Twelve Days of Anime #2 — #BoycottAnimeMatsuri

Yes that’s an actual hashtag, and there’s even a Twitter account and Facebook page for it as well.

Anime Matsuri was my first anime convention ever. It wasn’t a great one in retrospect, but I really enjoyed my time there. I got to see Johnny Young Bosch be awesome. I hung out with a former friend and bought the Serial Experiments Lain blu-rays there in order to taunt her. And I’ve always wanted to go again, but I never had the opportunity to due to other commitments and such.

And with the reveal that the organizers are a bunch of sexually harassing creeps who do not treat their guests right (amongst many other problems that you can read here), something I didn’t realize until now but apparently it’s been going on since 2015, I don’t think I ever will. Thank god my cousin got married that weekend, because I’d rather dance to Usher while wearing a tight suit than go to a convention that’d literally allow a Nazi cosplayer to attend (yes that actually happened). With the number of attendees dwindling to the point that it made the audience for Trump’s presidential inauguration look like the crowd at a BTS concert (not even the cosplay videos can make this convention looked populated), guests either bailing from the event or having their stuff wrecked by poor management, and the fact that Houston just sucks in general unless it’s food-related, I’m so glad I moved to Dallas. The anime conventions here are awesome and the friends I’ve made here are fantastic.

I don’t care if you like talking dirty with your friends: sexual harassment is not funny and will never be funny. Plus, you’re apparently not even good at your job as a manager, so why the hell should we keep you around? This couple can go to hell, and while my friends are still free to attend, Anime Matsuri is dead to me forever.

What do you guys think about the Matsuri debacle? Any Houstonians reading this blog that are upset at how it turned out? Did you even hear about it before now? Comment below and let me know.

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