Let’s Watch: Re Creators — Episode 16

You know, I’ve never actually seen a drunk person act like this.

Last time on Re: Creators, I tried my hand at the whole novelization thing and the reaction to it was…not really worth all the time I spent on it. Yeah, I’m not doing that again because it turns out that format takes way more time than I’m willing to spend on writing, and while I’ll still keep that format for the hentai because, well, it’s hentai, I think I’m better off sticking to a more serious tone with Re: Creators.

But in all seriousness, what actually happened in the last episode in case you guys forgot (it has been two weeks after all) is that the protagonist from Sho’s story joined the bad guy side, we got some development for Blitz, Magane gave everyone a massive boner with her towel scene, and Hikayu predictably became hated for not being nearly as good as Mamika. I’m a little mixed regarding her because while I wanted a dating sim character to be one of the Creations to enter the real world for a while now, I also wanted that character to be introduced right away. Because at this point, there’s no time to really develop Hikayu individually due to all the preparation needed to be made against Altair.

And let’s be honest, Re: Creators hasn’t really focused on the whole “fiction interacting with reality” thing for a while now. Well okay, the antagonists are still going through that. But on the protagonist side, it’s just been anime industry stuff. A bunch of people like seeing that, but there are more people getting bored with it each week. And I have to agree, because you guys know I don’t really care about the behind-the-scenes of…anything really.

Also like a lot of people, yes I hate Hikayu’s Creator. Regardless of whether dating sim creators are really like that in real life, did they really have to draw him indecently as well? Now some people have stated that they liked how he’s voiced by Kazuma from Konosuba and how he’s not as bland as some of the other Creators who are just there. I still think he’s pretty bland myself. He’s just embodying the worst aspects of being an otaku whilst doing so. Aside from that, while Hikayu’s reactions to people knowing about her life is kinda cute, there’s not really much more to her other than that. What attracted me to Re: Creators is how the fictional characters developed through prolonged exposure to the real world. It wasn’t just simple subversions I’d expect from a gag comedy. And Hikayu is just introduced way too late for that to go anywhere.

We still have seven episodes left to change my mind, but somehow I doubt it will. Anyways, let’s continue Let’s Watch with another different format where I just highlight a few stand-out scenes/events because I wasn’t really liking the one previous to the novelization thing.


Light Novel Heroine Has Driver’s License

Ah Celestia and her driving skills. Seeing her obtain an official license and showing it off reminds me how it was scenes like this that made me pay attention to Re: Creators in the first place. It was a lot of fun seeing the fictional characters interact with the real world and discovering how different it was from their reality, especially when it was used to develop their character. In fact, Re: Creators reminds me of The Avengers in that regard, except with more ambitious goals. Unfortunately, also like The Avengers, it’s a popular product that fails in major ways.


Yes, they play this hot springs scene mostly straight. There aren’t any accidental moments and there’s a bit of meta snuck in, but this clearly exists to show off how big Marine’s boobs are.

Well okay, I know this excursion is also supposed to give our characters one last moment of relaxation before the climax. However, given how they haven’t really been all that active recently unless you consider their preparation for the crossover intense to watch (I know it’s intense in real life, but as I’ve said many times, this is fiction), I don’t feel like this relaxation is very well-earned. And even if it was, this scene goes on all the way to the fifteen-minute mark, which is about two-thirds of the episode’s length. Okay, there’s relaxation, and then there’s just padding for time.

Animated Seiyuu

The crossover event starts, and they even hired the women who voiced Celestia and Rui to help promote it. I may not really know who these voice actresses are (well, I think Sora Amamiya did Aqua from Konosuba), but there’s something cute about real-life people getting animated versions of themselves that are helping to save the world. It’s kind of like how Hideaki Anno got an animated version of him saving anime in Shirobako only on a grander scale. Kinda wish Rui actually got to meet his voice actress though. It’s cute to see his reaction when he learns that he’s voiced by a girl, but I wanted more than that. If Re: Creators didn’t spend so much time faffing about, maybe we could have seen an episode where the Creations met their voice actors and the world just implodes at the sheer amount of WTFs to come from such an encounter.


Remember how in the first episode, Altair destroyed Celestia’s mecha, rendering her at half-power for the majority of the show? It’s back now.

Is The Setup Done Yet?

More and more people are starting to get weary of this show, and for good reason. There are just too many ideas crammed into Re: Creators to the point that a lot of the interesting parts to the show have been sidelined or poorly developed. This upcoming battle against Altair has mostly been a lot of cock-teasing with the analysis on what goes into the planning for it being shallow at best. Plus, it’s a little hard to care about the upcoming battle given how only some of the characters on both sides have ideologies to begin with, and Blitz’s thinking on life doesn’t really bounce off of Meteorra’s or Celestia’s lifestyles the way Batman has with all of his enemies. Add in all the anticlimaxes that have occurred up to this point, and I have no reason to believe this final battle will be any different. Or really even all that final since Charon and Syo have yet to meet with any of the protagonists, leaving them more underdeveloped than Hikayu.


So that was the last episode of setup, right? Please let it be. It’s a little too late for Re: Creators to be a good show at this point, but at least end it with some kind of memorable bang. As you can probably guess, while I enjoyed parts of the episode, my reaction after finishing it was a resounding “meh”. I never really thought this show was a modern masterpiece like a good chunk of the anime community did, but goddamn did it turn into one big disappointment over time. I don’t see how anyone can still support this show as anything more than “okay” given its lackluster storytelling, but I’ve been informed that people still cling to Re: Creators as a post-modern masterpiece.

All I have to say is that while you could argue that my indifference to Fate/Zero and Aldnoah Zero was just me not caring for their goals, you can’t say the same for Re: Creators because I did care a lot about what it had to say about fiction. And seeing how Ei Aoki fucked that up too, I have no choice but to label him as a poor director who just got lucky with Hourou Musuko until he pulls a Seiji Kishi and releases something good within the next five years.

Anyways, that’s the end of the Let’s Watch for now (which at this point is just episodic blogging under a different name). Like the post if you enjoy, subscribe to my blog if you want to keep up with these quickly, donate a dollar a month to my Patreon if you want to help me with hosting fees and such, and look forward to more of my content in the near future.

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