when I played them. He has to use the comments section to help him out a bit, but when he gets a handle on things, he can easily ace some tough challenges. He did a Let’s Play of Catherine once and despite not really enjoying the game, he managed to get gold trophies on every level. And then there was the time he completed every sidequest in Xenoblade Chronicles. I’m not exaggerating by the way. He completed every single sidequest in that gargantuan game.

Of course, there are times when even when he knows what to do, he still has a hard time actually beating a certain challenge. Just watch his Kingdom Hearts videos if you want to see him get wrecked on the optional bosses. It is rage-filled and hilarious.

Yeah, Nico tends to scream a lot in his videos. I’m aware a lot of people don’t like that style of humor, but I think it’s pretty funny when done well, and I think he does it well. And on top of his LPs, he’s done other projects too. Like his Twitch streams of mostly non-anime/story-heavy games. Or his Council of Voices series, where he makes an epic story out of all the characters he’s voiced over the years. Or unboxing videos. Or his reactions to certain anime, which I think got him in trouble after he reacted to Hunter x Hunter. Or that Hero Academia video regarding why it’s great, which incidentally I found to be kind of a crap video because it had the usual Anituber problem of just stating the obvious as well as being kind of uninformed about shonen in general.

But of course my favorite one-off video of his is about his own favorite Youtubers. That video was actually the main reason I got inspired to make my own list in the first place. The only problem is though that if you’ve seen that video, you’re probably going to get a lot of deja vu with my own list, as a lot of his favorite Youtubers happen to be a lot of my favorite Youtubers as well. Not all of them of course. He likes Game Theory for example, and I’ve never really cared for MatPat, especially given how his quality has dramatically decreased in the last few years. But goddammit Nico. Why are you so awesome as to like the same people I do?

All in all though, Nico is great. He’s the main reason why I loosened up over time on this blog as well as just with anime in general. I owe it to his videos that I got out of that elitist prick habit that sums up the majority of MAL commentators/reviewers, and I still look forward to his LPs even now. The only real problem I have with Nico, and this is true for all Let’s Players by the way, is if you’re not interested in the game or you haven’t played the game before, you’re not going to really get absorbed in his videos. He can enhance the experience, but he can’t make a game you find boring very fun, even when he’s having fun. And of course, if he isn’t enjoying the game, the LP is not all that fun either. Either way though, he’s a great guy who’s helped me through a lot, and I can’t recommend him enough if you’re looking for a Let’s Play channel to get into.


Okay I don’t think I need to tell you guys who Pewdiepie is considering he’s the most famous Youtuber around. And I’ve known about Felix for quite a while, but honestly I’ve never subbed to him for the longest time because I wasn’t really interested in his type of content until more recently. Because really, this guy has a lot of varying content that’s all dependent on his mood. Let’s Plays. Cringy skits. Meme reviews. His latest Minecraft obsession. Pews News, which I think is discontinued now. And he’s professed to be a big anime and BTS fan. You can tell Lost Pause took a lot of inspiration from this guy when it came to his own channel.

But it’s not just Noble. Pewdiepie is actually a big inspiration for a lot of channels I enjoy, and learning that fact was what got me to finally checking him out. As for why I finally decided to subscribe to him, it’s because he’s a really funny, really charismatic guy that not only can I see the origins of my other subscriptions within him, but he still manages to stay fresh after all these years, which isn’t really something I can say about other old-school Youtube pioneers like Angry Video Game Nerd and Ryan Higa. I don’t like all of his phases throughout his career, but he strikes that balance between switching up his content and realizing why people watch him enough so I rarely stop keeping track of him. And the fact that he can do so many things on his channel whilst still maintaining a huge audience is an achievement in of itself, which I owe all to Felix’s one-of-a-kind charm.

And not only is he a fun personality. I think Felix is just a fun guy in general based on his attitude not just in his videos, but his streams, his social media accounts, and whenever the media tries to slander him. Yes I really wish he realized a long time ago that racial slurs are almost never funny, but more often than not, he seems to be one of the few rational people out there in a world that’s getting more emotionally-driven with each passing day. I remember when the whole ProJared situation broke out and he reviewed the ProJared memes, he was one of the few who thought that not everything made sense and we needed to hear Jared’s side of the story before fully dunking on him. God, no wonder Marzia fell for him. I’m not gay, but if I was, I’d try to get with Felix as well.

He’s also a really good singer too for the record. His recent Minecraft music video was just solid gold and deserved to trend on Youtube.

What else can I say about the dude? He’s just so fun, so unpredictable, and so good at creating content people want to watch even when he deviates hard from his origins. Even if I’m not necessarily interested in the subject, I always check out his new video just to see if it can draw me in. I obviously don’t think he’s the greatest Youtuber, but I can see why other people say that about him. Like…it’s Pewdiepie okay? You’re either subscribed to him or you’re not.

Jaiden Animations 

Probably my favorite of all the animated storytellers on Youtube, Jaiden is a really fun, really relatable personality on the platform. Her subject matter isn’t too much different from other storytime animators on the surface since they all gain an audience by catering to the common man’s insecurities, but Jaiden’s experiences are both really funny and really specific in a good way. If you want a video that exemplifies why I enjoy watching her animated experiences so much, it’d probably be this one.

Just the absurdity and awkwardness regarding how she ended up locking herself out of her house cracks me up. But it’s definitely something I’ve experienced before, even if the details were obviously very different. Sometimes you just end up in these stupid situations that you could solve more easily if you weren’t so awkward, and you just laugh at it after the situation passes.

There’s not a lot I can really say about Jaiden since animated storytellers in general are like comedy in terms of subjectivity. I just enjoy when she talks about her family. When she talks about her vacations. When she talks about relationships, which I very much agree with given how I’ve been involved with a few people who I’ve had to cut my involvement with because of reasons. I will also say that I think her animations have definitely gotten better over time. She started off in highschool with simple animation tools, but now she has actual animators helping her to make the videos and they look really cool now.

Also, her contribution to the 2018 version of Youtube Rewind was hilarious. Easily the only good part of that video, and it got her a ton of attention as a result. Go to the 6:17 mark of Pewd’s reaction to that travesty and you’ll see what I mean. That’s what you get for shunning him, Youtube.

