Let’s Watch: Rage of Bahamut Virgin Soul — Episode 7

Bullshit planning at its finest.

Last time on Virgin Soul, we basically watched twenty two minutes of Nina acting like an idiot. There might have been other things happening in that episode, but they didn’t add to anything substantial, so if you want to see the full details, just read my previous post. Fortunately for this show, it seems that the general fanbase still find Nina’s antics cute, as the general reaction to Episode 6 was pretty positive. I’m not sure what people like in their anime sequels, but while I agree that Virgin Soul is preferable to Psycho-Pass 2 and Crimson Moon, I do know that nothing that’s happened so far has been an improvement on the first installment. Some of that may be inherent to Virgin Soul taking place in one area, but I mostly chalk it up to the creators trying to tell a smaller scale story that’ll hit the human emotions harder with its narrower focus, and not quite getting it right.

Seriously though, there better be some story happening this week. And hopefully Nina gets boiled in a vat of acid so we don’t have to see her anymore. In addition to Vash, she’s also reminding me a lot of Ange from Umineko, and remember how that idiot brought the entire show down with that last arc? Hell, at least Vash got to shoot something throughout the majority of Trigun. I don’t think Nina has thrown one punch against a bad guy since the very beginning.

Well, let’s get started.


  • Kaiser warns the king about the upcoming attack on him in today’s parade, but it is completely obvious that said king does not give a fuck, as he is too pretty and too prepared to care much about his own life as long as he gets to drag ten thousand demons with him. And Azazel is at the top of that corpse pile with a massive sword plunged into his head. Hey, we have something in common, king-y.
  • I’m just going to stand on a building like a fucking badass while the wind blows in my face. Because I’m just that cool.
  • Whilst watching the scene with Rita and Nina selling some food at their booth, I couldn’t help but check the time on my video file and it told me I was six minutes in. Virgin Soul? You do realize you only have sixteen minutes left for Azazel to make good on his plan, right? I know said plan is a little poorly conceived, but you also still have to deal with the fallout from said plan when it inevitably fails, and I’ll be pissed if you put that off for next week. Also, it will fail because you didn’t give Nina explicit instructions on what to do.
  • Taking all bets on whether this scene actually goes anywhere. Right now it’s 8:1 odds in being a stalling tactic.

  • Oh that kid you were hunting? No, it’s not the mute kid dressed in girly clothes behind me, lady. Hey why don’t you go hunt that Jack Skellington cart that massacred a sizable chunk of the festival crowd yesterday, and yet for some reason, no one noticed?
  • Sums up this show in general.
  • The next few scenes are just the characters wandering around whilst preparing for the attack to occur. Not really much to say about them except I’m not expecting much when Azazel himself didn’t bother to make it clear to Nina why she should bother accepting his invitations in the first place.
  • What the fuck? Uh, awkward CG armies from Berserk? What are you doing here? Go back to your own show!
  • Oh god, people are going to be making fun of that hat, aren’t they?

  • And when I see him, I’m going to get real horny and wreck shit up regardless of that douchebag Azazel ordering me around. Hooray!
  • Of course, Azazel unintentionally sabotages his own plan by flying Nina away and realizing that his hugs don’t seem to work on her anymore now that she’s in love with King Doucheglasses. You see why I say this plan is stupid? Even if Azazel couldn’t have predicted that her horniness would go away once she’s found someone she truly liked, he should have kept more tabs on her given how much his plan depends on the red dragon. And no, I’m not going to stop banging on how bad his plan was, because from the very beginning, the chances of it actually succeeding were the equivalent of winning the fucking lottery. I haven’t seen something this badly thought out since that godawful pendulum body logic in the final case of Ace Attorney: Trial and Tribulations.
  • Also, please explain to me why we needed a scene of Azazel blushing over Mugaro’s girly clothes. It’s not important to the narrative and it’s not funny, so what’s the point?
  • Ledouche Vi America commands you to find the traitorous scum at once!
  • Those demons were not hiding very well, were they? Yes, wear big hoods that totally stand out in the crowd. That’s a good idea.

  • We get an action scene where the characters are basically just doing cover-based shooting, and it’s about as exciting to watch as playing an actual cover-based shooter. In other words, it’s boring as hell when that’s all you have.
  • No, cutting down demons who clearly can’t fight up close isn’t what I meant when I wanted more either.
  • Azazel shows up to save the demons about a minute late whilst pulling off one of the douchiest faces I’ve ever seen him do. The end credits roll up, but it’s only the twenty-one minute mark, so I know there’s more after.
  • By the way, I’m sure some of you have noticed whilst reading this week’s Let Watch that I don’t really describe much of what actually happened in this. That’s because not much did happen in this. The only thing that was accomplished in the first half of the episode was buildup for a plan I knew was going to fail, and the second half was the plan failing spectacularly and a bunch of demons I don’t care about getting killed for it. Not much screen time is given to Kaiser and the others, and when it does happen, they’re just clarifying things or acting like an idiot. I don’t like Azazel or the king. They’re boring idiots with stereotypical motivations for why they’re racist towards each other.

  • God, they’re really hammering in how bad demonism is, aren’t they? It’s fucking pathetic at this point. At least Parasyte tried to mix things up with new concepts and characters that ended up either not really going anywhere or weren’t nearly as fresh as it required to analyze the relationship between man and Parasite. Virgin Soul isn’t even putting in the effort to hide the fact that it’s milking the wrong side of the two-cour length.
  • Understatement of the fucking season!
  • Azazel tries to sacrifice himself in order to save his friends, but that doesn’t work out so well and he ends up being the only survivor. You done fucked up son.
  • End with this ironic title.


Fuck me this show is dull. Nina overcoming her blushing habits thanks to falling in love with the king does make her less annoying I guess, but the fact that said joke is cured is what screws up Azazel’s plan to the point that all his demon friends are massacred is just a stupid turn to an already stupid plan. How the hell did this guy think Nina’s dragon transformation was going to help to begin with? You don’t think after two encounters, the king would have come up with some countermeasures to deal with it? I know the guy is desperate, but he’s just an idiot when you get down to it. There were so many things that were wrong with his plan that I probably would have been more mad if it did succeed.

Really though, what hurts this show is the pacing and the overall lack of imagination put into this anti-racism plot. It shouldn’t take twenty two minutes for Azazel to start his plan, only to have it crushed by his poor planning skills, and even if it somehow did, the only thing that was accomplished were his nameless demon companions getting massacred. None of the other characters from Kaiser to Nina to even the king himself when you get down to it were all that involved, and I don’t know these demons, so why should I care? Yes it sucks that they’re all persecuted, but we’ve seen this persecution so many times by now that it’s just bordering on exploitative.

And we’re not even at the 1/3 mark of this show yet. I’ve got seventeen more episodes to see if this show goes anywhere interesting or continues to sink into mediocrity. Most anime don’t recover after a poor start, so I don’t have much hopes for the former.

2 responses to “Let’s Watch: Rage of Bahamut Virgin Soul — Episode 7

  1. …Wait, Virgin Soul is more than 12 episodes long? I can’t imagine what they will cover in that length at the moment, honestly

    Azazel was desperate but seriously, his plan was so dumb I would’ve been surprised if it had succeeded but the start of the episode showed it failing so…yeah.

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