Anime Roundup — Week 11 of Fall 2016

This season is almost over! Yay!

9. Occultic;Nine

So many revelations in the penultimate episode and none of them were the least bit exciting because I still don’t care about what happens to these characters and the conflict is lacking in imagination to begin with. A secret organization backed by all this science mumbo jumbo wants to uh…do some twisted science mumbo jumbo stuff to (edit: take over) the world? Sorry, this plot is about as impenetrable as the Great Wall of China, but when you go broader, it’s pretty much just every stupid 5pb conspiracy plot ever with no real surprises. And it’s still delivered with horrible humor, horrible jokes, and horrible directing.

8. Bloodivores

7. Izetta the Last Witch

Oh my god this show was dull. Dull dull dull dull dull. Aside from the witch in WWII idea, Izetta never had any originality to its narrative. And those new ideas itself were stripped of originality when the entire conflict devolved into witch battles that were backed by the power of yuri, which is nowhere near as exciting as it sounds. Poorly animated. Characters are about as engaging as dead fish. This entire show was like a new studio tried to get a leg up on the world by adapting somebody’s fanfiction.

6. Drifters

5. Bungo Stray Dogs

It occurred to me that I don’t even remember what the hell the conflict even was in this show at this point in time. All I know is that I think I’d find more engaging conflicts in Shonen Jump manga than I would in Bungo Stray Dogs.

4. Days

Why am I not surprised this show already had a second season in the works and just to chose to end its first one right before another match? Sports shows man. Sports shows.

3. Yuri!! on Ice

I wonder how many people cried foul when JJ couldn’t even get a score in the 90s with his performance? Poor dude got so screwed.

2. Sound! Euphonium 2

I didn’t blog the latest Euphonium and honestly, I don’t think I’m going to do so for the remainder of its runtime, because I just can’t find anything to say about it anymore. It’s still a good anime, but it’s pretty much expended all of its unique ideas and there’s not really much of a narrative at this point besides these girls gaining the resolve to win the Nationals like every other sports anime ever. The characterization is still rock solid. I liked seeing Reina overcome her crush on Taki, as well as promising his dead wife that they’ll get the gold as a resolution to that arc. I like how these characters show that they’ve learned from the past in order to work towards the future. And yeah, the animation is still awesome and does a great job of conveying mood. Too bad the story accompanying the characterization is only functional at best.

1. March Comes Like a Lion

Okay fine, March. I’ll stick with you for a little while longer. I still think your comedy is shit, but thankfully it only showed up very briefly this week. I still think you’re lacking direction, but at least this show’s self-contained drama was good for what it was, and Rei understood that he can’t take pity on his opponents because he can’t afford to lose either. It reminded me of the harsh compromises that characterized Euphonium back when it was fresh. I still don’t think you’re all that good a show overall, but you still have more than half the series to convince me that you’re halfway decent. Just please do something important next week.

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