If you want someone who tells it how it is whilst still being positive and fun, Jaiden is honestly the best I know. Check her out if you haven’t.


Johnny is someone I’ve been watching for years, ever since I first discovered his versus series whilst slogging through a job that I really didn’t like. I really loved his reviews of games that I’ve either played before or was interested in playing in the future, both for how well-written his analyses are as well as the sense of humor he brings to his content, which led to me eventually subscribing. Some of you are probably aware of his incredibly long deep dive into Sonic 2006, which was actually one of the first reviews of his I ever watched. I know it’s a bit of a dead horse now, but it was just so satisfying seeing a long-time Sonic fan like him address everything wrong with that game.

I stopped keeping up with Sonic’s games long ago, but seeing someone like Johnny talk about his mixed history throughout the decades is just really fascinating. And he’s been remarkably consistent throughout the years in regards to making entertaining reviews discussing the story as well as the game mechanics. From Mario to Pokemon to Mega Man to Kingdom Hearts, the guy really gets into why some entries are good and some are bad whilst maintaining an overall positive attitude. Plus, some of the short skits he throws in are hilarious. It’s not nearly as funny as when Angry Joe reviewed the game, but his experience with Sonic’s debut on the Kinect made me bust a gut.

Johnny presents himself as such a chill guy in both his reviews and his streams and that’s honestly what I love the most about his presentation. Feels like you’re talking about games with an intelligent buddy who isn’t trying too hard to be entertaining rather than, well, the majority of today’s game jouranlists, and that’s what kept me coming back to him for so long. Even after all these years, he hasn’t succumbed to the cynicism or outrage that has been infecting a lot of Youtubers these days. He’s still doing what he loves, and he’s doing it well.

One important thing I should note though is that if you watch one of his reviews, make sure they’re for games you don’t mind getting spoiled on or have already finished, because he does not hold back when talking about a game, and that includes everything that happens in the story. I made that mistake when I watched his entire versus series on the Mother trilogy and while it didn’t bother me too much, especially since I’m never going to play Earthbound Beginnings, I can see how that can be annoying for a lot of people. Especially with Mother 3 since that’s the one with the most character.

Not much else to say other than watch Johnny if you want some quality game reviews.

Lost Pause

Yeah that’s right. This guy is getting promoted to the favorites list, because Noble is the one Anituber on that platform who likes to keep it real. To think that a few years ago, I considered this guy to be one of the worst anime Youtubers on the platform. But no, Noble is actually one of the best to watch, specifically because he avoids a lot of the bullshit surrounding anime Youtube and just focuses on what makes him happy. But when he decides to put his two cents on serious issues, he is just so good. Easily better than any drama channel out there with his research as well as his neutrality on the matter.

As I’ve said before, I got into Noble when he made those awesome videos on the Vic Mignogna situation and have pretty much enjoyed every time he had to report on something serious since then. Unlike a lot of other Youtubers who report on controversies that affect the anime world, he actually fills in enough material to justify a length of over ten minutes because he doesn’t just rail on one point over and over again whilst throwing in his own personal biases towards certain crowds, and he only highlights things if there’s stuff worth going over. For example, he didn’t cover the Azur Lane controversy that happened in early November regarding censorship of certain fan art because even as someone who plays that game in public, he thought it was too minor to give attention to. Seriously, whenever I need a sane voice in today’s anime fandom, Noble is always the guy I trust first.

I will admit, I’m not the biggest fan of his regular content. His meme videos can be funny with some of the zingers he throws in, as well as when he mentally tortures his girlfriend Ashley, but his constant laughter at things that aren’t really that funny can be pretty annoying in the same way a laugh track that got its tape stuck in the cassette player can be annoying. Some of his skits are good like the Pokemon one or the one where he plays a harem protagonist getting counseling. Some of them like his Kirito one are pretty cringe and remind me why I never watched the guy back when he was friends with Joey. I get it though. It’s part of what makes him who he is, and it honestly helps me take him seriously when has to drop the act. I’m not going to go into detail here, but Noble has had a really rough life prior to becoming as big as he is, so it makes sense that he wants to hide his insecurities by laughing at cringe.

But you know what really pushed Noble into being one of my favorite Youtubers and not getting placed in the runner-ups section he was originally in when I first highlighted him on this blog? It was that recent video he did about people attacking the anime community on Twitter.

Like holy crap, this video is so good. I honestly kind of feel guilty that this is one of his most popular and well-liked videos in recent times considering the anti-woke audience that will obviously recognize the video and write about their hatred for the opposite side in the comments section, as well as how videos like this aren’t what people usually watch Noble for, and he didn’t really want to make this video in the first place. But he nails down everything wrong with the anime Twitter community in one video without padding for time, calling out anyone in particular, and adding in some pretty funny jokes that aren’t out of place even when he’s not his usual cheerful self throughout the entire video. Seriously, that joke that starts around the 7:25 mark cracks me up.

If I had to say why I like Noble so much, it’s because he reminds me of my father. My Dad loved to joke a lot with me and the family when we were growing up and he still does to this very day, but he also knew when to be stern with us and act like a father when the situation called for it. I watch his stuff regularly because of that personality of his and while I don’t free up time to watch Twitch streams all that much, whenever he’s doing a Sellout Sunday stream where he watches Youtube videos with his girlfriend, I’m usually there. On a final note, he has the best friends ever. Nux Taku. Merryweather. Heavenly Controller. Bunny Ayumi. Swimsuit Succubus. His own girlfriend, Ashley. This friend group trounces Gigguk’s and Joey’s groups easily (although there is some intersection between Noble’s friends and their friends).

Video Game Dunkey

Yeah, you all know this guy, right? Dunkey the memester. Dunkey the troll. Dunkey the guy who you watch when you want to have a laugh. Dunkey, the only person who praises Knack 2 as an undisputed masterpiece.

I honestly don’t know what to say about this guy that most people don’t already know by now. He’s just really funny. The way he manipulates video game footage into the most comedic of situations combined with his cartoonish voice and overconfident attitude is just hilarious to me and a lot of people. And I appreciate how all of his videos are short too, so the jokes don’t outstay their welcome. It’s the kind of humor you can only produce through an interactive medium like video games, and I just love how the guy comes up with these hilariously brilliant strategies provided by whatever he plays to make progress in the most unorthodox manner possible. Particularly with Mario games.

