Let’s Watch: Rage of Bahamut Virgin Soul — Episode 8

Guess who’s back? Well, everyone really, but guess who’s back that “I” care about?

Last week (technically two by the time this goes up) on Virgin Soul, Azazel’s plan to assassinate the king predictably failed because Nina is only horny for Ledouche Vi America (yeah I’m going to call Chaorice that from now on) now and all his demon friends get killed as a result. That is literally the only thing that happened last week, but the show has two cours to work with, so it’s allowed to goof off in the first half…right? Because that makes sense.

I took a closer look at some of the praise people have for this show and apparently, a lot of people are saying that since the anime is two cours, Virgin Soul is allowed to take its time getting to the meat of the story. Basically, the same train of thought people are using for Re: Creators, Trigun, Steins;Gate, Re: Zero, Fate/Zero, and at least half the anime in the world. A train of thought that really needs to die because I don’t understand where the line is drawn in regards to those slow-ass shows. Like what really separates Mr. Robot Season 2 from True Detective Season 2? Well okay, there was that sitcom moment in the former, but regardless I’ve never liked that trend back in the old days when anime would get 2-4 cours to tell their stories. I like things to end quickly so I can recommend them faster, plus I don’t see why you’d make this particular Bahamut iteration two cours to begin with because the scope of the story is a lot smaller than Genesis.

Another problem with that trend though is that I prefer every episode of a show to be good. I can handle the occasional weak one, but I also require that each episode contributes something important, and most anime that go beyond a single cour tend to just lead fans on rather than give fans what they want. Hell, most one-cour anime do that as is. I don’t enjoy episodes focused solely on world-building or character-building for its own sake, and I especially hate cheap stories with cliffhangers. Unfortunately, another common praise for Virgin Soul is that people like the increased focus on world-building. In one location. That is pretty much like every other fantasy kingdom I’ve seen in my life.

I honestly don’t know whether this show suffers more if you compare it to Genesis or if you don’t. But what I do know is that so far, this show is too long and too shit. We’re just going to roll with Azazel’s stupidity even more, so let’s just get this over with. By the way, I haven’t been able to free up much time to do this with Fanime and post-work stuff, so this one will be “intentionally” shorter than usual.


  • After being treated to more unnecessarily graphic scenes of Azazel’s buddies kicking the bucket, Mugaro shows up all holy-like and does some sort of purification spell that renders the soldiers powerless. Azazel takes the opportunity to try and kill Ledouche, and we’re finally treated to a good action scene. Only took like a third of the anime for that to happen.
  • Kaiser intervenes in the scuffle, causing the two to become fed up with his bullshit beliefs and take him on 2v1. Despite the disadvantage, the dude manages to win by incapacitating the douchey demon with the “anime stomach blow that always seems to knock someone out in one punch” and using his artificial arm to disarm his majesty. He then tries to get Azazel to run away, but reinforcements come in and capture both the douchey demon and the daughter of Saint Jeanne. Oh great, I was looking forward to seeing those angels again (of course I wasn’t. I hated them in the previous show).
  • Azazel yells at Nina, who ran to the whole mess after hearing the commotion, to turn into a dragon so that she can save Mugaro, but after an entire minute spent on using her otome vision to try and get all pervy, she winds up in chains too. So I guess Nina can’t recognize the king, nor find him hot, unless he’s sporting the Barnaby look. Fair enough given how Barnaby always drew a crowd back in his show, although I find it hard to believe she can’t recognize the dude’s voice.
  • That was the entire first half of the episode by the way. Granted there was the decent action scene and you have to take the opening credits into account, but that also means we won’t have much time for anything else. *Sigh* Oh well, at least something happened this week.

