Akiba’s Trip Review — Well That Existed

Warning: this is going to be a really short review.

  • Akiba’s Trip is an adaptation of the cult video game series centered on an otaku male and his harem of hot babes defeating zombies that hide in the midst of Akihabara’s population by stripping their clothes and exposing their skin to sunlight. I reviewed the second game a few months ago and found the gameplay, voice-acting, and overall story to be mediocre, with Gonzo’s anime adaptation not faring much better.
  • The animation is incredibly flat and the fight scenes are unimaginative, but it does spring to life on occasion whenever it goes out of its way to actively parody some aspect of anime culture like the Yu-Gi-Oh episode. And I will admit that the parodies are kind of amusing, even if they’re completely unfunny to anyone who’s never had any contact with the sources being parodied.
  • Characters are the same stereotypes as the previous games. The outsider main girl. The busty foreigner. The normal otaku dude. And the little sister. All that differentiates them from their standard tropes is that they can fight. And not all that well, I should add.

Wow, you put even less effort into this post than our creators did with our show, didn’t you Mr. Flaw?

  • The reason this review is so short is because by the time I got to writing about this show, I have already lost all memory of the story and what actually happened in it. I remember it not being too terrible, but at the end of the day, an anime can’t be good if you don’t think about it after it’s over. That’s why Ghost in the Shell: Arise was a huge failure, y’know?
  • Akiba’s Trip was a thing, and that’s all one can really say about it.

Minor Quips

  • Still recovering from Sakuracon.
  • I heard the new game removes the stripping mechanic. Isn’t that like a Dead or Alive game without the hot girls in it?

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