Anime Roundup — Week 10 of Fall 2016

Have something planned for Tuesday, aka the start of that Twelve Days thing, so I’m pushing this out first.

10. Occultic;Nine

I’ll never understand what it is about Occultic;Nine that people find so interesting. If I was into occult stuff, I would be madder at this show than I already am for fucking it up so badly. Every single camera angle this week was either dutch, upside-down, or both, causing me to get a headache from just looking at the show. And with every revelation they do, they just pile on more mysteries whilst failing to develop the characters or make me care about what’s going on in general. Seriously, what’s the story of this show? You can not say it’s a tribute, because as far as I’m concerned, any tribute that doesn’t criticize what it’s tributing is worthless.

9. Bloodivores

8. Izetta: The Last Witch

Yeah this show is just going through the motions now. A stone that allows Izetta to use magic anywhere at the cost of her life? The whole thing just being a setup for a magical witch battle that’ll make Luke Cage’s finale look exciting? Yawn.

7. Drifters

6. Haikyuu!! 3

What the fuck was the point of this season of Haikyuu to begin with? It was just one fucking match for ten episodes, and all that was accomplished was the same generic plot movement as every other sports anime ever.

5. Bungo Stray Dogs

4. Days

3. March Comes Like a Lion

I’m wondering whether I should drop this show or not. The amount of banal slice-of-life antics is just too high (seriously, we follow up the return of the bitchy step sister by making fun of an old man for twenty-two minutes?), and the drama has not developed into anything more substantial or focused than “life sucks” after nine episodes. I’ll probably stick with it until the first half ends at least, but anymore than that, I can’t promise.

2. Yuri on Ice!!

The amount of sarcastic laughter I was doing during Yuri on Ice’s downtime Christmas episode this week was pretty damn impressive. Not that there was anything really wrong with it apart from just being kinda dull if you’re not a fan of the humor, but the number of gay jokes this show throws at the audience knowing that they’ll squee at it massively (which they did) definitely doesn’t make me regret sticking with this anime, even if it’s ultimately not my thing.

1. Sound! Euphonium 2

I guess the drama with Asuka and Kumiko’s sister is over now. Shame, as I feel like there was a lot more you could have done with them, but I guess Euphonium 2 wants to get into Reina, Taki, and the Nationals before it ends this month, and having five subplots run concurrently with each other is generally ill-advised. Well let’s hope things improve from here.

5 responses to “Anime Roundup — Week 10 of Fall 2016

  1. Distant Thunder was one of my favourite chapters in Sangatsu, and I lost my shit utterly when they voice-acted the “toki-toki”
    Seriously SHAFT, wtf is wrong with you. Must you ruin everything?

      • Yea. I’ve always avoided SHAFT, but this was one of my favourite mangaka. The sad part though, alot of the anime-ism overuse is probably from the mangaka itself. Umino Chica loves her weird shit after all. But man, what a way to polish a diamond in the rough into a sparkly turd

  2. The camerai n that last episode of Occultic;Nine seemed to be intentionally trying to give me vertigo with how the screen would randomly flip between quick cuts. Not to mention, the screen was constantly tilted to the point where I was beginning to think more about how funny it might be if objects actually started sliding off screen rather than what was actually taking place.

    • Personally, I was resisting the urge to make Battlefield Earth jokes. Or compare them to the dutch angles in Steins;Gate, but I’d rather not bring that show up in regards to O;N for the same reason I didn’t bring up Future Diary when I reviewed Big Order:

      1. Everyone else has done it to the point of tedium.
      2. I don’t see how whether you like or hate the earlier stuff would change how shitty the later stuff is.

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