The Anime Youtubers That I Watch

Holy shit this took hours to write up. And this is just the prelude to something bigger.

While this blog is mostly dead these days, there are still a few projects I want to complete on here before fully retiring, and one of said projects is listing my favorite Youtubers. I’m a big fan of certain creators on Youtube. Most content creators suck of course, but the same thing can be said for anime, so that’s not something I hold against the platform. I instead hold contempt towards the platform for a lot of other reasons, but the point is that I’ve seen a few people talk about their favorite Youtubers on social media recently and figured “hey, why don’t I do something like that?”. None of that shitty tier list crap though. I’m going with full-on descriptions towards the Youtubers that I personally find interesting and why anyone who attacks the profession can eat my ass. And after some thinking on the format, I decided that I’ll be going with a top fifteen list of my favorite Youtubers ever. I love the majority of their videos. Always look forward to when they upload. And hopefully you’ll enjoy them too or want to subscribe to them if you’ve never heard of them.

But before I get to the actual list, I feel like I should make a sort of “runner-up” post for the Anitubers I actually watch, hence the title being the way it is. So this isn’t the actual top fifteen list. This is just an un-numbered, unranked list of the people in the anime community who have Youtube channels that I’m subscribed to. I’m sure some of you are thinking at this moment “wait, does this mean you don’t have any Anitubers in your top fifteen list?”, and the answer is a resounding “yes”. In fact, I’m just going to spoil an important thing about my upcoming top fifteen list straight out: they are all video game Youtubers. Every single one. A lot of them cover Japanese/anime video games, but basically I don’t have any Anime Youtubers amongst my top fifteen (although I know some of them stream video games on Twitch that I should really check out sometime).

And the reason for that is simple: I don’t like Anitubers very much.

I know it’s not uncommon to hate on that profession, but I seriously just don’t like their content. I think they are a massive step down from video game Youtube in terms of production, writing, and just all-around content. Also, while I know the video game Youtube world isn’t perfect, the air that surrounds anime Youtube is just something I find unpleasant for a lot of reasons that I’m not going to get into here because that kind of stuff is better discussed in person than on the Internet.

I’ll give an example of why I don’t like Anitubers with a description of the Internet’s favorite anime king: Gigguk. Now Garnt is a really great person and I understand why people consider him the best anime Youtuber. He can be sometimes funny, but I just don’t love his videos. I think the ones where he talks about broader topics like hentai and anime cons are okay (kind of like Scott the Woz except not as funny or informative), but I can’t get into him when he talks about specific anime.

His Demon Slayer video is a good example why I’m not into him, as he only made the video after the episode where it became popular (and only briefly mentioned it beforehand), and it didn’t say anything interesting about the anime that you couldn’t get from somewhere else. Everything he talks about regarding this show is something you could easily read on r/anime, which I should remind people, is a shit subreddit. This “basic observations combined with a few memes” presentation is something that characterizes practically all of the videos he makes about a specific anime, and unfortunately a lot of people aren’t better than him when it comes to being informative and having good presentation. Especially Mother’s Basement. I was never a fan, but wow his videos got really terrible this year. I don’t hate Reddit humor like Digibro does, but my god r/anime is like the complete casual yet still retarded version of the MAL community, which is fucking horseshit.

A lot of people have told me that they like WatTheWhut, Aleczander, Canipa Effect, and Explanation Point. I’ve seen some of their stuff. It’s good for what it is I guess (well actually, aside from the I Hate Anitube video, WatTheWhut’s videos are pretty lame), (actually, I’ve checked some of WatTheWhut’s more recent videos since writing this post and his editing has gotten better, but he’s still not talking about stuff I’m all that interested in) but here’s something you should probably know about me: I do not care what people think about the hottest shit in anime and I’m not particularly interested in the making of anime. It’s the main reason why I don’t read anime blogs anymore. And if you want to ask me why that is, it’s because the seasonal anime cycle/discussions are complete garbage. Always a bunch of circle-jerking and hype building/weekly bashing over trends that end up ruining my excitement later down the road.

You know how Comics Gate started off as a campaign to fight against Marvel/DC, but then ended up getting retarded when (like all hashtag movements) it got invaded by a bunch of people who got angry for the sake of being angry? That’s what I think of seasonal discussions on the Internet, so I refuse to watch anyone who participates in that shit.