But underneath the trolling behavior, he’s also a reasonably smart guy with some interesting deep dives. Granted, I don’t think of most of his actual reviews/critiques of actual video games are that good. I’ve never really been engaged whenever he talks about how Super Mario 64 was revolutionary for its time or when he bashes on a JRPG because it’s stuff we’ve heard before, and honestly his humor does not translate well when he has to be serious on that sort of stuff. Whenever he criticizes things surrounding video games like critics, bad graphics, and such though? That’s when I can take him more seriously. It’s not quite what I watch Dunkey for, but I do really appreciate his insights into those sorts of things all the same.

If you’re not subscribed to this guy yet, you really should be. Most Youtube comedians tend to run dry on material after doing the schtick for as long as he has, but Dunkey still manages to deliver laugh-out-loud content on a consistent basis to this very day. Quality comedy channel. Can’t recommend him enough. Wish we had someone equivalent to him in the Anitube world, but unfortunately his kind of humor requires interactive media in order to work. Although he does do the occasional movie video that’s funny, so…


Now if you’re not familiar with this guy, he started off doing videos on tech-related stuff and the occasional anime/game review. Then he became more of a full-on anti-woke channel after publishing videos regarding the censorship in stuff like Fire Emblem Fates and Tokyo Mirage Sessions, as well as criticizing websites like Anime Feminist, Kotaku, and whatever Anita Sarkeesian is involved with for their unethical practices. Nowadays he’s scaled back to occasional videos attacking both sides, even though it’s clear he favors attacking the anti-progressive side more because they’re the ones with actual positions of power. He also does reviews of video games and certain anime/movies, but I don’t watch those because quite frankly I think he’s pretty terrible at conveying opinions on media.

Appa is a pretty interesting guy all things considered. I originally followed him during the time High Guardian Spice was getting people angry because I missed out on that controversy initially due to not caring about AniTwitter anymore around then, and I really liked his breakdown regarding why that trailer was a failure. I started watching all of his other videos afterwards in order to understand all of the woke stuff that was starting to become prevalent throughout the entertainment industry that I missed at the time because me and social media don’t get along anymore. And this guy stands out from people like The Quartering or his colleagues like Raging Golden Eagle in that he just has this hilarious sense of humor to the stupidest shit people say on social media.

Remember that horrible “review” Anime Feminist did of Rising of the Shield Hero’s premiere back in January? Go to the 1:49:00 timestamp on the above memestream for one of the most epic reactions to that travesty.

I just love how he can’t help but react to laughter whenever he sees something so full of fail. Like seriously, how did anyone on staff look at that Shield Hero review and not think to themselves “yeah, this won’t backfire on us in the least”.  And he does that with a lot of other things to, usually whenever he’s streaming something. He doesn’t really do many dedicated videos on a singular subject these days due to school, his current girlfriend, and Youtube demonetizing him for discussing certain controversial viewpoints. And since I don’t like his deep dives, I mostly watch Appa for his memestreams these days.

Despite the name, memestreams are basically when Appa showcases a lot of Twitter stupidity that happened over the past week rather than actual memes and he gives his own two cents on them using rational judgments, memes, and hilarious sound effects. And god, I love watching people who use that awful platform like it’s their entire livelihood get roasted. I actually see quite a few of my former colleagues featured on it at times because of their inability to shut their mouths, and I absolutely enjoy when idiots like One Angry Gamer and Geoff Thew get featured because of how they can’t shut up to the point that even their own audience is turning on them. Comedy gold.

Seriously, when he’s on his A-game, Appabend is just so funny. I’m not much of a stream guy, and I tune in to practically all of his memestreams. That’s basically my Friday evening whenever I exercise or something, so if you’re watching those streams, chances are that I’m there. He’s a bit naive when it comes to certain things because of his age. Like he started doing this shit when he was around 19 years old or so, and he’s only in his early twenties at the moment. But overall, he’s a really fun Youtuber. Can’t recommend him enough if you want a culture war voice who tries to play to both sides.

Jim Sterling

Thank god for Jim Sterling, one of the best motherfuckers to ever grace the Internet. But seriously, this guy is great. Definitely the only good person besides Yahtzee to ever be featured on The Escapist, and he’s done pretty well for himself since leaving.

I’ll admit right away, I really only subscribe to Jim for his Jimquisitions, where similar to Appabend, he goes into video essays regarding corruption within the video game industry from the crunch times to the predatory practices. Unlike Appa though, he generally sides with the woke crowd, and his videos are much better produced, although he very rarely makes videos attacking the anti-woke side, preferring to leave that stupidity to his Twitter (which again, I don’t recommend following). He’s got such a magnetic presence when he’s the one reporting on this stuff that puts him above people like Yong Yea. For example, his recent video on bots in video games is something that’s been discussed before, but he approaches it from a lot of unique angles in order to make the topic fresh.

Now one thing you need to keep in mind with Jim is that he can be a huge hypocrite at times. He will only fight against censorship and bad business practices if it’s ruining something he personally likes, and if he doesn’t care about it, he’ll either ignore it or side against the fans. Which wouldn’t be so much of a problem if it wasn’t for how he suddenly loses all of his brain cells whenever he decides to attack his audience. Some of you are probably aware of his unfunny jab at one of the Dead or Alive Xtreme games not getting localized from years ago, but I think the best example of Jim fucking things up is his initial defense of the Epic Store, where he gets so tunnel-visioned regarding Steam’s issues that he failed to point out that Epic is much worse in all of the important ways.

I could point out what’s wrong with this video, but I don’t have to because Appabend can do it for me.

So yeah, even when it comes to the content I subscribe to him for, Jim isn’t perfect. And as for why I don’t like his side content and Jimpressions, it’s mostly because they’re either way too rambly or just plain weird. I can get the side content adding to the charm of his personality, especially when he puts on cosplay for his videos, but the videos where he actually reviews video games or talks about how bad the new WWE game is consist of way too much stuttering and are overall a big step down from when he used to write reviews for his website and Destructoid. I used to really love his written stuff back in the day. I didn’t even mind that controversial Breath of the Wild review he did. But ever since he transferred that format to video, his thoughts on actual games have gotten a lot more disorganized, and I can’t watch them.

