Anime Roundup — February 2017

So have any of Winter’s crop improved over the last month? Well…

And just to make it more fun, let’s look at these anime from worst to best.

10. Fuuka

Just about the only thing that’s appealing about this show is how it’s making manga fans angry by changing the source material to favor Koyuki, even if it’s obvious that her relationship with Yu isn’t going to last. As amusing as that can be, that doesn’t reflect on the quality of the show itself, and Fuuka is just so dull. Every single conflict in this show is phoned in, the solutions to them are super convenient, and that’s if conflict even bothers to show up in the first place since the characters are so naturally talented that important people are scouting them despite their lack of experience and the fact that we never actually see them practice. Can that fabled truck just show up already?

9. Seiren

You know, I’m not for the objectification of women, but the only thing that can possibly save this show at this point is if it went all the way and showed actual sex/nudity on these girls. At least if it went full-on Yosuga no Sora, we could entertain someone in the audience. Because these stupid cockteases and complete dearth of conflict/drama on the individual routes that make up this show isn’t doing it for me one bit.

8. Hand Shakers

As long as you admit that you think the animation is hilariously bad, I can see why people have been “enjoying” Hand Shakers. Because literally nothing happens in this show but card games and weird fetishes masquerading as plot. I have absolutely no idea why we need this much school stuff or what the destination for this show even entails, but I guess that’s GoHands for you.

7. Rewrite S2

Guys, how is this new Rewrite a good adaptation of the source material? It may stick closer to the original visual novel than the first season did, but that doesn’t automatically make it good when said visual novel is a video game and this is an anime. All the revelations regarding Kotarou’s past as a soldier and how he met the main girls when they were not-so-cute lolis falls flat because it’s just going through the motions without actually doing anything interesting with this knowledge besides “oh I see”. And don’t even get me started on the killing of those children in order to get an emotional reaction. If Rewrite’s plot was so incompatible with the TV format to begin with, you should have rewrote it (harhar) from the ground up.

6. Chaos;Child

You know what really surprises me about Chaos;Child? How by-the-numbers it is. Despite the animation being technically proficient, there’s absolutely no passion or urgency to anything going on. I totally forget an episode as soon as I finish watching it, and this is a show where the male best friend kills one of the girls because of his love(?) for another girl that died in a desperate attempt to get the viewer to pay attention (and failing at that). I mean what’s the plot of this show again beyond these characters trying to solve a mystery related to Chaos;Head? Does anyone remember?

5. Akiba’s Trip: The Animation

Remember when I said last month that Akiba’s Trip might as well highlight video games? Well the very next episode after I said that brought Street Fighter to the mix. And it still wasn’t very good, so you can imagine how I felt about the rest of the month’s output.

4. Masamune-kun no Revenge

Admittedly this isn’t the worst light novel adaptation I’ve ever seen (edit: as it’s been made clear to me, this is actually a manga adaptation. I’m not really sure how I got that wrong either), but it’s still a pretty bad show with sexist views and a poor application regarding its premise of a former fat kid and his past. So of course, it’s one of the biggest global hits in the anime community this season (not that I’m helping).

3. Onihei

Pretty much the definition of a watchable anime. Technically good visuals. Serviceable characters. Servicable action. Serviceable episodic stories. Nothing bad, but nothing I’m going to remember a few weeks after it ends. Maybe if you’re a fan of Heizo Hasegawa, you’d like this show. But as someone who’s familiar with Sherlock Holmes and thought that BBC Sherlock show was only okay, I can’t promise this show will work for you even then.

2. ACCA: The 13th District

Where the fuck is the story?! Nothing has happened but revelations without direction! No ACCA, I do not care that Jean is actually royalty, along with being the first in line for the throne (I mean why else would he have been the main character?). That wasn’t worth sitting through seven episodes of buildup and character banter for, nor does it mean anything because the conflict hasn’t actually started yet, Nino’s relationship with Jean is pretty much nothing but BL fodder, and I have no idea what the royals in this world actually do. Also, when it’s not focused on revealing more about the characters, the conversations are dull. Nothing but office banter whose sole purpose is to world-build or foreshadow, which gets even more ridiculous when they’re just repeating the same thing we’ve already known about the ACCA government since Episode 1. We’re more than halfway through this show already! How can we not know what the actual conflict is?

1. Scum’s Wish

Strong characterization. Great visual style. Intriguing story regarding the dark side of relationships that you don’t really see in anime romance – or even fictional romance in general. I had my doubts at first, but Scum’s Wish is shaping up to be the romance anime I’ve wanted to see for a long time now. The visual metaphors alone are a sublime reminder of why I watch anime as a medium, and while I know it’s not perfect (the lame humor, the excessive amount of characters, the narration over the imagery), I really like what this anime is doing in regards to both the romance genre and teaching the audience about the dark side of relationships. If Scum’s Wish can keep the pace up for one more month, it’ll easily be a strong candidate for anime of the year.

Minor Quips

  • People may argue that last Fall had a wide selection of well-made shows, but with the exception of Drifters and maybe Gundam IBO, I think most of them fell under the “gayyyyyyyyy” genre.
  • The Spring 2017 season preview will be delayed by a week due to other priorities in my life.

6 responses to “Anime Roundup — February 2017

    • I coulda swore it was a light novel first and the manga came after. Not really sure how I got that wrong.

      Of course, Fuuka is a manga adaptation, but that’s a whole other can of worms entirely.

  1. As a avid follower of the FGC (fighting game community), I really enjoyed the Street Fighter episode because of all the cool homages and references to the professional players and what not. I wanna ask as from a perspective of a general audience, did you recognize any street fighter references in that episode?

  2. ACCA’s an alright show to me but I am wondering whether the coup will still happen or not because the potential suspects who could have caused it don’t seem like they will and obviously Jean won’t make any attempts to take the throne. The deal with Princess Schnee confused me a bit. So she apparently studied Political Science and revolutionaries listened to her, making her a threat to the country’s peace…how? It didn’t seem like she wanted violent change or anything. Maybe her getting killed by some political enemy would’ve triggered a civil war. I don’t know.

    • The ACCA government’s overall purpose is very confusing to me. I read the characters’ dialogue regarding how it protects them, but we never actually see any of the actions and have to take their word for it. That’s not inherently a bad thing if you look at something like 12 Angry Men, but I don’t recall them ever saying going into detail about what ACCA actually does. It provides stability and such, but I don’t think it ever mentions anything specific like the job market and all that.

      As for the coup…I honestly have no idea if it will happen or if any of the people behind it will be all that interesting since most of the named characters don’t seem to be into it. We’ll see when March ends I guess.

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