And it doesn’t help that when Anitube doesn’t talk about the seasonal anime, their other videos just aren’t good. I do watch Joey when he makes a video on upcoming seasons because his seasonal previews are the only ones I find engaging for some reason, and sometimes his gameshows can be fun, but otherwise I’m not a fan of him. ProZD, I watch when he does a skit, but otherwise ignore him unless he’s voice-acting in a game I’m playing (and his skits haven’t been good lately if I’m being honest). Sometimes Anime America can be engaging. And I do watch Chibi when he covers something serious like the Shield Hero controversy. But for the most part, I just don’t care about Anitubers and have no idea why the people who make tier-lists for them give a shit (aside from Digibro obviously). A lot of them have been getting worse over the years after a promising start and it doesn’t help that a lot of their fanbase turn to them for anime recommendations, one of the most useless things in the world to me since I can easily access and read what people like on it.

Also, has any Anituber ever done a high-quality April Fools Day production that tributed Drake & Josh, The Eric Andre Show, and Malcolm in the Middle in the same video (or something similar)? If any of them have, please point me to them. I’ll make them a true exception to the rule. And no, abridged series do not count. Because honestly, I do not care for that medium.

However, I do have Anitubers I enjoy, and I was originally going to talk about them in my upcoming top fifteen list as a sort of prelude to the main dish since this is mainly an anime blog. However, the descriptions ended up going on for so long that I had to separate them into their own post. Even when I’m talking about Youtubers I like, but don’t necessarily love, I’ve got a lot to say apparently.

Well, I’m sure some of you are curious about my Anituber taste, so here they are. These are the Anime Youtube channels that I watch. Reminder these aren’t numbered, although looking at the final results, I realized I accidentally ordered them from worst to best. Totally not intentional. But it works out fine. Let’s get started.

Kimchi & Tofu

Of all the bargain bin reaction channels out there, this one is easily my favorite because they put actual production into their videos and they have a huge passion for anime that’s just endearing to watch. Now these two mostly reaction to shonen anime, which is understandable considering shonen is the most popular genre out there, but they do other shows too like Zombieland Saga and Dororo (although copyright and lack of time struck them to the point that they couldn’t do all of Dororo), and I think their reactions are great. You can watch the unedited versions and videos they can’t put on Youtube like their Demon Slayer videos on Patreon, but I prefer the edited stuff because it’s to the point and gets rid of all the dead air where you’re just watching somebody else watching an anime.

There’s not really a whole lot I can say about Kimchi & Tofu aside from that they’re a good reaction channel because at the end of the day, they’re just a reaction channel with some interesting insights. Although I did like the discussion they had of Zombieland Saga after it finished with Animaechan. And I’m really glad they managed to get verified for doing what they do because they really do stand out from the crowd, even if they’re not exactly what I’d call a must-watch channel. Check them out if you want to get some interesting insights on certain shows. Or if you want to watch something that’s really friendly.

Heavenly Controller

Got to love a guy who’s all about that plot, right? But for real, Heavenly Controller is just hilarious. There’s a bunch of black anime fans who are funny, analytical, and into hentai on Youtube, but Anthony is the only one I know who’s popular and has decent production. And he just does it so naturally without resorting to memes like anyone who thinks “Boruto’s Dad” is still funny. One particular joke that really got to me was when he was watching Dr. Stone and admitted that if he was in Senku’s position, he wouldn’t be able to do shit.

I feel a little bad that I haven’t gotten to watching Anthony’s Twitch streams because a lot of his content is basically just edited versions of what he does on that platform: watching shonen anime and playing video games. Of course, the issue I have with Twitch is that it’s unedited streaming, which leads to a lot of dead space, and you can’t actually show the anime you’re watching on that platform like you can with video games. I have a feeling I’d like Anthony more if Youtube would allow him more creative freedom because his edited reactions are easily the hardest I’ve laughed at a reaction channel. But hey, what can you do? I’m really glad he’s enjoying Fire Force though. I don’t personally, but he’s upfront about how Fire Force is a standard shonen and that lines up with his tastes, and that’s honesty I really respect.

