Let’s Watch — Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul Episode 5

Or to be more accurate, let’s try to find the plot.

Alright, time to start this thing. When we last left off, we learned the truth regarding Nina’s dragon powers and Azazel seemed to get the idea that a dragon could prove very helpful in inciting a demonic revolution after his previous attempt to take down King Cicero failed. We also learned that Mugaro is the child of Saint Jeanne, who is now in prison. So with all these plot elements getting set up, the big question I have is what the show is going to be doing with it. Hopefully this fifth episode gives us some idea of Virgin Soul’s overall direction.

Oh by the way, some of you are probably wondering why this went up before the Tsuki ga Kirei Let’s Watch. Well unless you’ve been too busy with real life for the last few days, you probably know that Nyaa shut down a few days ago, leaving me without a way to download anime files unless someone can give me any recommendations – and yes I know about Horriblesubs, but I refuse to visit that site for personal reasons. Due to monetary issues, I can only subscribe to one anime-streaming platform at a time. And since most of the shows I want to watch are on Anime Strike, plus I could watch Crunchy shows without a premium membership a week later anyways, I had to switch to paying five bucks a month to Amazon (technically a lot more, but I’ve had Prime for almost a decade now, so I don’t care) over seven bucks a month to a site that, let’s be honest, isn’t exactly clean itself.

As such, unless I get like 7-10 patrons to give me a dollar a month (insert obligatory Patreon link here), expect me to be a week behind on blogging that cult romance show. Some friends have recommended streaming sites like 9anime, but unless it’s for watching hentai (which is incredibly hard to download), I really hate using illegal streams. They are slow as shit, the quality is usually pretty poor, and taking good pictures of those streams is all but impossible. Hell, doing this Let’s Watch with Anime Strike alone is tough enough. While I generally watch shows on the official platforms if I have access to it, I always download the files so I can take pictures and speed through scenes in order to write coherent thoughts on something with ease. That’s a little harder to do with an official video player, but I’ll do the best I can for Virgin Soul.

So we clear on my current anime watching situation? Good. Now let’s get this started.


  • Oh. Ohhhhhhhhh! Goddammit Bahamut, how was I supposed to know Mugaro was a girl just by looking at her? Yes she looks like a feminine boy, but so do all Japanese males these days!
  • Actually, in addition to Fire Emblem, this is also starting to remind me of the Celestial Dragons from One Piece. If you’ve never seen One Piece or that arc, basically a bunch of rich bastards enslave really strong criminals with collars that will explode if tampered with (although in this show’s case, the collars just cause really intense pain and apparently can’t be removed easily). Also, said rich bastards are fucking assholes.
  • Aw yeah! We’re finally going to get some sweet action in this show. Good. I’ve been wanting to see how Nina actually fought when she’s in human form…

  • …oh c’mon Mugaro! Admittedly it puts a smile on my face to see these persecuted demons realize they don’t got to take shit now, but you could have at least given us a little ass-kicking in the process.
  • So Mugaro apparently has the power to remove the collars to enslave demons, although she can’t use it freely because it’d draw too much attention, right down to this white-haired woman zooming towards the scene out of nowhere. I don’t know or remember if she was from the first season, so if anyone wants to clarify that, feel free to do so.
  • I will take this steak…and EAT IT!
  • Guess Cicero wants to prioritize killing Azazel over capturing Mugaro. Honestly, I don’t blame him. I mean let’s be honest, assuming Azazel’s plan succeeds, do you really think he’d just let the humans go after the demons win their freedom? No fucking way, man. If he’s not going to join in on the “eye for an eye” mentality himself, he sure as hell isn’t going to do anything to prevent it. We’re talking about a dude who wouldn’t mind making love to a young girl just to have her run rampant on the humans, y’know?
  • We cut to a scene of some Orleans Knight we’ve never seen before talking about how he joined because of his idol Saint Jeanne…and then the scene ends. Well okay, it does end with the characters wondering how far Kaiser has wandered since participating in the war ten years ago, but that’s something we’ve already implied from the last few episodes, so this conversation is pretty much pointless.
  • We then cut to a scene where Kaiser is having lunch with Rita and…

  • …oh my god.

Kaiser: Rita, I just can’t keep this feelings to myself any longer.

Rita: Uh, what?

Kaiser: The truth is, after all this time, I’m still in love with Favaro.

Rita: Oh I see…wait, what?

