Anime Roundup — Week 7 of Fall 2016

Yeah, this is back. Just a lot more compressed and arranged in order roughly from worst to best (and no images besides the one above, although I’ll start adding them next week), which I’m sure most of you will appreciate.

9. Occultic;Nine

I find it kinda funny how people are deflecting criticism of this show by saying “it feels good”. Watching a bunch of boring stereotypes participate in banal unfunny conversations that go on way too long just so that an episode can end on a cliffhanger whose momentum gets deflated by another shitty conversation feels good? How does that work?

Also find it funny how people say this show is getting better? Seriously? Where?!

8. Days

All I remember happening this week was the manager getting sexually harassed. Think that says enough.

7. Drifters

I honestly can’t remember what happened this week apart from there being a bit more violence and a bit less comedy than usual.

6. Haikyuu 3

Who the hell thought giving one volleyball match its own ten-episode series was a good idea? There’s no characterization, there’s nothing special about the sports philosophy, the comedy sucks major balls (harharhar), and the padding is way too obvious. More than ten years and I’m still finding it weird how anime fans can eat up episodes as long as nothing offensive is going on and it looks like something is going to happen later on. What is fun about watching a sports match that’s not even exciting to watch get constantly interrupted by characters talking about their lives out of nowhere?

5. Bungou Stray Dogs 2

I haven’t seen a Bones anime this imaginatively bankrupt since Kekkai Sensen.

4. Izetta: The Last Witch

Look, I may not be a fan of war dramas, but I know a few people who served in the army in real life and have mad respect for them because I’d never survive being enlisted into that shit (especially since I don’t drink alcohol). And there’s no way they’d accept the kind of artificial pandering and simplistically written morality that Izetta embodies. Did anyone care about the dude who died in this week’s episode? I sure hope not.

3. March Comes Like a Lion

Still haven’t laughed once at any of this show’s gags, and whenever it focuses on the slice-of-life-y parts of the story like this breather episode did, March Comes Like a Lion is really boring. There’s a difference between happy contrast to harsh depression and tonal shifts that just have fuck all happen, Shaft.

2. Yuri on Ice!!

Been warming up to this one over time. Not quite as much as Mob Psycho 100 or Sound Euphonium because whilst those shows grow to use their familiar elements as a gateway for transcendent storytelling, Yuri on Ice just wants to stay within the confines of its own genre and excel by those rules. But for what it’s worth, it’s doing that well as long as you ignore the unfinished ice-skating scenes and constant narration of moves I can clearly see. We’re living in a world where fujoshi-baiting is more important to the industry than ever, and while I may not find this show’s humor funny, the fangirls/boys do and everything else is watchable for the most part, so whatever.

1. Sound! Euphonium 2

Upcoming drama has potential and the buildup to it is mildly interesting, but I’m still unsure if it’ll actually deliver. Or if the buildup will get more engaging from here on out.

0. Everything Else

I’ll be honest, I’m never touching Fune wo Amu again, especially after watching the live-action movie and realizing it was never going to live up to the standards that American workplace comedies/dramas have set over the years with stuff like The Office and Mad Men. That and I just hate this low-key slice-of-life tone that all these workplace anime indulge in. It’s not charming, it’s not funny, and it’s definitely not brain-stimulating.

Don’t bother with Keijo and Flip Flappers for obvious reasons, but my friend who watches them has informed me of what’s going on in them. Apparently, the main character in the former is training her butt to avoid taking damage in upcoming competitions, which basically just screams “AVOID” so hard that God could hear it whilst catching up on Good Morning Saul. As for the latter, I’ve been informed it’s basically another Gainax-y tale of believing in yourself and adolescence, to which I reply “yeah…no”. Give me an Aku no Hana or a Whisper of the Heart or something that treats that kind of premise with an edge, and then I’ll take it seriously.

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