He’s also known for making videos with erotic cosplayers (with Elizabeth Rage being a frequent guest) and doing the occasional serious video where he talks about other anime he enjoys in his spare time or flawed anime that he wish were better (like Boruto). The latter is fun to watch, mostly because he’s very aware of how his tastes are not the least bit elitist whilst still being smart about stuff like why you needed to add CGI in a certain scene. And the former is fun to watch because he’s living the dream. Well okay, he doesn’t actually touch the girls because cosplay is not consent, plus I think they’re all taken. But not just anyone can have an erotic cosplayer press her boobs against your car window without breaking any boundaries, am I right?

Oh yeah, there was also the Kingdom Hearts 3 video (which was part of his stream of the game) where he addressed people that accused him of not being a true fan of the series because he wasn’t enjoying himself. Whether or not I agree with him on his KH3 opinions (I do, personally), I like how he made it clear that true fans of a series points out the flaws of a product because they want it to be better. And while the comments he gets from angry fanboys are annoying, I do like how the reasonable comments actually debate him whilst disagreeing with him on certain points and how he favorites them. Anthony honestly comes off as a guy I’d love to sit and have a discussion with because I think our differing tastes on certain products whilst agreement on the philosophy of how you enjoy a product would be interesting.

I think that sums up what I like the best about Anthony and his content. He enjoys what anime and games has to offer whilst being funny as well as aware that there’s a time and place for everything. It doesn’t make for great content, but being consistently entertaining is hard enough for any Youtuber, and I think this guy manages fine. What else can I really say about him other than I should really get to checking out his Twitch channel someday?

Lost Pause

What’s crackin, guys? Yeah I’m sure a lot of you are surprised that I actually watch Lost Pause. He tends to get hated a lot in the Anituber sphere I find, probably because he’s a variety channel who avoids actual anime and focuses on cringe, which gets a bad rap amongst certain folks (and it doesn’t help that Youtube won’t let him upload his visual novel LPs anymore). Also, his unusual voice isn’t for everyone, he doesn’t associate with the popular Anituber crowd due to some drama from 2017 that I don’t really have much knowledge on (just look at the comments section on Gigguk’s Anituber Rewind video if you want an idea on what happened. No wonder he never did another one after that), I’m not a big fan of his reaction videos either to tell you the truth, and a lot of his early non-VN videos were pretty bad.

Honestly, the jokes I find funny from Noble is when he puts captions to clarify something in his video because something about that style of humor just clicks with me, and I don’t know what to say when the best humor that comes from the guy is when he’s not actually talking. I actually avoided him for a good while because I wasn’t interested in a guy who just embraced Reddit memes. Even seeing the old sarcastic Youtube trailer of him by Nux Taku is kind of painful honestly (and the original audio is muted whilst Nux rambles over it).

But as for why I like Noble now, honestly it’s because even though at least half his videos aren’t the highest quality, he’s the one Youtuber I relate to the most. I too tried to fit in and ultimately failed to associate with the aniblogger scene back in the day and when it comes down to it, I just want to have fun with anime and laugh at memes rather than analyze the stuff. Of all the Youtubers I know, he’s the one I’d want to be friends with the most, and that’s why his content clicks with me on a more personal level than the other Anitubers.

However, the videos where I really enjoy Noble is when he becomes serious, like a joking dad who becomes stern when he realizes his son fucked up (or Jim Sterling when he stops doing weird skits and talks about the video game industry aka the videos that are actually good). I actually started watching Noble more regularly around the time Vic Mignogna was getting accused of sexual misconduct on Twitter and there were a bunch of Youtube videos questioning the accusations. Of all the ones I saw, Noble’s was easily the best of the bunch, going through every single thing possible at the time whilst maintaining a fairly neutral stance on the matter and having some actual effort put into the presentation (there used to be a video on his Twitch where he was showing people the editing process for said Vic video, and it was pretty interesting). And when he got accused of being a Nazi for said video, his follow-up video that addressed the reaction was even better.

Plus, I like how unlike Hero Hei, YellowFlash, and other Vic stans, he decided to stop covering the situation after Vic was fired because he knew that there was no way the guy was going to get hired again regardless of what happened from there on out. Well okay he did like two or so videos detailing what Vic was doing after, but my point is that he bailed before he became a pro-Vic channel, which is not a future-proof thing to be. Seriously, SenpaiIsHome dug his own grave, and his content was always horrible to begin with.