Despite all of my issues though, he’s on his A-game enough that I can still recommend him, and he can be really funny at times. So overall I still think he’s the best person to go to when you want some seething critiques of the gaming industry. Oh, and one last thing about him is that he criticizes capitalism constantly in his videos. I don’t really care one way or another, but I know a lot of other people are iffy on that. And honestly, I don’t need anyone other than Jim to talk my ear off regarding that subject matter, so please don’t bring it up to me on this blog or anywhere else.

Maximilian Dood

If you’re a fighting game fan, chances are you know who Maximillian Dood is. Personally, I’m not really into that genre, so I didn’t get introduced to him until I started looking up Jump Force videos and found he did one where he and his (awesome) friends rated all of the characters’ specials. Said video got a lot of hate from anime fans, but I really liked it because it’s true that technically speaking a lot of the super moves don’t look great, and I’ve slowly but surely became a big fan of his.

Max is someone you mostly watch for both his charismatic friendly personality, his sheer excitement when it comes to things he loves, and his in-depth knowledge of game mechanics. He’s not as competitive as he used to be, but give him a fighting game and he’ll get a good handle on it in an instant. Of course, he has great content to go with his seemingly healthy work-life balance. His boss rush videos where he fights a bunch of notable boss characters at the highest difficulty. His “rate the super” videos where he assigns arbitrary scores to super moves in fighting games. His reaction streams where he reacts to various news like Smash-related Nintendo directs. He’s recently made some really long videos going over the lore in Bloodborne, one of his favorite games of all-time, as well as mine. And then there are videos where he takes fan feedback he gets from his comments section and social media before conveying said feedback into videos directed towards the people who make the games he plays asking for changes to be made in order to create a more positive experience.

He’s also a giant fan of other games too, with Final Fantasy VII being the most notable one. I love his excitement for the remake, and he’s been streaming the original game as well with some mods to make it more challenging. I’ve heard he’s even had contact with some of the people behind the remake, although I’ve yet to actually see that video. Max is a very emotional guy though, so if he’s talking about something he loves, chances are he’s going to get heartfelt and you’re going to feel some emotions as well.

Even if you’re not into fighting games, watching Max will most likely ignite something within you because of how passionate an Internet personality he is. I cannot stress enough how much this guy can make you happy and ignite passions just through his own happiness and passions. Of all the Youtubers on here, he’s probably the one I’d recommend the most because of how universal his appeal is despite his content catering to specific niches. I love the man and he loves his fans.

The Sphere Hunter

This is someone I actually just discovered last month, but sitting through her videos, I became an instant fan. She’s kind of like Super Eyepatch Wolf in that she speaks with a really soothing voice and her videos have a ton of time and research put into them, except Sue primarily covers horror video games and certain Japanese properties like the Devil May Cry series or Final Fantasy. And it’s really cool how she’s gotten pretty big over the years since she quit trying to make it into porn. Yeah, apparently she’s actually a former trans porn star who ended up breaking down to the pressures of that industry, and this Youtube career is basically what she wanted to escape to. Apparently she’s better at being a Youtuber than a pornstar, so good on her.

I stumbled upon Sue when I was looking up Resident Evil videos because I was playing the remake of the first one for this year’s Spooktober, and I really loved the amount of detail she went into explaining why that remake was her favorite game ever. I never realized until watching said video just how many changes were made from the original game, like how you didn’t actually have to burn the corpses in the PS1 version. It’s a really great video overall and I like how much she goes into the history of its origins on the Gamecube as well as the significance of Lisa Trevor. And yes, her other videos are of a similar quality as well. She recently released a video on the first Dead Rising game and it was amazing. I never knew just how much Dead Rising meant for the zombie genre at the time of its release.

As a fan of horror games and the documentary style of review when done right, I subscribed to her pretty much instantly. Honestly, as much as I like her videos, I’m surprised she managed to get a relatively successful Youtube channel at all given her history and the amount of videos she still has on said channel, which is kind of low. I think most of her old stuff got deleted because they were low-effort trash that most inexperienced Youtubers make, which is a shame to see gone, but it’s understandable that she doesn’t want them publicly available anymore. Just goes to show that sometimes hard work and the right connections gets you noticed. I mean she’s already good enough to get noticed by Reuben Langdon. That’s pretty high praise in my book.

Apparently she does some personal stuff on her Patreon as well, but I don’t really use that platform, so I don’t know a thing about that content. Not really why I subscribe to her anyways. She also does some videos on other games as filler between her big projects like Astral Chain and Plague: An Innocence Tale, which are fun as well. But mainly, I watch her for the mini-documentaries on horror video games, and Sue really goes above and beyond when it comes to that niche. She really deserves whatever growth she gets. Can’t wait to see what she tackles next.

Corridor Digital

Not going to spend too much time with this channel because there’s not really a lot to say. They’re basically the successor to RocketJump now that Freddie Wong has stopped making silly videos, and their effects-driven humor is top-notch. Nerf gun fights. Robot abuse. Pop-culture parodies. The works. Just really funny skits that make me laugh a lot.

I’ve also heard their second channel covering behind-the-scenes stuff is good. Not subscribed to it though. For now, I’m just happy seeing these guys have so much fun. That’s all I’ve got to say about Corridor Digital. Next one please.


In all my years of watching this guy, I love how that puppet he uses to host his show never gets brought up all that much by him. It’s just there and we have to accept that. But once you get past the gimmick, Arlo is just a really good content creator in general. When it comes to Nintendo Youtubers, he’s who I consider to be the most informative and interesting.

He started off doing reviews of tech, amiibos, certain video games, and puppet shows like Fraggle Rock and The Muppets, but gradually became more focused on Nintendo games after a year or so. I think he became more popular after working with Lockstin and Gnoggin, who I’m honestly not familiar with at all. And the funny thing is that he doesn’t like a lot of what makes Nintendo franchises special (specifically how anime some of them can be since he’s not an anime fan), but he’s still very fair and optimistic when it comes to their new releases, and he’s been getting into some franchises that he didn’t think much of first as a result like Fire Emblem thanks to how good Three Houses turned out.

