Masamune-kun no Revenge Review — Shallow People Need Love Too

But not these shallow people.

  • I’m usually bad at predicting what’s going to be a hit with anime fans (hi there Tanya: The Saga of Evil), but I had Masamune-kun no Revenge picked out as a seasonal hit the moment I read the summary and saw the look. The promos looked fine art-wise, the premise appeals to a vast majority of today’s fanbase, and we just can’t get enough tsunderes in our cartoons, can we? Which is funny, because pretty much every anime fan I know thought the premiere was sexist and mean-spirited to the point that they didn’t push through, so to all you guys who fall under that category, believe me when I say you were right to do so. Because this show was pretty crap.
  • Masamune’s Revenge is about a former fat kid named Masamune who slimmed down into a Kirito-lookalike upon being rejected by his childhood crush, and is now determined to spend his highschool days humiliating the bitch, who has grown into a lame man-hater that hangs out with girls who think her shallow characteristics are something to aspire to.
  • Anyone with even an inkling of knowledge about the romantic comedy genre will know that it’s going to end with them falling for each other, so I don’t see why I feel the need to put any effort into hiding┬áthat fact. And of course, there are going to be other girls thrown into the mix who can be summed up as trap, there, and “doesn’t wear panties”. Would you like your otaku-bait with sugar, sir? Or salt?

Hahaha the trap wears a girl’s swimsuit hahaha

  • What annoys me whenever anime (and other mediums) try to do the whole “former fat kid” premise is that it’s actually a pretty decent vehicle for all sorts of interesting storytelling. While I’m not sure how many people actually experience it in real life, I know that shedding your old life behind for something new comes with a lot of insecurities, compromises, psychological issues, and such that could easily have enriched what Masamune-kun is going for.
  • Even the idea of him getting revenge on an old crush for an instance that was really just a simple misunderstanding isn’t inherently bad (oh yeah, spoiler alert. It was just a misunderstanding that caused Masamune to be rejected, as it turns out his old crush actually loves fat people). Yeah I know a lot of people called the premise sexist, but a lot of these romance things are going to be inherently sexist and contain wish-fulfillment. As long as you actually confront the faults, you could probably get something good out of it.
  • But of course, we all know that’s not going to happen. Anime like Masamune-kun prefer to look at when Kare Kano pulled this shit and decide to recreate it with increasingly diminishing returns. There’s not really much I can say about the plot of this show, because there isn’t really one. It’s just a bunch of comedic interactions (that I obviously didn’t laugh at once) of Masamune trying to seduce Aki (the main female) whilst dealing with all the other girls that enter his life because to his credit, him being attractive to the opposite sex is a bit of a plot point.

Guess which one of these characters are actually guys. No seriously, guess.

  • The finale itself was particularly insulting in that regard. It just ends with the characters doing karaoke, postponing a resolution to all the conflicts that came before, and setting up a sequel so big and hard that the private parts drawn in Warashibe hentai look like mosquitoes by comparison. We don’t get any confirmation on what the misunderstanding between these two former friends actually was, we don’t know who this new fat kid is that got thrown in at the last minute because that’s how conflict works in bad anime land, and Masamune still wants to put his plan into motion even after everything he and Aki have been through (even though we know he never will). It’s like the creators knew there was going to be more of this show in the future and thus didn’t even bother to try making the first season self-contained.
  • There are some attempts at serious drama here and there, but it falls flat on its face because the reasons for it are completely arbitrary. And whenever it isn’t, specifically when we get into Masamune’s self-esteem issues, it always gets treated in some lame light-hearted matter that takes all the teeth out of it. Like Masamune training in the mountains, only to catch a cold upon returning. A cold that’s about as effective as a seizure in terms of immobilizing people apparently, because while I know it makes you feel like shit, you shouldn’t be that hard of walking as long as you take Tylenol.
  • Maybe some of this could be forgiven if all the characters weren’t completely unlikable. Masamune-kun seems to think that their selfish traits are what makes them endearing, when all it is is a bad joke with no punchline at the end. And it also seems to think that there’s something cute about Aki having a bit of a food fetish, when all it does is turn her into one of those lame baka uguu kawaii girls that no one in real life would put up with but anti-socials and aliens.

When this kiss finally happens, it’s a lot lamer than it should have been

  • About the only positive thing Masamune-kun has to it is that the visual direction is alright. That’s not really much of a plus when you don’t have anything to use those visuals for, but at least it puts enough soul into it that you could theoretically turn off the subtitles, mute the volume, and appreciate what you’re looking at at certain points. And what happens on screen isn’t that mediocre-ly inoffensive, but do I even have to clarify how low that bar is by this point?
  • At the end of the day, Masamune-kun is just another inexplicably popular romantic comedy anime that wastes the more interesting aspects of its premise on something that is not romantic and definitely not comedic. Maybe it’ll encourage otaku to get into shape more, but I think if you need this anime to convince you to do that, then there’s something seriously wrong with your life that would have made for a much more interesting show compared to this.

Minor Quips

  • Why exactly is people discovering that you used to be fat such a big deal anyways? People change all the time.
  • What is it with Japan and guys secretly being girls anyways?

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