Those videos was when I realized that there was a lot more to Noble than just being a cringe-master, so I started watching all his Noble News and other serious videos from then on and I’ve loved every one of them. I even find his other lower-effort videos funny from time to time, like that one skit he did about Rule 34 in Pokemon. When he’s not trying to overact, he can be about as funny as ProZD. I’m not really sure why he feels like he needs to overact a lot to be honest, because he’s actually pretty naturally funny when he’s speaking normally. Maybe it’s like Canipa in how he feels he as to put on a performance to have an Internet personality or something.

What I like the most about serious Noble is that he usually does his research and never really takes a side in the debate unless it’s clear that one side is doing is wrong, with a couple of exceptions like that now privated video of him talking about the Hentai Haven v.s. Fakku drama and siding with his friend aka the Fakku owner. I think the best video that encapsulates this aspect is his Pokemon National Dex controversy video where he understood the issue, but since he plays new Pokemon games for new Pokemon, he’s not concerned about the old generations coming back like a lot of other people are.

His recent piracy video was also good too. Certainly better than his one from years ago. Yeah it’s not as descriptive as Uniquenameosaurus’s, but it’s straight to the point and sympathetic to those who pirate whilst ultimately not picking a side in the debate. Some people say neutrality is submission to the enemy. I say if both sides think that, then you shouldn’t give a shit.

He may not be what most people look for in an anime channel, but for guys like me who want to escape the seasonal grind and just be an anime fan on my own terms, as well as one of the few rational voices out there when the fandom explodes, Noble is the one Anituber I can rely on. Really enjoy the dude. Even if he’s not an A-tier content wise, he’s definitely A-tier as a person and an anime fan.

Nux Taku

Also known as Noble’s third channel. But for real, Nux Taku is a fucking godsend in the anime Youtube world. This guy took a while for me to get into honestly, because alot of his videos focus on explaining what makes shonen anime great, which is far from a topic I’m interested in (and he would roast me for it if he knew I existed). And when it comes to having opinions on anime, Nux honestly kind of sucks. But so many people, including those who hate Anitubers, kept insisting this guy was good that I kept watching the occasional video of his and eventually I got what they were seeing.

I’m sure this guy’s Honest Descriptions has been recommended to you at some point if you watch anime videos on Youtube, although he doesn’t do those sorts of videos that often anymore. Not really that big on said videos myself personally. I think they’re the kind of opinions you can get anywhere. What really got me into Nux though is how whenever he jumps on a trend like most Anitubers, he does it in the most satirical/sarcastic way possible. Remember when the whole tier-list trend started? Well a lot of people started using that site to rank their favorite Anitubers, and this guy decided to do the same…by ranking them based on their taste and troll logic. And it is the funniest shit ever.

What I like the most about the video is how Nux slips in some of the controversies like E;R and Pewdiepie being accused of supporting Nazism and Digibro thinking From The New World is garbage (which it is, but it’s definitely not worse than the SAO sequels) before saying that that doesn’t matter. D-tier! I’m fully aware that Nux is informed of the woke crowd in today’s anime fandom and being a guy who can’t stand that crowd, it really makes me smile when Nux takes jabs at them.

But I think we all know the true video that defines how batshit insane Nux is.

This troll meme was fucking hilarious and I will fight anyone who disagrees with me.

However, what I like the most about Nux in general is that similar to Noble, he knows when to be serious, especially when the fandom is acting stupid. He recently started a video series called “The Worst Fandom in Anime”, which I hope takes off because honestly, today’s fandom can be so stupid at times and deserves to get kicked. That whole “Tanjiro’s racist earring” kerfuffle a few months back was one of the worst arguments I’ve ever seen, and I look forward to seeing him tackle some other crappy aspects of the fandom in the future. Hero Academia is currently going through some “OMG this girl’s boobs is too big” shit again. And I’m fully aware he knows about how hypocritical the woke Hero Academia crowd can be.

