Let’s Watch: Re Creators — Episode 7

Everything is as planned.

Last time on Re: Creators, we got introduced to the last of the main Creations that showed up in the opening, and as expected, she’s basically the Caster of the group. Said introduction ended up being messily delivered when it started focusing less on her and more on the chaos surrounding her, and the end result became a free-for-all between most of the Creations, which might have been cool if the show’s “tell don’t show” tendencies weren’t so distracting and the environments weren’t so empty. I know a lot of people liked how the episode finally brought the action back and apparently Magane has already become a fan favorite for her crazy personality whilst Blitz Talker also got some attention. Personally, I don’t really have a problem with those aspects. Re: Creators has fun characters and a fun premise after all. But there’s no denying that the delivery can be distractingly dry, the story is slower than a Special Olympics contestant who didn’t do any training prior, and there are moments when it becomes less of a serious insight into the relationship between otaku culture and those who create it and more like a crossover fanfiction.

It also turned out that quite a few people groaned over Sota’s decision to keep quite about his involvement with the military princess. I didn’t bring it up because I wasn’t sure how knowing who she was going to help the characters at this point, but thinking back on it, yeah it was pretty dumb. If it wasn’t going to help much, it definitely wasn’t going to hurt much either, so why shouldn’t Sota say where she came from? This woman is threatening to destroy the world by manipulating the physics of reality to the point of total collapse for crying out loud. Shouldn’t that sort of knowledge take priority over people giving you shit for your amateur drawing skills?

Regardless of what I feel about that dumb narrative cliche, the point is that the show has always been a bit lacking in terms of actual story and visual ambitions, and the fact that it’s still throwing concepts at us rather than developing them into any kind of strong end goal is starting to grate on me without those two things to support it. We’ll see if Episode 7 changes things up.


  • Still not great action, but at least it’s more exciting than beam spams. Sorry, I still have the shitty cover-based shooting from the latest Virgin Soul in my mind.
  • Oh by the way, another thing I’ve been told is that people think Mamika using magical hearts with kiddy sounds to stop Trigun bullets is a bit silly. I don’t personally see it since the show has made it very clear in the past that despite her powers looking kiddy, the effects aren’t kiddy at all in the real world. Also, there’s no getting around the fact that Mamika is a magical girl from a kids’ show, so her powers will always look like that.
  • This would probably be more effective if we actually saw how horrible Alice’s world is. It’s not like Mamika where I can easily assume she came from some Precure ripoff. There are many ways to write whatever story Alice is from to the point that I’d like more visual clarification rather than just assuming it’s like Berserk or Claymore.
  • Also, I’ve heard people theorize that she’s going to be the tragic heroine who ultimately dies due to her stubbornness. Unlike Blitz, Alice and Mamika are clearly on the wrong side in regards to their goals, but while Mamika is starting to realize that the cost of fixing her world is too high (especially considering no one actually dies in her show), Alice is too caught up in the idea that the human world is all-powerful to listen. I wouldn’t expect that to happen anytime soon, but it might function as a decent narrative twist in the future. Although what happens to a fictional character when they die? Do their products still exist without them?

  • Oh my god. He’s back. I can hear the fangirls screaming from across the globe.
  • That is an extremely weak reason for why nobody is around when these anime characters are duking it out. Assuming they knew said characters would show up there (even with the magnetic waves they emanate, I don’t see how), there is no way the police could have cordoned off the area that fast.
  • Time for you to die, old man.
  • Persona! By the way, some people have questioned whether Yuya is more of a Jojo parody or a Persona parody. I think it’s a mix of both given how he’s clearly a shonen character, but his other self functions more like how a Persona would work than a Stand. It doesn’t sparkle or do any poses after all.
  • We see a few scenes of Yuya taking on Blitz, Alice, AND Mamika at once thanks to being able to control his other self whilst fighting with his own body at the same time, and they learn first hand that he is incredibly strong to the point that Mamika’s magic stick nearly breaks.
  • Yeah, like a low-budget Sion Sono product.

