The Final Round of Summer 2016 Anime First Impressions

Alright, let’s finish this up.

Mob Psycho 101

My face mostly resembled Mob’s during the majority of this first episode’s run. It never made me laugh and the episodic conflict in this premiere was so throwaway and tension-less that it basically resembled Bungo Stray Dogs except with a more interesting visual style. The action tries too hard to be cool, the bad guys are lame jokes, and the less said about Mob’s boss, the better. Why am I not surprised that this is one of the most popular anime airing right now? Just please tell me this thing gets an actual plot later on, because twelve episodes is a long time to watch a show just for the visuals and there’s absolutely zero chance I’m ever going to find this show funny. I’ll take The Loud House any day over Mob Psycho.

Qualidea Code

So I never bothered with the Independence Day sequel (on a side note, thank god it bombed at the box office), but I’d be surprised if it was more dull than this “military vs aliens” bore fest. I mean my god, this show has less imagination than Taboo Tattoo. The fact that the military fighting these invaders are composed of nothing but high school students is bad enough, but we don’t even get to see the invaders beyond a bunch of nameless ships, and sometimes we don’t even see said ships when the characters start blasting super moves at them, setting the tension levels into the negatives. It’s like A-1 couldn’t even be bothered to make this light novel adaptation interesting because they know the hardcore fans would eat it up anyways and that’s all they need. Well fuck you too, you shitty studio.

Active Raid 2

I don’t understand why Active Raid decided the best way to introduce its second half would be with another throwaway conflict whose sole purpose was to reintroduce us to its craziness. It hasn’t exactly been that long since the first one concluded, and even if it was, that’s still no excuse for the fact that nothing fucking happened this week. In fact, it was so boring that I don’t even know what to say other than the new Danganronpa shows started off better.

Danganronpa 3: The Final Arc — Future

And it’s not like these series are high-art or anything. But y’know, I didn’t think the first Danganronpa adaptation was that bad. At least it had energy the entire way through and Monobear was cute. Sure, the plot is pretty dumb when you’re not actually playing it and this sequel isn’t really an improvement on that front (or anything else from the first series for that matter). Still, I think these anime are “just” stupid enough regarding the tone, atmosphere, characters, and overall story to be watchable. Nothing more than that, but given Seiji Kishi’s resume, watchable is the best we can expect from him at this point.

Danganronpa 3: The Final Arc — Despair

Didn’t actually watch this one, as I’ve been wanting to play the original games ever since they came out on Steam and I don’t want to spoil the events of the second installment – which I know nothing about – in the process of watching the third, which I’ve been informed will happen if I continue with these shows. It’s just on here so that you guys know that I’ll be going back to it on a later date. The same applies to the Future installment as well. On-hold until I fully integrated myself into the Danganronpa cult.


What the hell was that? This anime started off on the right foot with its neat melancholic direction and establishing the main character as a skilled pitcher, but about halfway through, I realized the episode wasn’t taking that start anywhere close to a story and got bored pretty quickly. There’s no urgency, what the show tells me about baseball isn’t anything anyone over the age of ten wouldn’t know, and the characters aren’t properly fleshed out. I don’t know anything about the main character besides the fact that he’s a bit of an arrogant player, which makes it hard to sympathize with him. Hopefully next week has an actual plot start, because I don’t want to sit through another mood piece that never tells me anything interesting.

Minor Quips

  • To be fair, Mob Psycho’s initial MAL ranking isn’t as high as I thought it’d be. On the other hand, the new Danganronpa is a lot higher than initial expectations would lead me to believe given how many people didn’t like the first adaptation…oh wait.
  • My tags are going to be more normal from here on out because I want to get more of the casual WordPress Reader crowd interested in my stuff. Kinda disappointing, but at least I don’t have to think too hard about what I fill in for those anymore.

18 responses to “The Final Round of Summer 2016 Anime First Impressions

  1. Mob Psycho does get plot later on and don’t worry the first episode of it was just the introduction to the idea.

      • Who said it was? But at least it made clear by doing this that is going to be mostly different from OPM by doing so. For now just try to watch the second episode as most people agree that it’s better from there on if not just give up on it or continue to watch it so you can bash on it.

  2. Kind of agree with your views on most of these. Mob Psycho didn’t grab me at all and so I’m letting it go for now (I may revisit once the whole series is out but frankly I just kind of watched it and then wondered what else was out). With Qualidea I didn’t even make it through the first episode. Though in fairness that is because I’m following a lot of shows and I kind of knew that it wasn’t going to make my final list so I just cut if loose.

  3. How has Mob Psycho’s plot not already begun? The story’s central character dynamic has been firmly established.

    Agreeing on Qualidea Code being vapid trash, though.

      • I would. It has a sequenced narrative of events that are linked through incident and expression of character dynamics. The plot has begun; it will now move on from here, but we ought to accept that this has set down it’s ‘starting point’. The state of affairs, the scenario, that the plot is working from. So it should be seen as part of the plot, part of the greater action of the narrative.

    • Well I don’t know anything about the Mob Psycho manga, so I wouldn’t know if it’s a Fumoffu-type plotless comedy or a Ping Pong-style character drama or anything further down the line just from the first episode. Gonna need to see the second one next Monday for further clarification.

      • Even with Fumoffu, the idea is that the plot is really simplistic or circular, but still holding everything up. It’s still identifiable as the skeleton of how events connect with each other.

  4. Yeah, I agree with what you say about Mob Psycho. With the director from Death Parade and from what I heard about how it focuses more on characters rather than lifeless action sequences, I was hoping that it would be better than OPM, but it wasn’t.

    Qualidea Code’s first episode was one of the most boring first episodes in recent history, and it’s an instant drop. I don’t often drop anime once I’ve started them, but this was too stupid.

    And I understand why you’re not doing those tags anymore, but I’m kinda sad because they were very funny. 🙂

  5. Concerning Danganronpa, Despair actually helps some events from Future make more sense so the parallel structure might work out. But yes, you really shouldn’t even be watching this without at least having completed the second game, given all the obvious connections to it. They’re not appealing to any new fans here.

    Active Raid S2 introduced a couple of characters and showed that these cops have less red tape to deal with now. Beyond that, it’s the same thing so far. Which is either good or at least neutral news for me, but almost certainly bad news for you.

    I am not up to date on Mob Psycho at the moment, but I think you will see where this is going soon enough. Or so I’d like to hope.

    • They’re not appealing to any new fans here.

      Then why not adapt the second game? At least as a short OVA series or something.

      Beyond that, it’s the same thing so far.

      I don’t really care that I didn’t like the first Active Raid. My problem with the episode was the fact that those things you describe it to be doing isn’t enough material to make an episode entertaining. If it was, I’d be praising Mob Psycho and Battery.

      I am not up to date on Mob Psycho at the moment, but I think you will see where this is going soon enough.

      Just please don’t tell me it goes somewhere similar to Jojo. Anything but that. I’m already having enough trouble dealing with Soma.

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