Let’s Watch: Tsuki ga Kirei — Episode 7

Love hurts. Love scars.

Last time on Tsuki ga Kirei, our main couple went through a few roadblocks regarding their life goals, Chinatsu declares to be more open about her feelings to Kotaro, and we had to wait two weeks to figure out how the show was gonna go about it. Didn’t hurt me too much though, as thanks to a friend pointing me to a certain torrent site, I can now blog this show as it airs and take images without having too much trouble with the video player. Ain’t life grand?

Anyways, I’m at Fanime right now, and I got to get this done before the opening ceremonies, so let’s cut the foreplay short. It’s not like this show is popular enough to warrant it.


  • Uh…why is there suddenly a big group of characters, most of them whose names I don’t even know, going to an amusement park? Did we miss a scene? Also, Akane’s eyes are way too far from her nose in that shot.
  • Oh, there’s the scene. We’ve always got to contrive a reason for a big group to go to an amusement park in school anime, don’t we? I don’t see it as often as say, hot springs, but they tend to show up an awful lot. It’s not hard to see why either given the purpose of an amusement park, especially when a large cast of characters is involved. Still, it’s a bit of bad luck on Tsuki ga Kirei’s part that I just saw Koe no Katachi last week, so my standards for the usage of amusement parks has risen to a fair degree.
  • But then again, that’s an inherent problem with Tsuki ga Kirei in general, isn’t it? If this show had come out during the disappointing years that were 2015-16, I would have given it more praise for being a romance show with a degree of maturity that helps overcome its cutesy nature. Unfortunately, 2017 has been the year where all the big relationship films from 2016 have been getting subbed, and Scum’s Wish started the year off with a bang, so Tsuki ga Kirei is sort of a calming comedown from them. Now of course, if you prefer calm shows, then this one would still be unique. And it’s true I could use a break from the heavy dramatics that all those products I referenced contain every now and then, but that does prevent me from getting really impressed by it.
  • Man, Roman is such a carefree guy. Didn’t like him so much during the few times he’s shown up, but he’s starting to grow on me.

  • Oh, she’s making her move. Got to say, it’s a little less annoying to see this love triangle stuff now that Chinatsu has openly admitted she’s doing this on purpose. Before, it was just stupid coincidence that she kept getting more screentime with Kotaro than Akane, and that just grated after a while.
  • And of course Akane gets scared of how her roller coaster virginity is going to be taken whilst next to someone else. I’d feel sorry for her, but it’s not like she fought hard to get a seat with her man.
  • Dude, I don’t care how upset you are. That’s not a face you should make whilst going down on a roller coaster.
  • Huh, they actually show the characters and situations they experience in the opening now. Previously it was just a bunch of sakura petals and setting images.
  • Of course, Kotaro isn’t much better than Akane when it comes to showing a backbone regarding their relationship. I understand they’re trying to keep it a secret from everyone due to their youth and such, but…do I have to explain?
  • The characters go to a gift shop with some very obvious budget saving techniques before Kotaro ends up looking for Roman. This means he’s alone, which also means Chinatsu takes the opportunity to get close to him by bringing up their roller coaster picture and asking to call her by her first name (if you recall, the main couple only call each other by last name, so imagine what would happen if Kotaro agreed to that), and which also means Akane spots them and ditches the poor dude after telling them where the group is.

  • Turns out Roman overdid it with his amusement park fun, but it does give him an opportunity to reveal that he also realized Kotaro and Akane are dating and how he’s supporting them. Guy kind of reminds me of Kenya from ERASED mixed with Satoshi from Hyouka, and that’s a supportive combination if I ever saw one. Incidentally, for those of you who wanted a blu-ray release of the latter, it’s finally coming out in the Independence Day weekend. And for the record, the dub is fine, but I think most of you guys who like the main girl’s catchphrase should stick with the Japanese version.
  • Everyone shares their Line ID with each other now. I wish I was that social in reality, but unfortunately I can’t handle big groups in the net world. Real world is fine for the most part.
  • Kotaro goes to meet up with the others, only to discover that Akane is with Takumi and that the latter has a crush on the former. This causes the balls in his neck to sink near waist level before running off to find the couple.
  • Got to say, it was pretty lucky of him to find them at all without contacting them. Amusement parks are larger than anime conventions, and even with texting, it’s hard to find anyone I know at a con. Then again, I guess they would stand out when compared to all the CG extras walking around.
  • Welp, now the balls are sinking to waist level. Good for him.
  • And of course, Chinatsu followed him. Although this time, said following backfired.

  • Got to say, the music being used to create dramatic suspense once Chinatsu and Takumi realized they lost is doing a pretty good job of getting me emotionally invested. Actually, the atmosphere is getting a bit too heavy for my heart, what with Chinatsu’s tear landing on the picture of her and Kotaro together and all. Man, this is getting me pretty sa…

Emil: Everyday’s a sale. Everyday’s a win!

Me: …seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

Emil: Better buy now or you’ll cry all night

Me: Fuck off, Emil!

Emil: Sorry!

And then Emil drives over to another couple to sell apple pies to them. The couple freaks out upon seeing Emil’s skeleton face. And then the cops show up asking why Emil is even here, as he’s not legally authorized to sell his wares in the amusement park. Then the dude starts singing his song and everyone ends up dancing to it like the Cuban Pete bit in The Mask. I start dancing with them for ten minutes, realize I still have half an episode left to go, and then go back to watching the results of Kotaro’s revelation whilst continuing to play Emil’s song in my head and on Youtube.

  • Aw yeah. Is it happening? Is this the real life? Will this anime actually show some balls and…


Emil: Laleelaleelooooooo!

Me: And fuck you too Emil!

Emil: Apple pies, everyone! Get your apple pies right here!


I could have done without the kiss being interrupted, but otherwise this amusement park episode met my raised standards to a fair degree. The relationship is finally out in the open, the third wheels have been deflated, and all that’s left is wondering where the show is going to go from here. Considering we still have to deal with Kotaro’s dream of being an author and Akane’s goal of doing well in track, I think I have a clear idea of what the remaining episodes are going to contain, but the question is how they’ll go about executing it. There wasn’t much in the way distracting CG crowds this week either, so overall this was a nice twenty minutes of moody romance.

Also, I’m really glad the main content was only twenty minutes this week as well. Couldn’t really see it going any longer unless they wanted to includes the post-credits skits into the narrative, and why you’d want to do that is beyond me. It has some technical problems, but overall, Tsuki ga Kirei is a well-executed romance, and that’s really all it needs to be if it keeps up this level of quality

Now if you excuse me, I’ve got a convention to go to. I’ll see if I can get the Virgin Soul Let’s Watch up this weekend, but don’t hold your breath on that.

2 responses to “Let’s Watch: Tsuki ga Kirei — Episode 7

  1. I appreciate the way this series treats the kids like awkward kids. Why are they hiding their relationship at all? Cause they’re awkward kids. Why does Kotaro have to make these startling, strong revelations that are kind of too much? Cause they’re awkward kids. Why does Akane just go with the flow and not stand up so strongly as she should? Cause they’re awkward kids.

    It feels like a very honest show to me, which is why I’m enjoying it (that and I didn’t have any sort of expectation for the series coming in – that always helps).

    • I find the middle school setting an acceptable excuse when it comes to the characters confronting relationship issues at an immature level. I’m less forgiving of it when it’s used for coincidences that had no pre-planning involved whatsoever.

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