Kaiser: Ever since he left, it’s like there’s a hole in my heart that just can’t be filled no matter how many gay brothels I go to. I even tried going straight a few times, but it just wasn’t the same.

Rita: Uh Kaiser, you do realize I’m not a yaoi fangirl like Nina, right?

Kaiser: And if I’m being honest, I could really use him in my life right now because I just don’t know if I’m doing my job properly anymore. I’m serving a douchebag king, the Orleans Knights are being seen more as criminals, and I haven’t had any fulfilling sex in almost half a decade now.

Rita: Don’t care.

Kaiser: Plus even when the sex isn’t fulfilling, it was nothing compared to my time with Favaro. You see…

Rita: Don’t care!

Kaiser: Back when he had that tail, he would use it to get near my asshole when I wasn’t looking, create an opening for his sword to through, and then it turned out his tail was also a…

Rita: Falco PAWNCH!

Me: Bwahaha! Yes Rita! I know I don’t usually condone physical violence in anime, but this idiot deserved it.

  • I think one of the other reasons I like Rita so much is because we have so much in common to the point that I could see us being friends if she really existed. If not, we’d at least have the same reaction face to whenever one of these characters talks in circles, bores our brains out, and just ends up an all-around disappointment.
  • So these guys know each other. Apparently the woman’s name is Sofiel (I’ve since been told that she was an angel that showed up in the first season, but I had forgotten her because quite frankly none of the angels or demons were all that memorable, including Azazel), but aside from that tiny bit of information, nothing really comes from this conversation.
  • Nina comes back after Sofiel leaves and basically talks to this fallen God and his duck about Mugaro’s powers. Nothing comes of it, so next scene.
  • We then get a scene of the king and Kaiser talking about Kaiser’s continued hesitance along with the king’s origin regarding why he’s such a dick and how he plans to surpass the angels and demons given how they’re also dicks, and then…

  • Seriously, how much talking is in this show, anyways?! Yeah I’m enjoying Re: Creators so far, and that’s been almost nothing but dialogue, but the difference between that and this is that Re: Creators’ dialogue goes into the philosophy between fictional beings and real life, along how they’re perceived by reality in unique ways. Bahamut’s dialogue is just the characters confirming things we already know, adding in unnecessary details that skirt towards Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy at times, or trying to make jokes that can be amusing, but aren’t funny enough to carry an episode.
  • I know Kaiser is conflicted. I know that Nina is a carefree idiot. I know that the king is a bastard. I know that racism is bad. Why did you make me sit through long conversations of them confronting those facts for twenty-two minutes? Need I remind you Virgin Soul that you’re supposed to be a fantasy epic? Then where’s the epic fantasy? All I see is a little bit of setup that we have no idea when or if it’s going to payoff and a lot of talking in circles just to get a decent length out of the thing.
  • It’s one thing to not have action, but what on earth is carrying this demon racism plot forward? It’s like watching ACCA all over again except with better characters and execution, but still lacking in a story that actually uses it.
  • We get a scene where the former god and his duck try to get a good look at Mugaro in order to determine if she’s Jeanne’s half-demon child, Nina accuses them of sexual harassment, I roll my eyes, and refuse to link any images to that scene.
  • The end.


Done with the episode and quite honestly, it was pretty boring for the most part. Very little actually happened, it was 99% dialogue the entire way through, and not a single thing said was the least bit interesting. I swear they’ve repeated the same conversations like five times by now to the point that it feels less like characterization and more like a holding pattern ala Dragon Age 2. The only new information we did get that’s actually important to the plot is that Mugaro can remove collars, although how and why she has that power is a bit unclear and too little time is spent on that subject to be all that engaging. And given the pattern that Virgin Soul has been going through so far, of course this episode felt like the first half of an hour-long one that got chopped in order to air on broadcast TV, what with the anticlimactic nature of the ending and everything.

Hopefully next week’s “second half” provides something more substantial to work with.

3 responses to “Let’s Watch — Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul Episode 5

  1. I like metal, but I don’t like this show’s OP. It’s more metalcore anyway, and it sounds like they’re trying too hard.

    Also that snare drum is really annoying

  2. You’re enjoying the dialogue in Re:creators? I think it’s the shows biggest flaw, tedious and far too expositional. They should show more and talk less.

    • I’ve given up on Ei Aoki ever doing “show don’t tell” personally. He just plain sucks at it.

      Also, please read the second-to-last paragraph of my Let’s Watch Re: Creators Episode 5.

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