And while Nintendo has some great games, they also have some really bad business practices that he really digs into the company for. Like their terrible online service. Or their Mario Kart mobile game. Or that Pikmin game on the 3DS that nobody really remembers. Arlo is far from a blind fanboy, and he articulates that really well whilst making it clear that he’s not looking to stir controversy. He’s not that much of a funny reviewer, although he can be funny; but his writing is just impeccable, especially for guys like me who are into Nintendo products.

I’ll admit his impressions videos can be too long for me to sit through, and it doesn’t help that the Muppet is generally not on screen when he does those. At this point in his career, that thing is inseparable from his identity, and I cannot imagine Arlo without it. Sure he’d still be good if he made videos where he showed his face, but the Muppet man. The Muppet.

He’s just a great positive force for the video game landscape and it really shows, because I don’t see a lot of people who actually hate him. Every Youtuber has their obsessive haters of course, but you really have to go out of your way to find people who dislike this guy. And there’s a good reason for that.


Similar to Pewdiepie and Maximilian Dood, idubbbz is one of those guys that you mostly subscribe to for the sheer force of his personality. His content is great of course. I love his Content Cop series where he spotlights a famous Youtuber and breaks apart everything wrong with them from Keemstar to Ricegum. He also produces some good diss tracks on some of them, which are worth listening to. His bad unboxing videos are funny. And what I’ve seen of his Kickstarter Crap series is just hilarious. Like how the hell did any of these products get funding on that platform. And why did he did discontinue that series?

Going to have to make it clear to you guys that I actually haven’t been watching idubbbz for that long. He sort of passed me by until I discovered his Content Cop series a few months ago (yes, I’m bad at keeping up with popular shit on the platform. I didn’t even know who the Paul Brothers were until after the suicide forest thing). And while I really digested all of that because I love guys who can highlight Internet drama with actual wit, I’ve only seen a bit of his other popular stuff. I’m also subscribed to his second channel (not his third channel where he apparently does food videos though) where he’s “saving squirrels” and…it’s something that really only works because it’s idubbbz to tell you the truth. And even then, I think it’s a little weird.

That said, almost everything I’ve seen of this guy has been amazing, and I’m eager to watch more of his old stuff once I free up the time. I’m honestly sad it took me so long to discover he even existed. He is just so charismatic and so funny, and I can’t really describe why he’s like that other than he has this delightful sarcastic wit to his humor. I guess you could say he’s who I wish Nux Taku was more like. But honestly, there’s only one idubbbz out there, and that’s all we need. Especially since I have a fuckton of videos from him that I need to get to watching.


Also known as the biggest Kirby fan around. Antdude is someone I discovered around the same time as SomeCallMeJohnny and I subscribed to him for pretty much the same reason. His early stuff wasn’t the greatest admittedly, but he’s gotten progressively better since then in terms of reviews that are both informative as well as funny. A lot of what I like about Anthony is mostly stuff that I can say about Johnny, since their style is mostly the same, but there are a lot of key differences.

For example, Johnny is more analytical and chill whilst Anthony is more sarcastic and…okay he’s chill too, but not as chill as Johnny. Also, I just love his dry humor. How he’ll just pivot from the expected to the unexpected like when you think he’s going to talk about Waluigi but instead he talks about Blue Mario, or how he sarcastically praises terrible design choices. I dunno. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it just cracks me up.

Anthony also covers series of video games like Mario, Kingdom Hearts, Spyro, and of course, Kirby. However, the subjects he covers isn’t quite as varied as Johnny’s. He mostly sticks to platformers and Nintendo games, which is fine by me since I grew up on that stuff, but if you didn’t, you probably won’t have much of a reason to watch him. But he also highlights hacked games as well, and it’s really fascinating to watch him analyze the mechanics of said games whilst trying to wrap his mind around the insanity of what you can do with hacks. He’s usually a pretty positive guy in his reviews, but he can be negative to when a game is too flawed for him to enjoy. I mean we all know how divisive Kingdom Hearts 3 ended up being and let’s just say he was saying it was rough in the title of his review for a reason. Oh and just like Johnny, his reviews will contain spoilers, so don’t watch them unless you don’t mind.

The only other thing I can say about Anthony is that I notice he’s not as big as some other video gaming channels out there. He doesn’t seem to have as big of a fanbase and outside of his reviews, he doesn’t have a lot that’s particularly noteworthy about him. I literally have no idea what the guy does in his free time other than play games he has no interest in making videos for like NiER: Automata, and he hasn’t streamed anything in a while either.

But hey, the reviews are still entertaining after all these years, and that’s good enough for me to like him. Besides, getting big on Youtube has its downsides. It can get your audience to turn on you just because you dared to defend a friend who was caught in a bad situation. For example…

Peanut Butter Gamer

Another Nintendo reviewer as well as a Normal Boots alumni like Jontron and Projared, and yes that’s the only reference to his involvement with those controversies that I’m going to make. Peanut Butter Gamer is someone I discovered when Breath of the Wild was big and I went on and off with him for a while before finally subscribing. And the main reason for that is due to his humor as well as his singing, which he’s really good at.

A lot of his comedy is basically high-speed spastic humor and presentation with lots of yelling, which I’ve said before that I don’t mind if it’s done right, and I think Austin does. But I also really love when he hacks into a video game and does some really stupid shit or plays a Humungous Entertainment game like Putt-Putt or Pajama Sam because, well, I played those games a lot growing up. They were practically my childhood when I wasn’t on a Nintendo system. He’s like this great mix of childlike wonder and hilarious talent whilst still making informative reviews, and I can see why he has so many more subscribers than most of his colleagues.

I guess you could say he’s what I wish Doug Walker had become, because in theory, they’re not that different when it comes to reviewing stuff aside from Doug reviewing movies and Austin reviewing games. Singing. Skits. Yelling. They both do it, but when Austin does it, he’s great. When Doug does it, he makes his review of The Wall. And I guess the same is true for James Rolfe as well when you get down to it. Like James’ fall isn’t nearly as bad, but you can tell by his latest episodes that he doesn’t have the passion anymore when it comes to making entertaining deep dives.

