Final Thoughts — Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind (David Production)

With me having a lot less time for blogging these days, I’m going to need a shorter approach to explaining my opinions on anime.

Well the newest season of Jojo has just finished and as someone who’s not really into this massive franchise…Golden Wind didn’t really change my mind. Yeah, I don’t think anyone who knows my taste in anime is going to be surprised by that statement. I mean Jojo isn’t bad or anything. I’m just not a fan of wrestling or the mind-battle shonen genre, which are the main elements that Jojo uses for its storytelling. The main reason I watch it is so I can converse with the fanbase, because I love the cosplay and some of the memes. “Is That a Jojo’s Reference?” does get tiresome these days, but I still like it when you time that meme well. And I love that new meme where Narancia and Mista kicks that gangsters whilst Abacchio finishes his drink, only for Abacchio to join in afterwards. It’s just gold.

That’s not to say I don’t have unique thoughts on Golden Wind. In my opinion, this iteration of Jojo has the best cast so far. Previous characters were carried more by charisma and humor, but Golden Wind’s cast have actual character flaws and backstories to them. I loved Abacchio and how his past as a cop haunted up until his tragic end. I thought Bucciarati was a great supporting lead to Giorno with how he commanded respect up until the very end. Kind of sad at how Fugo had to be written out of the show halfway through because his poison powers were too game-breaking. We never see him again after he ditches the group until the spin-off light novel that I’m never going to read. Not so much Polnareff. Never really cared for him, so when he returned just to bite the dust, I was all “eh”.

Giorno himself is alright. He’s not great, but he’s not terrible either. I do like how he constantly sacrifices himself in order to help his friends and gain their trust, but there isn’t a lot to him besides his goal of wanting to command the Italian mafia or whatever. He’s basically just there to support Bucciarati’s gang and his status as Dio’s son does not factor into the plot at all. I think Trish is more interesting than he is, and not just because she’s one of the few Jojo characters with more than one X-chromosome. Trish actually has some spunk to her without overdoing things and making her one of the guys in terms of behavior and fighting whilst being chased by her own father.

I still can’t remember anything about the villains in Jojo. They are complete gimmicks that only exist as an excuse to have fight scenes and nothing else. I do think Diavolo is less memorable as a final bad guy than Dio and Kira. He’s not terrible. I just can’t recall anything all that interesting about him aside from that younger split personality thing that I still don’t understand. He does eventually get a backstory, but it’s not until the very end of the show, and by then it’s too little too late.

And the fight scenes are where Jojo gets a lot less interesting to me because it’s basically just the characters overthinking things for several episodes until they get in a position where they can actually punch someone with their Stand. They clearly only exist just to have the series go on for a long time, and on that note, I actually laugh at Jojo fans complaining that the author is just making things up as he goes, because that’s been common knowledge for years. When a non-Jojo fan like me knows more about how this franchise is written than you, you obviously aren’t in tune with what the fanbase wants as you think you are.

Animation-wise, the show looks fine. Jojo has never had great animation and while there’s less conspicuous CG than there used to be, there’s still a lot of still frames and awkward transitions. I do think the style is more appealing than the previous iterations, even if Koichi looks way more of a badass than he should in his limited appearance. Music is decent as usual. Nothing I’m going to go back and listen to, but good nevertheless. I still think the first Jojo opening “Sono Chi no Sadame” is the most fun to listen to, and the ending songs…yeah just look at the comments sections for the original music videos on Youtube.

I don’t really want to talk about the plot and what I’d change about it because that would require changing the very fundamentals of Jojo itself. And I’ve seen so many products going broke as a result because they don’t give the fanbase what they want. Sure some of it can be undeserved like with how The Great Ace Attorney bombed in Japan and never got translated here. But a lot of the times, I just can’t defend the changes that lead to Star Wars fans turning on the franchise to the point that the new theme park flopped. Or what happened to Food Wars to the point it got cancelled. So yes, the plot to Golden Wind is absolutely retarded, and you Jojo fans love it.

Although it’s a Shonen Jump series, Jojo has sort of morphed into its own thing at this point, and if you’re into that thing, you’ll love it wholeheartedly. If not, there are plenty of other Shonen Jump series to keep you entertained, and other shonen action in general if you want to count Fire Force, David Production’s new big hit. Golden Wind has some things that are better than previous Jojo iterations that legitimately got me excited for a time, but I still can’t get into the core overall. It’s too over-the-top for me and goes on way too long. But honestly, who cares? It’s what Jojo fans want, and thus it’s what they should get.

Anyways, it seems like it’s going to be a while before the next Jojo series, Stone Ocean, comes out. I know it’s the iteration with Jolyne as the main protagonist, but otherwise I don’t know anything about it other than it’s very divisive amongst the fanbase. Don’t expect it for a while, and thank god, because keeping up with Jojo got really tiresome in-between the flashback episodes and multiple delays. That said, I’m interested to see why Stone Ocean tends to have fans split, because at least that means it won’t be too much of the same. Not sure what I’ll be doing by then, but I don’t need to worry about now.

Well that’s all I’ve got to say about Golden Wind…except for one last thing. The final scene where Giorno becomes the new boss with Mista by his side kicked ass. Really good way to end the show, especially with how nobody talked in that scene. Not sure what it says about me that one of my favorite Jojo scenes is one where they have their mouths shut, but Jojo fans shouldn’t take my thoughts all that seriously anyways.

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