  • Nina and Kaiser are put on trial for their crimes against the kingdom, and while the former has supporters and technically was only at the wrong place at the wrong time, the king decides that her date with him combined with these series of unfortunate events deserves a life imprisonment sentence as opposed to the death penalty. Nina doesn’t take that too well and calls Ledouche out for being a horrible king, reminding him that demons helped build the city they’re living in and he’s just a big bully who looks down on them. All Ledouche can do is laugh before ordering the duo away.
  • Oh fuck you angels. Get the fuck out of this show! You sucked three years ago! You suck now! You just suck big giant donkeyballs!
  • These guys got captured too huh? Well what can you do?
  • Shut up Donald!
  • God (harhar), not another “angels find humans to be beyond redemption and prefer to just smite them, Old Testament style” plot. It didn’t work when Fire Emblem did it. Why the hell would you think it’d work in this show, Bahamut writers? Or “writer”, as I’ve been told that this entire series’ writing so far has been done by just one woman named Shizuka Oishi.
  • So Azazel didn’t know who Mugaro actually was? I find that kinda hard to believe given how protective he is of her. Then again, the guy is an idiot.

  • Ledouche, shut the fuck up! Your motivations are stupid and your discrimination against the angels and demons is just fucking ridiculous at this point. Yes I hate those motherfuckers too, but I just leave them alone. Your antics are going to make me stuck with them for a while longer, and why on earth would I be happy about seeing such poorly written characters on screen for sixteen more weeks?
  • We end the episode with Nina and Kaiser being thrown into the prison with Nina having a cell near Jeanne’s whilst after the ending credits, we see that Kaiser has a cell near…

  • Wait a second, I recognize that voice? Is it? Could it be?

  • Yes it…whoa there Favaro. What the fuck happened to your hair after all these years? And how the heck did you end up in prison to begin with? Oh well, who cares. All the fans are happy you back and I guess I can smile a little at your return as well, even though I’m not sure what you’re going to contribute to this narrative.
  • The end.


This week was an improvement on the last few even before Favaro showed his face because we finally after eight fucking weeks get some solid action, plus the plot actually seems to be going somewhere with Nina and Kaiser having some more personal stakes into this whole three-way war now that they’re in prison. Having said that, it still wasn’t all that good of an episode. In addition to being a month late, there’s still too much talking, the story isn’t really all that spectacular, and fuck me I still hate the angels and demons for dragging down Genesis with their stupid war. And I hate Ledouche for his racist motivations. Just leave them be, man!

On the flipside, Nina is no longer annoying me now that her otome vision is mostly gone and she’s actually getting more involved in the plot. Plus with Favaro back combined with how he’s still as cheeky as ever, maybe Kaiser can turn into someone I can actually root for again. That’s been one of my major problems with this show next to the two-cour length and lack of action: who the fuck am I supposed to sympathize with in this anime? Yes the discrimination against the demons suck, but they’re faceless fictional entities, and their leader is annoying. Rita is nice, but she’s not involved with the main story, so I can’t sympathize with her. And while I’m sure Favaro will bring some fun back into the show, if he doesn’t get involved all that much, I won’t be able to sympathize with him either. I mean why is he in prison in the first place? Did he piss in the king’s drink or something?

Anyways, sorry for this Virgin Soul Let’s Watch mostly consisting of short summaries without much commentary. Hopefully I’ll be back up to speed with the next episode.

2 responses to “Let’s Watch: Rage of Bahamut Virgin Soul — Episode 8

  1. Yeah, I don’t agree with the “it has a lot of episodes so it has a lot of time to get to the meat of the story” mentality either. Make something important and relevant happen in the first episode.

    A friend tried to tell me that the first half of Steins;Gate was relevant because there were tiny details that I missed, but I wasn’t buying it. (I wonder if people who defend this show say the same thing)

    • Even if you think the second half totally made the first half worth it, Steins;Gate’s worship has gone way too insane at this point, especially given how every SciAdv series is compared to it. People have even told me that I should play the game even if I’ve seen the anime b/c it’s so much better (which I do own, so I’ll play it eventually).

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