Overall Thoughts On The Nice Guys, Suicide Squad, and Sausage Party

Was at AnimeFest all weekend so I haven’t had time to write stuff for this week. Gonna have to make do with some films I managed to squeeze into my free time.

The Nice Guys

Most people probably aren’t aware because of all the hype given to cash-cow sequels like the new Star Trek or whatever cut-and-paste superhero movie is coming out these days, but there was some brand new IP hitting theatres in the same week as Neighbors 2 and it was fun as shit. Not that I think it’s amazing since I’m not big into the buddy crime genre and you kind of have to be to get the full impact of Shane Black’s new film, but it works on its own as a standard crime comedy. Watching Ryan Gosling continue to fuck up at being a badass whilst whoever plays his daughter and Russell Crowe shake their heads whilst being more competent at the job than him is hilarious. And the plot harkens back to those good old “man against the criminals behind the entertainment industry” days that we don’t really see anymore because it’s all about drug-busting in modern times. Kinda sad this thing bombed. I’m not buying the blu-ray myself, but it’s worth at least one watch just for that scene in the porn financier’s place. Gotta love those topless mermaids.

Suicide Squad

So boring I actually fell asleep halfway through the movie and only woke up around the time Enchantress’s heart was getting crushed. It was just another throwaway superhero story, only this time the protagonists are villains and Harley Quinn gets to grace us with a big-budget appearance for the first time ever. I’d put it on the same level as Blood Blockade Battlefront if it wasn’t for the fact that the characters are actually kinda interesting in this and the action is okay from what I recall. Unfortunately, nothing about Deadshot’s or Harley Quinn’s backgrounds have anything to do with the plot other than to motivate them to do their jobs. The villain’s motivation was lame (let’s build a machine to topple man who abandoned us for machines), the jokes weren’t funny, and the plot amounted to nothing more than showing off Killer Croc’s teeth. Where in the superhero contract does it say these movies have to be popcorn films? Why can’t they aim higher than that boring medium?

Sausage Party

I was really excited upon hearing about this movie and I was so glad it lived up to the hype and more. In fact, think I’ve found my favorite Western animated movie since Wall-E, let alone the best movie of the year. Most of you probably know that it’s a Seth Rogen film, so of course there’s going to be a lot of offensive material that will make this very unsuitable for kids, especially since Rogen himself plays a talking hot dog named Frank (harhar). However, I don’t think you understand just how unsuitable for kids this movie actually is. Without giving away too much of the plot, there’s (human) decapitation, talking used condoms, and…well have you guys ever seen Dororon Meeramera Enma-kun? That Go Nagai/Brains Base thing from 2011? If you haven’t, let’s just say this movie’s finale is like that anime’s, only even more offensive to the point that it just stops being offensive altogether.

But on top of all its jokes that put it under fire from those whiny SJWs, Sausage Party is a story about religion. Yeah, this movie about food and their desire to get away from the evil humans who eat them has a religious bent to its message, which I won’t spoil either, but let’s just say it doesn’t come out of nowhere and it’s pretty impressive how said message is worked into the plot. It’s that kind of mixture of shock humor and surprisingly insightful storytelling that makes Blazing Saddles and Meet the Feebles some my favorite comedy movies of all-time, and to see a movie in today’s era get to their standards is something I’m really happy to see. I really can’t express my love for this movie enough. Give it a chance, but make sure you don’t bring kids with you. You’ll regret it. Believe me.

Minor Quips

  • I should point out I drank Coca-Cola during my watch of Suicide Squad because I thought the caffeine would keep me alert. As you can see, it didn’t help.
  • Still, Anime Fest was funny. Not that you care.

6 responses to “Overall Thoughts On The Nice Guys, Suicide Squad, and Sausage Party

  1. I thought Suicide Squad was terrible, and I have a feeling that the only reason why a lot of adults went to see it was because of Margot Robbie’s performance on The Wolf of Wall Street.

    Sausage Party is a movie I’m pretty hyped for, and I’m surprised (in a good way) about it being a story about religion. I don’t love every Seth Rogen film, but I really liked Superbad and This Is The End, so hopefully Sausage Party won’t disappoint.

  2. I agree with you, Suicide Squad was boring and the direction was bad. The movie tried to hard to force empathy with Deadshot, Diablo and Harley Quinn, but their backstories don’t have weight in the story. The movie also tried to hard to be serious and excentric at the same time. It was like watching 2 differents bad movies.

    • Yeah, you could tell this movie had been through some forced reshoots after the reaction to Batman v Superman. To be fair, Suicide Squad did go over better, but I honestly could care less if this DC universe thing pans out

  3. Were there any warning signs in the cinema you went to for “Sausage Party” that said it was for “adults” only?

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