But I’m getting off-topic. Austin is just one of the most talented comedy reviewers I’ve seen on the site and I cannot recommend him enough. I will say though he doesn’t upload all that often. I don’t know if it’s because of his Twitch streams or his real life or music production or what, but we only get like one or two videos a month from him. His videos are generally worth the wait though, so it doesn’t bother me too much. And speaking of Youtubers who don’t upload all that often…

Super Eyepatch Wolf

Now I’ve already written a lot about SEW in the Anituber post and not much has changed since then. As I said previously, he’s known for his documentary-style presentation towards subjects he’s passionate about, whether it be something he likes or something he dislikes. And since he primarily covers anime and video games, which are what I enjoy, naturally I’d be inclined to him. Given how he’s a shonen fanboy though, I don’t enjoy his videos as much as I probably should, but he has a way of making shows I already know a lot about like Mob Psycho and Hunter x Hunter somewhat fascinating to hear about again.

I will say that I have watched more of his videos since I last talked about him and while there are a few duds here and there, even discounting those “My Favorite Things” videos that I really don’t care about, it’s becoming more clear to me why SEW is so beloved by many, as well as why people consider him to be the best Anituber out there when they’re not selecting Gigguk. Mainly, it’s his ability to analyze things in a big picture-sort of way whilst making sure to insert interesting details as a way to flesh out his viewpoints.

One big complaint that most people can agree on with Digibro is that he gets too wrapped up in the details to really elaborate on what the overall story is going for. And subsequently, one big problem with Geoff Thew is that he focuses so much on his personal enjoyment that whenever he talks about details or the big picture, they feel like an afterthought. SEW manages to strike a good balance between the impact of a work and what said impact actually means in the broad scope of things thanks to his documentary-like presentation, and it adds a unique flavor to the Anituber scene that’s both accessible and interesting.

More importantly though, the guy does take criticism to heart. When his first video detailing the history of Shonen Jump got criticized for getting a lot of facts, he made sure to address them in a later video talking about the same subject matter whilst also applying said advice to other videos as well. This is a guy who found a great niche for himself and works hard to improve himself within said niche, and that’s something to be admired. Even though not everything SEW talks about is going to be interesting, he’s an overall interesting guy and I really wish he wasn’t one of the few Anitubers on this list. I mean I tried Best Guy Ever and WatTheWhut some time ago, but they’re just not for me.

Scott the Woz

Hey all. Scott here. And I’m always trending on Youtube because I’m so awesome.

As I said in my Anituber list, this guy is pretty much what I wish Gigguk was, because broadly speaking, Scott isn’t that much different from Garnt in terms of presentation and deep dives into certain subjects. But Scott’s humor isn’t just good because he stays away from meme humor, because let’s face it, I can do that too and I’m not a funny bloke at all. It’s good because it’s so unique in a way that only he can really do. If there’s one video that sums up everything great about Scott, it’s the one about Tinder.

It’s not even video-game related, and yet I love how fucking positive he is throughout the entire video whilst clearly doing things you shouldn’t be doing on Tinder or dating apps or just any part of real life in general, and that it keeps escalating to that final punchline. Whenever one of my friends goes through a bad breakup, I always recommend that video just to cheer them up.

But as for his video game content, he occasionally does reviews of games he’s never played before, but what stands out about him is that he talks about things related to video games that most people don’t talk about. Like gaming mysteries. Or “the best games of the year”. Or desert island gaming. Or the box art of games. Why do we not have someone like him in the Anituber sphere? There’s a gold mine of topics about anime culture you can make videos on over there like Funimation blu-ray boxes throughout history or six-digit numbers or anime/manga collections or the various ways to watch anime or even the history of anime movies coming to the West. And yet all I see are repetitive shonen videos and stupid hot takes as well as the occasional convention video that actually is informative.

His videos for the most part are just the perfect mix of informative whilst being funny. Like the main issue I have with Gigguk (and yes, I’m aware I’ve name-dropped Garnt’s online handle five times on this post. But don’t worry, this is the last time I’m going to do so) is that he focuses too much on being relatable/entertaining to the point that he doesn’t actually inform his audience of the subjects he talks about even though he clearly knows what he’s talking about. Scott occasionally just lists things without saying what they are too, but for the most part, he makes sure to elaborate on his subject matter and what they mean to gaming history without breaking the flow of his videos. I just love how rapid-fire his jokes can be and the effort he goes to do quick sight gags. Like when he put all of video game cases in the washing machine in his Dead or Alive Xtreme video. I won’t spoil the context, but you can check it out for yourself.

He is mainly Nintendo-focused, but not to the same degree as Arlo or Antdude. He does a lot of stuff that’s universal and he also does some of these weird videos where he gets to show off his film-making skills. Like that Madden ’08 video, which focuses on a running joke of him loving that game. Or that big video about Dick Vitale’s “It’s Awesome Baby” he did with other gaming Youtubers where he gave it a lot of lore. It’s just so good. I love how Scott’s mind works.

And I love how popular he’s been getting as of late. He trends a lot on Youtube’s gaming channels and he’s been getting so many subscribers as of late. I’ve talked before regarding how I think Nux deserves his growth. Scott deserves it even more. He’s just an amazing content creator and chances are you know him because he shows up in recommended feeds for gaming channels a lot. That’s how I discovered him at any rate. It’s like how Mother’s Basement always gets recommended to me except without the groan of disgust I get when I see he’s complaining about Sword Art Online again.

Nitro Rad

This is someone I discovered whilst looking up good reviews for Mario games, and while I had issues with how long his videos could be, James eventually became a favorite when I discovered the kinds of video games he talks about. Platformers. Horror games. RPG Maker stuff. And not only does he talk about the mainstream games in incredible detail from Mario to Silent Hill, but he also talks about obscure stuff that looks really interesting to play. He’s incredibly detailed when it comes to discussing a game to the point that he will spoil it if you never played it before, and while that can work against him at times since he doesn’t go for humor like his colleagues, for the most part he makes sure not to waste those long minutes by just being very well-written.

His channel has been getting really popular ever since he became verified, and he’s slowly but surely catching up with guys like Antdude in terms of subscriber count. Also, if you read my Anituber post, yes this is the guy who made that April Fools’ Day video where he parodied The Eric Andre Show, Malcolm in the Middle, HBomberguy, and Drake and Josh that I used as reference to why video gaming Youtubers are better than anime ones. Most of his videos are chill reviews, but James actually studied in film and occasionally puts some really good production in his videos that are really hilarious to watch. I laugh at the beginning of that Drake and Josh game review every time.