Unlike Noble though, he never drops the goofy persona even when he’s being serious. And while I like Noble better when he’s not joking around, Nux is a guy that I’m not really sure I’d like as much if he wasn’t being a master troll 24/7. He’s just so delightfully crazy, fully self-aware of his position as an Anituber and what goes on within the community, and makes it clear that he doesn’t give a fuck about established conventions. And clearly the Internet agrees with me (or more like I agree with the Internet because they liked him first), because his sub count has been exploding like crazy over the last year. He reached the 100,000 sub milestone last year and is nearing a million subs as of me writing this post. My god, he’s really learned to really get a handle on the Youtube algorithm over time, hasn’t he?

There are even jokes that he’ll surpass Gigguk, The Anime Man, and ProZD if his growth continues like it has, and I honestly hope he does. His videos are so enjoyably crazy to the point that I can see him being the one Anituber who can actually be on the same level as my favorite video game Youtubers if he keeps it up. I really like this dude despite all of his faults, and so do his friends.

Oh and there’s also a podcast he’s frequently a guest of with some other Anitubers like Anime Uproar, Briggs, Tekking101, and such called the Rants Anime Podcast. You guys should check it out. It’s really fun, and I honestly prefer people like Anime Uproar on his podcast rather than his shonen videos.

Super Eyepatch Wolf

Again, like Nuxtaku, the fact that this guy loves to get passionate on shonen makes it hard for me to really get into his videos. But I think anyone who knows this guy understands why his videos are so good. He only puts out like one video a month due to all of the research and planning he has to do, but I’ve always been more of a quality over quantity kind of guy, and it helps that SEW’s videos are generally worth the wait.

When he talks about something, it’s always something he’s passionate about, and he goes into a crazy amount of detail about it in a way that doesn’t waste a single second (although I could do without the embellished intros and conclusions to his videos sometimes). Obviously, I like him more when he talks about video games as opposed to anime, and his video game content is really good when you want to learn about the production history in addition to his opinions on the video game.

I’m aware of the basic history of Shenmue, but SEW goes into a lot of things about that game’s production and impact that you can’t just easily read up with a simple Google search. And this applies even to videos where he ended up not liking the game. His analysis on why Final Fantasy 15 was a flawed game that could not be fixed no matter how many patches it receives was pretty on-point.

His anime content can honestly be pretty great too though like with his Akira video. Something I hate to see when looking at anime discussions is when people argue that Akira was a shit movie that condensed the manga too much, completely ignoring everything else that made Akira great and why it was such a landmark title. I’m not going to pretend Akira’s narrative wasn’t truncated or anything (incidentally, the video does mention how the film felt like a compromise as well), but there’s more to the animation than just looking good. Akira’s visuals were also good because it was conveying emotions that could not be done in live-action, or even the manga itself for that matter. And as a guy who watches animation because he likes visual storytelling, that’s something you can’t just downplay when you say how much better the manga is. Not to mention, you can’t deny that it was because of Akira that anime got so big in the West in the first place.

The other videos he makes like when he describes his favorite things and such, I honestly do not care for. Again, it’s just basic information/opinions about a product that I can get anywhere. Some people will argue “well you wouldn’t have heard about this product if he didn’t bring it up” since he does put a bunch of obscure stuff in those videos. To which I respond, “so what?”. Is there a reason I have to know about the existence of what he likes? Plus, I pay attention to a lot of things, so it’d have to be on Youtube or something for me to miss it. And honestly, I don’t care because I have my own ways of doing things. I’m at a point in my life when recommendations are basically useless to me, especially given how much I’ve seen, which I guess is another reason why I don’t care for the opinions of Anitubers.

All in all though, Super Eyepatch Wolf is great, especially if you like the documentary style of Youtube. Definitely the standout amongst the crowd who interacts more frequently with the common Anituber crowd. He’d be a favorite if I cared about his passions a lot more, because honestly he’s not good at selling me on something like mind game shonen action (as in I don’t care about the video because I don’t care for mind game shonen action).

Kenny Lauderdale

Last Anituber I keep up with and my personal favorite of the bunch until Nux Taku eventually forces me at gunpoint to care about his Jojo jokes. Digibro actually sums up why Kenny Lauderdale is worth watching fairly well so I don’t have to waste too many words myself, and it’s basically because he reviews the obscure stuff from the 80s and 90s that I don’t know much about whilst being very informative about it like elitist boomer he is.

