First Impressions: Fall 2017 Anime — Part 2

So did I find anything good to watch this season? Read on and find out.


Garo: Vanishing Line

“Lot of style but not much substance” is pretty much how I’d describe Vanishing Line so far. We’re not really given much background on the characters aside from how they’re searching for El Dorado, and everything else is pretty much the same armor/Horror/talking skull stuff as the previous Garo iterations. The action is well-animated, although I can’t say I’m a fan of the shaky cam, and the designs are neat, but Vanishing Line is obviously not aiming to be great in any way. I don’t mind too much, but I can’t say I’m all that enthusiastic about watching a show that’s nothing more than fun either. It’s why I didn’t think much of Yatterman Night before the show turned to crap on the second episode.

Code: Realize

Wake me up when otome adaptations give actual characterization to their stereotypes.

The Ancient Magus Bride

I’ll watch this when it gets dubbed since I have a feeling the humor won’t be as annoying there. But if you need a quick reminder of what I thought about Ancient Magus Bride when it had a special screening in theaters, I just don’t get the appeal of these sorts of shows where they introduce the characters and the world, but don’t put in anything resembling momentum to accompany them. Some people have told me the series is meant to be episodic, but I don’t see how that’s supposed to help the show when the episodics themselves can’t stand on their own the way something like Steven Universe can.

Having said all that, I’m willing to keep this on for a while after having some time between the Crunchyroll movie premiere and now to think about it. Aside from the jokes, I don’t dislike anything about Magus Bride in particular, and it is the biggest anime of the season (no seriously, it is). Maybe I can write something about it in the future.

Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond

All you Blood Blockade Battlefront fans who thought I had a hate boner for Rie Matsumoto after I said the first season was one of the worst anime of 2015 can rest easy because it turns out I hate the property in general. More specifically, I despise this show’s tone. The self-awareness of the humor is set WAY TOO HIGH and the change in director has just made it even worse since he seems to be more focused on the comedic side of the show, which is aggravating given how unfunny Yasuhiro Nightow’s humor is in general. The characters still aren’t relatable, the episodic storytelling is still throwaway, the action is still garbage (fuck those Jojo/Fist of the North Star-ish cutaways at the expense of actually showing the moves land), and the yelling is even more constant than before. It’s like Bones made this anime for the sole purpose of irritating me and succeeded.

Hopefully the dub is better, because based on the first episode alone, I’m seriously contemplating putting this property on the worst list again. It is literally the most annoying, imaginatively bankrupt anime I have seen in years.

A Sister’s All You Need

I had to look up who was doing this dreadful show after watching the first episode and it’s Shin Oonuma. Honestly I’m not that surprised he’s attached to yet another Silver Link light novel adaptation, but what really annoys me about his career is how he’s been getting lazier with each passing year. Remember when the guy at least had artistic vision? The animation in this show was about as lazy as the execution, which is utterly awful by the way. Even if it’s supposed to be a parody of little sister visual novels, you do realize that those first few minutes came from the mind of the main character, who we’re supposed to sympathize with, right? Someone who comes up with that dreck and rejects girls because he has an imouto fetish isn’t exactly what I’d call a good person, and it’s hard to believe that all these characters are in their twenties when they act like they’re in middle school.

So if the premise is gross, the main characters aren’t the least bit grounded in reality, and the animation lacks soul, then what do you have left to entertain me? No show, I don’t need a sister. Fuck off.

My Girlfriend is a Shobitch

Why exactly do anime people think that every fucking romance show needs to be a harem? At least when sitcom losers get girlfriends, they’re (usually) exclusive until the relationship inevitably ends.


Some of you guys probably know that this is the anime I was looking forward to the most and so far, it’s turning out okay. The first half that mostly just focused on geriatric lead Ichiro Inuyashiki’s normal life was well-told, although I was getting impatient for him to receive his superpowers once it seemed like everyone was disrespecting him. And then when he did get his superpowers and owned those homeless hunters, I couldn’t help but smile at the results. There’s still a few bugs that need to be ironed out (awkward CG anyone?) and I don’t really know where the story is going, but this anime seems to have the brightest future out of the lot, so I’ll be sticking with it for the long haul.


Now that I’ve seen all the premieres I’m interested in (keep in mind I’m not touching March Comes Like a Lion), let’s look at my initial rankings for these shows.

  1. Inuyashiki
  2. Kino’s Journey
  3. Garo: Vanishing Line
  4. The Ancient Magus Bride
  5. UQ Holder
  6. Shokugeki no Soma 3
  7. Recovery of an MMO Junkie
  8. Just Because!
  9. Code: Realize
  10. Juni Taisen – Zodiac War
  11. Black Clover
  12. Girls’ Last Tour
  13. Osomatsu-san 2
  14. Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond
  15. Dies Irae
  16. A Sister’s All You Need

I’m keeping on Dies Irae and Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond for writing purposes, but I pretty much dropped everything else below Just Because! (which isn’t very good either) along with Shokugeki no Soma 3. I like UQ Holder more than most people, but I don’t think it’s any more than watchable at best. Everything above it (and BBB & Beyond if you mute the volume) is fine on a technical level, but while Inuyashiki and Kino are okay (although I think there’s a big gap between the two, especially with that meh adaptation of the colosseum arc), Vanishing Line and Magus Bride have yet to introduce any sort of story that I can get myself invested in. And of course, I didn’t bother with the shorts because none of them stood out to me.

In short, not exactly the best selection of shows to watch this season, but it could have been a lot worse, and there’s a chance that some of these will get better over time. I’m sure most of you are enjoying at least one of the big shows, so let’s keep our hopes high that Fall ends 2017 on a positive note.

2 responses to “First Impressions: Fall 2017 Anime — Part 2

  1. So uh… any particular reason why you skipped Land of the Lustrous and Children of the Whales? They’re two of the more interesting shows this season.

    • Wasn’t interested in Land of the Lustrous. Nothing about the “living gem” premise intrigues me.

      Children of the Whales is on Netflix and I refuse to pirate shows unless it’s for image quality purposes, so I’m not watching it until next year.

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