It’s too bad that for the most part, his reviews don’t really have anything special to them besides chat, cut to camera, and editing that isn’t particularly good. I guess it’s just not possible to translate film school techniques into Youtube reviews easily, because like I said, James’ big productions are actually really good on a visual level. He’s really a guy who gets by on the strength of his writing, and I can understand that that’s not for everyone. Like a lot of people, I also prefer when he has his best friend Brady in the video because the two have such wonderful chemistry, plus Brady himself is hilarious. He also has a second channel that I’m subscribed to where he puts his film-related projects on. I’ll admit though, I haven’t actually watched any of the videos on it.

That said, those videos where he puts some actual production into them are definitely worth a watch. Specifically the April Fools’ Day video. Seriously watch it if you haven’t and then cry that none of your favorite media reviewers made something like that.

Kenny Lauderdale

So this guy is my favorite anime Youtuber because of the life he gives to reviewing obscure anime that almost no one has ever heard of before rather than the current seasonal stuff. But it’s not just subject matter that makes Kenny great. His presentation is really good from how he edits the clips along with natural-sounding voice that’s both chill whilst being entertaining. He also has a variety of stuff on his channel besides what he’s known for like obscure live-action stuff and joke videos that only run a few seconds long.

It’s really hard to talk much about him besides that because he doesn’t have too many videos and the only other thing that really stands out about him is the amount of detail he’ll go into regarding this obscure product and how it was big at the time or is incredibly hard to find now. He’s not a particularly funny reviewer, although some of the things he says with that tone of voice do bring a smile to my face. And he’s been getting more steadily popular over time. The above header displaying almost 56,000 subs is from my old Anituber post and in the weeks since writing that, he’s actually grown to over 60,000 subscribers.

I don’t see him becoming that big, but he gets more views than a lot of the big Anitubers just reviewing obscure shit, so I think he’s set. I really like listening to the Boomer King. And hopefully anyone who knows him does too.


We’ve gone through a lot of Nintendo Youtubers. Now let’s have a Playstation Youtuber, although he does review Nintendo games too. Caddicarus is someone I found around the same time as Johnny and Antdude, and while I do love Nintendo, I also grew up a bit with Playstation back when they were good, and he’s my go-to guy when it comes to highlighting those classics like Crash and Resident Evil as well as some obscure games like Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone and Toy Story 2, which I did actually play when I was a kid. I like him for pretty much the same reason as the other two, although I’ll admit his humor can be a little more annoying, and I blame that on his high-energy edits that kind of annoy me about Joey the Anime Man.

Nevertheless, the guy is amazing and he has grown so much over the years, and unfortunately I also mean that in negative ways. Seriously, he’s gotten so fat lately. Are his kids just cutting into exercise time? But personal life aside, his videos have gotten a lot more engaging compared to when he was fresh in terms of humor and being informative. He’s changed his style quite a bit over the years to the point that he doesn’t do that catchphrase of his anymore where he introduces people to the Caddicarus Show. And he’s made it work for the most part.

I’ll be honest, I watched him more on and off compared to Johnny and Antdude for reasons I can’t really remember, but I never actually subscribed to the guy and there was a point when I wasn’t watching him for two years. I finally subscribed to him this year because I started watching him again out of curiosity and he’s just been so consistently entertaining to me. Why did I drop off from watching him?

Anyways, aside from being more of a Playstation man who sometimes does Nintendo reviews, Caddy doesn’t have a lot to differ him from Johnny or Antdude. I watch him because he’s a funny, yet informative reviewer of games I’m interested in learning about, and that’s all there is to it. Oh yeah, I should probably mention that he also writes movie reviews on Letterboxd, but I haven’t actually read more than like one so I can’t judge that. Subscribe to him if you’re interested. Next channel.

The Odd1sOut

Another king of the animated storytelling world, although he has been showing his real self a lot lately. Robert is different from Jaiden in that he’s more sarcastic and more universal/opinionated with what he talks about. Also, I’ve heard he has a really thin skin which doesn’t surprise me in the least honestly. But his videos are still incredibly relatable and I just love his sense of humor. Never worked at Subway, but I can imagine how that must have been.

I haven’t been watching him for as long as Jaiden so I can’t tell you too much about why he’s great beyond his sheer force of personality that allowed him to get his own card game or whatever in retail stores, and I can’t really point to any specific videos that make him great aside from maybe his Soubway Saga. He’s just really comforting to watch, and I mean that in a way that doesn’t put you to sleep. It’s a little hard to say why I like him and Jaiden compared to say, Domics or Tabbes, especially since animated storytelling is about as subjective as comedy, I find. I just really like his videos and I think his animation style is great, regardless of all the complaints that it’s not great animation. Need I say more?

Also, I’m getting a little tired of these descriptions at this point. Thankfully, there aren’t many Youtubers left, although I can tell you I do have a lot to say about these guys. For starters…


Now I said before regarding my entry on NicoB that we share a lot of favorite gaming Youtubers by complete coincidence. However, NakeyJakey is the one person on here I actually never heard of until I saw Nico’s own list, and to be fair, he didn’t know about him until recently either. I’ve seen his videos recommended to me at times, but I never actually got to watching him until Nico’s recommendation, and I’ve become a big fan of him as well. Seriously Nico, why do you have such good taste in Youtubers?

Anyways, I subscribed to Jakey because, say it with me, he’s relatable, hilarious, has great writing, and is just a great personality in general. His content is pretty varied too. Sometimes he’ll talk about parts of video game culture that not many people talk about like Scott the Woz like the bad voice acting or water levels. Sometimes he’ll talk about things in reality like downloading illegal music, dating, the Disney Channel, and the freaking Scholastic Book Fair. Seriously, I’ve forgotten all about those and now the memories are coming back thanks to his video on the subject.

He’s also a big music guy and recently produced his own music video. I’m guessing the fact that he’s working on that so much is the reason he doesn’t upload very often. His recent video on horror games came out like two months after his last video, and there are some pretty big gaps between his overall video history if you look at his channel. I don’t really blame him though because almost every video he churns out is really big and generally worth the wait, especially when I’ve got all of these other Youtubers to keep track of.