While I have no interest in what other people have to say about current/modern anime, I do have an interest in the history of the medium along with how stuff like magical girls and iyashikei were like back then. And Kenny covers all of that stuff really well. I actually recognize some of the anime he covers like California Crisis and Cipher. Those were cartoons I watched back when I was more involved with the aniblogging scene and a group of people I no longer have any contact with were watching old obscure shit. It’s really cool to see a Youtuber actually cover that sort of stuff pretty well since these days, you can’t even cover anime exclusive to Netflix and get good views for it. I mean I guess there’s Bennet the Sage, but I honestly don’t know what the guy is doing these days.

And not only does Kenny review the obscure stuff, he actually goes into some history regarding it like how Minky Momo was actually advertised heavily in Japan for a time. And what surprises me the most is that for a guy who makes videos on obscure shit, he gets a crazy amount of views. He deserves them of course, but we all know how a lot of today’s anime fandom likes to stay in the present, don’t we? And that really reflects in his subscriber count, because it is really low for a guy who gets hundreds of thousands of views per video.

Not a lot else to say about the guy, which may be weird given how the other Anitubers I’m not as big on got way longer descriptions. But sometimes, simple is best. And to be honest, I haven’t watched him for as long as the others, so I don’t know him as well. All I can really say is that if you have an interest in older anime and want to get away from a lot of what makes Anime Youtube so hated amongst certain sections of the community, check Kenny Lauderdale out. Is that his real name by the way? Kind of curious.

Alright, those are all of the anime Youtube channels I keep up with on a regular basis. Yeah it’s not a lot, but like I said, I’m much more of a video game Youtube guy than an anime Youtube guy, plus oh my god this post went on for so long even when I’m just giving attention to six Youtubers. I can just imagine what my actual top fifteen is going to look like when I get to finishing that.

You’re free to talk about your favorite anime Youtubers and why you like them or ask what I fully think of Youtubers I haven’t mentioned on here like NecroXIII or whatever, but please do not bring up their social media interactions/drama on here because I really do not want to have to sift through that crap. Also, feel free to guess what my favorite Youtubers of all-time are. I’ll bet some of you can guess a majority of them since I used to link to their channels on this blog for a time.


  • Actually, my opinion on Necro is incredibly low, so don’t bother asking me more than that.
  • If I were to put them on a tier-list, Kimchi & Tofu, Heavenly Controller, and Lost Pause would be “C+” tier, Nux Taku would be “B-” tier, SEW would be “B” tier, and Kenny Lauderdale would be “B+” tier. Incidentally, Gigguk would be “C” tier.
  • Digibro would probably be “C-” tier as well if only because his actual main videos are technically decent, but his ego can get really overbearing.
  • r/AniMemes can be fun, but it can also be heavily repetitive.
  • Header image is from Under the Scope’s channel.

4 responses to “The Anime Youtubers That I Watch

  1. I was all ready to mentions my faves before i realized i didn’t have many anitubers suscribed either. Whoops. I do like super eyepatch wolf a lot tho, dude have the perfect calming voice for long videos and he packed so much info in one video almost nothing feels like filler.

    I have an idea on who might be the top one since i ended up loving the dude and joined his discord server from your old list about youtubers, it might be bad for spoilers so…..i’ll just wait for the gaming tuber, i can talk more about them than the anime one

    • Not a big fan of SEW’s voice to be honest, but I don’t dislike it.

      And I’m not actually going to rank my favorite gaming Youtubers since I don’t have a real favorite among them and it’s just be too much of a hassle to do so. It kind of depends on what content they make, although they’re all A/S-tier in my book.

  2. Lauderdale struck gold pretty much entirely because of how those Twinkle Nora Rock Me videos first went viral. It was a pretty simple but effective way of getting your foot through the door without a ton of effort. After that point he started hitting views in the hundreds of thousands pretty consistently ever since.

    • It’s so strange to see him getting way more views than Geoff is these days. I mean I know Geoff has been burning a lot of bridges over the last year or so,(plus there’s that copyright drama going on right now), but when a video about obscure anime gets more views than a video about the hottest shit like Demon Slayer, that means something.

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