  • Celesia and Meteora try to take Magane in, but they soon realize that stopping the free-for-all takes priority and things turn into more of a clusterfuck.
  • Fortunately, Rui decides to enter the fray himself, and apparently none of the characters want to to go against a mech, so they all retreat. Yeah, even by the standards of most mecha shows, Rui’s robot looks really beefy.
  • So Yuya has temporarily joined with the protagonists in order to fight Blitz again, and as Meteora points out, the military can’t handle him, so taking him into custody would be useless. Thankfully, the dude gets on really well with the other boy of the group and loves human entertainment in general, so keeping him happy isn’t too hard.
  • We also get a proper introduction regarding who Magane is, and yes she is the villain of her novel. Her powers are also revealed to us, and while I knew this from reading Wikipedia, she basically has the power to turn lies into truth if the person gets caught up in her mind games and says her words are lies. So this is a villain you could defeat if you were mute or had duct tape over your mouth, although I’m sure she’d just bite you with her shark teeth as a last resort.
  • I’ve got to say, I like this theory Yuya throws at us that while the Creations’ personalities are limited by their character descriptions to a degree, the plot hid some of said descriptions from said audience until the time was right, and it can’t do that in the real world, hence why the characters are starting to develop self-awareness whilst still retaining their core behaviors. That’s a nice touch.

  • More dialogue, and since we’re nearing the end and I have things to do this weekend, I’ll keep it brief. Mamika tries to make Sota open up regarding Altair’s identity after realizing that in order to stay true to her magical girl origins, she can’t continue siding with the crazy bitch who’s clearly lying to them regarding her plans for the multiple worlds. Sota is still reluctant to reveal his relationship with her, but eventually submits, while elsewhere, all the other characters discover that Altair came from a NicoNicoVideo ripoff.
  • Apparently, the reason why nobody heard of her until now is because none of the creators work in the doujinshi circles, which is a completely separate entity from their professions (understandable since I don’t go to those sites myself), but you can make a name for yourself there. And according to Sota, there’s a good reason she hates the world, although we won’t know until later because…
  • Cliffhanger shot!
  • The end.


There we go. Finally. What took so long for this episode to occur? Because this episode showed that it’s possible to integrate the forward progression into Altair’s past in-between all the world-building, and more importantly, we finally get some semblance of a narrative to tie everything together beyond crazy lady wants to destroy the world like an anime version of an Iron Man villain. While it was very obvious that Altair’s motivation for destroying the world was tied to her creators, and more specifically Setsuna’s suicide, the lack of clarification long after we discovered that was starting to grate a bit. I’m all for fight scenes between characters from different genres and explaining the logistics of that, but not in the Tetsuya Nomura vein of coming up with the setpieces first and building the plot around them.

Visuals were a bit lamer than usual, but the dialogue was back to being interesting this time, and the character interactions are just a lot of fun now that they don’t have to carry the audience on their own. Really glad to see that Yuya is back, and it’s also nice to see Mamika become a more interesting character. I know opinions have been split on her due to her naivety, but as the show has stated, the characters’ personalities are hindered by their descriptions, which are basically an amalgamation of what’s popular from their genre. They’re more loose in the real world, but I don’t exactly see Rui becoming Blitz when he’s older unless the show he’s from leans in that direction.

Speaking of which, one last “controversy” I heard regarding this show is that since the characters are amalgamations of the stereotypes of their genre (Celesia being the tsundere typical of light novels, Rui being Jesus Yamato for the new generation, etc.), it’s really easy to predict their actions, limiting the amount of plot twists you can actually pull with this show. I don’t think that’s a big problem. Complexity is nice, but it can be executed very badly when the situation doesn’t call for it. And personally, I don’t see Re: Creators needing for the characters to go beyond their stereotypes unless it was aiming for true greatness with its deconstruction of anime tropes. But I think you’d need a more talented writer for that.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to the next episode, and I hope you are too. Although keep in mind, I’ll be at Fanimecon next week, so I might be too busy to get these Let’s Watches out at my usual time.

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