Twelve Days of Anime Is Almost Here

Hopefully I’m not too late to join in the festivities.

You guys know what the Twelve Days of Anime is? It’s an event where all of the anime bloggers and Youtubers decide to make fun, generally short, posts or videos celebrating twelve anime-related events from the year. And after taking a three-year long break from that mess due to personal issues and whatnot, I think I’m ready to try again, assuming I’m still allowed to register. Although I’m not signing up the Reverse Thieves one (which I’m not sure even exists at this point, as I don’t read anime blogs anymore). I’m signing up for the one spearheaded by…whoever runs this Twitter account. I honestly have no idea, but they’ve been around ever since I took a hiatus from this tradition.

Apparently it’s this woman who I’m not familiar with. Also, if you need the full introduction, watch that video.

Anyways, posts start on December 14 and conclude on December 25 as is usual for this tradition. So the big question is what will I be highlighting for this year? Favorite characters? Favorite anime moments? Low points? Well I think a little tough love is to be expected from me, and what better way to showcase that then highlighting what I consider to be the “Top Twelve Anime Controversies of 2018” in the lead-up to Christmas?


That’s right. I’m loosening my “never talk about everything surrounding anime” rule for these twelve days in order to talk about all of the shit that’s been surrounding anime culture this year. And believe me, there are plenty. 2018 is commonly known as one of the best years for anime, but I also consider it to be one of the worst years for anime fandom (I swear, Crunchyroll got into a new incident almost every month this year). It’s a good thing I’m such a hermit in the anime community nowadays, because my god the vitriol spawned from this junk makes the controversies I got into during my early years look like a schoolyard fight. And now I get to laugh at a community that has really let themselves go after my departure.

Posts will roughly be ordered in terms of severity with my first Twelve Days post detailing what I consider to be the least severe controversy and the last Twelve Days post ending on the most severe. I’m sorry if you guys wanted something more positive like highlighting the fight between Deku and Bakugo in Hero Academia S3 or how A Place Further Than The Universe was acclaimed enough to break Amazon sales and make it into “best international TV” lists. Or if we’re stretching the definition of anime, how Joker from Persona 5 is a confirmed DLC character for the new Smash Brothers game. But I’m sure everyone else is already doing that anyways, so just go read them if you want that. We’re getting controversial in these parts, baby!

Here are the important links for the event if you’re interested:

Looking forward to celebrating the December 14-25 period with you guys, and I hope you’re excited too. Although I’m annoyed I’ll have to tweet each post twice in order to post that #12DaysofAnime hashtag…

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