Anyways, I’m sure some of you guys were recommended his Red Dead Redemption 2 video when that game was in its prime (and it’s actually relevant again now that it’s coming to PC). Seriously, this video was getting recommended to me constantly whenever I was on Youtube and for good reason. On top of being his most popular video, it really summarizes everything that characterizes Jakey as a whole from his humor to his writing. If you want to know if he’s someone you’ll enjoy, watch that video. Even if you still love RDR2, it’s just such a great funny video. Perfect for a great funny channel.


So if you don’t know who this guy is, he’s well-known for his critiques of the hype behind games and how often they fail to deliver on their promises like Gears 5 or No Man’s Sky. Most of his videos are basically just edited footage of other people’s videos done in a way to criticize the video game industry with the occasional text added in. He’s never actually spoken in video. Instead he just lets the evidence speak for itself and it’s pretty interesting stuff, even if it tends to follow the same formula of “this thing hyped up by E3 and other promotional events looks nowhere near as good as the final product” more often than not. But given how the industry never seems to learn, I don’t think it hurts too much that he’s basically saying the same thing over and over, just with a different game.

Plus, and I can’t stress this enough, his editing is phenomenal. Some of the best you’ll ever see on Youtube. In fact, it’s pretty much the main reason why people are drawn to this guy despite the fact that he doesn’t upload a lot or give much of his own input into the scenes he showcases. Anyone can splice clips together and make a video out of it, but Crowbcat has even more talent than whoever edited the skits in The Chappelle Show when it comes to making his entertainment flow, and in case you aren’t aware, The Chappelle Show had some of the best editing in humor for its time that still holds up to this very day.

Now like Memeology or even something more mainstream like Adam Ruins Everything, Crowbcat can be a little biased or have tunnel vision regarding what he’s criticizing. Whenever he says something sucks and uses something else as an example of how not to suck, he has a tendency to forget that the thing he thinks is “good” also had some pretty bad flaws or bugs. And then there was his infamous Nintendo Switch video, where the problems only affected a few people. It certainly didn’t affect the majority of the people who purchased that machine, me included.

But every now and then, Crowbcat will throw out an experimental project like his Real Mario Odyssey video or something else to show that he’s more than just a drama queen. And I’m sure a lot of you saw this video given how big it was when Mario Odyssey was at his peak. It’s still hilarious to this very day and I honestly have no idea how he made this, but I do know I want more like this. Make it happen Crowbcat.

Anyways, we’re almost done with the Youtubers and wow I wrote a lot about them. Fittingly, I saved one of the very best Youtubers out there to spotlight last…


JonTron is just so amazing with so many 10/10 videos that I’m convinced at this point the man was born under a really lucky star, minus that political kerfuffle that caused a bunch of people to try cancelling him. He started off as a funny video gamer reviewer like James Rolfe and Caddicarus, as well as a Let’s Player for Game Grumps with Egoraptor, but has since split off into doing other things like covering terrible movies that Doug Walker reviewed in the past like Cool as Ice or the animated Titanic film, reviewing weird products, and doing tier lists on architecture which apparently he’s a big fan of. He’s also doing some animated stuff, although I haven’t gotten to actually checking that out yet.

Like most of my favorite Youtubers, I think JonTron is hilarious. No matter what subject he covers, it’s worth watching just for his humor. He can make even the most boring of things seem interesting and it helps that he has a big crew to help him with his videos these days. It’s so satisfying to see him pivot so much from what used to make him great into other material that’s still great to this very day, and I can definitely why he has so many more subs than his Normal Boots colleagues. As well as why he has so many reaction gifs on the Internet. I think I was using his reactions for quick jokes on the blog long before I actually subscribed to him, although obviously I knew him way back then because of how famous he was, plus I have seen his Game Grumps LP of Sonic 2006 back when he was one of the hosts there.

As seems to be the case with these last few Youtubers, JonTron is more of a quality over quantity channel. Despite SEO demanding that Youtubers upload constantly in order to get recommended, JonTron gets tons of views and likes for each video he uploads no matter how long he’s away for. He’s been uploading more consistently at the moment, but not too long ago, he was absent for almost a year and then just came back on trending like he was never gone. And he’s gone on several hiatuses before then as well. Obviously, the fact that he started before Youtube became so strict is a huge factor, but I’m pretty sure the reason JonTron continues to thrive whilst Game Grumps is continuing to fall is because he’s just that good.

Amazing channel. Amazing man. And amazing content. I look forward to whatever he highlights next and I’m hopeful that he’ll continue this amazing streak going for a while.

Yay, we’re finally done with this incredibly long list. Over ten thousand words jizzing all over my favorite content creators alone, and then there’s the intro and this very conclusion. But honestly I feel like these guys deserve all the time I put into this post for all the hard work and the hours of delightful content they’ve produced throughout the years.

Really glad regarding how this came out, and if any of the Youtubers I highlighted happen to be reading this post for whatever reason, I just want to say thank you. Hope you all to have great futures and not end up like Mumkey Jones did this year. As for everyone else reading this, feel free to throw in your own two cents and look forward to whenever I can be assed to write something on here again. Also, apologies for some of the shades towards Youtubers you probably like on here. Except for Dan Olsen. Because he’s a douche.

Note: This list will be subjected to updates in the future. For example, I have recently removed a few channels I unsubscribed to for personal reasons.


Header caption by CoryxKenshin.

Quick list of Youtubers I occasionally watch, but don’t subscribe to:

The Anime Man

+ Has very interesting knowledge of Japan and some of the videos he does with fans are fun.
– Too bad the rest of his content exists.

Little Kuriboh

+ An influential figure in the Youtube landscape for anime fans.
– …by creating a video format I have zero interest in.

Super Butter Buns

+ Very energetic reviewer of Japanese video games.
– Unfortunately none of her jokes make me laugh.

Keith Ballard

+ Very good observations of the games he plays with some funny reactions.
– Has a lot of dumb moments that either work out for him or don’t.


+ One of the original animated storytellers with some relatable moments.
– Subject matter is too broad to really be appealing to me.


+ There are times when he’s really interesting…
– …and times where his ego is too far up his own ass.


+ Man this guy’s Youtube originals as of late are really good.
– Haven’t cared enough to check out his other stuff.

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