Some Non-Anime First Impressions Whilst Waiting For The Noitamina Show to Air

Got to wait for the noitamina show to turn up before I publish my thoughts on Mob Psycho and Qualidea Code, so until then, let’s talk about some non-anime shows I watch, including the backlog stuff I’m working on clearing.

Things That Actually Air This Season

The Night Of

Hailed as the next True Detective by way of The Wire, the first episode of The Night Of definitely lives up to the pre-hype so far, even though it’s too early to really tell if it stands up to HBO’s best as of yet. I liked seeing Naz established as a tutor for black athletes (and yeah, race is brought up quite a bit in this series) and watching him fall into deep shit when he meets a mysterious girl, ends up sleeping with her after a little knife play, waking up to her murdered corpse, and just going downhill from there with his increasingly dumb mistakes along with all the other cops and lawyers getting involved. Now I haven’t seen the British show this was based on and I’m assuming this will have a similar ending to that, but honestly I’m less interested regarding whether Naz actually did the crime and more interested in where the show is going to take things from here. Looking forward to watching more.

Mr. Robot: season_2.0

I was only able to watch the first episode for this post, but overall it’s more Mr. Robot, and more Mr. Robot is good because it’s a good show. Okay in all seriousness, the first episode was mostly just Elliot dealing with his imaginary father’s violent antics whilst his sister, Darlene, deals with issues I can’t quite describe without much focus on the continuing war between fsociety and regular society until the last few minutes. Starting to understand why they chose to debut this new season with two episodes. Still, even though not much happened in the first half of its premiere, Mr. Robot is still a very well-made show with some very interesting things to say about our society, even if I think its prognosis of America’s problems is a bit too broad and its Fight Club-like story is about as interesting as the actual Fight Club movie aka “mildly interesting, but I wouldn’t exactly support Tyler Durden’s philosophy”. Hope the continuing revolution goes somewhere I didn’t expect (in a good way).

Voltron: Legendary Defender

From what I understand, you have to be a fan of Saturday morning cartoons to like this new Voltron. And not the good kind of Saturday morning cartoons like Recess or Pepper Ann, but the throwaway repetitive kinds like Xiaolin Showdown or Jackie Chan Adventures. But even by those standards, this new Voltron was dull. The humor relies entirely on that Last Airbender-style sarcasm that a load of people find to be humorous but I find to be rubbish, and none of the characters have anything to them but a cut-and-paste stereotype coupled with snark. The plot is just stereotypical robot cheese with no original ideas and the voice acting is kind of shaky. Animation quality is fine, but other than that, there wasn’t anything I liked about the first episode and I heard it gets even more cliche from there.

What I’m Catching Up On

The Loud House

Still haven’t gotten far into this show. It’s kind of a low priority given how I’m using some “not quite legal” methods to watch it and the fact that it’s not all that great a show to begin with. However, it is funny and I like how while the show utilizes its “one brother living with ten sisters” premise in a heartfelt manner, that isn’t going to stop the siblings from giving each other hell on the ride to said heartfelt-ness. Also, as much as I still enjoy Adventure Time and Steven Universe, it gets tiresome to just watch more of the same western cartoon over and over. So whilst it may not be a gut-buster, The Loud House does a fine job of injecting some freshness into the medium – and more importantly, into Nickelodeon.

Halt & Catch Fire

This show caught my eye when I heard that it was about the computer business, so I gave it a whirl and found it reasonably entertaining. As someone who works in IT myself, it was fun to watch these characters try their damndest to build a computer for the new age, only to expand said dreams to something bigger at the cost of their personal grip on life. I heard the second season was a lot better and after three episodes of watching it, I have to agree thanks to the more interesting story of two women trying to start up their own software company, but not to the point where I’d consider Halt & Catch Fire a classic. It’s just a reasonable period drama from AMC, like Mad Men before it.

Parks and Recreation

I remember not getting into this show when I gave it a try sometime ago. Out of curiosity, I recently started watching it again and all I can wonder is what the fuck was I thinking, because this show is hilarious. Seeing a bunch of my favorite current comedy actors (Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Aziz Ansari, Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt…even though he’s more of an action star these days) playing off of each on the series that launched them into stardom just has me laughing non-stop almost every episode. I remember cracking up hard when a bunch of buxom models went off with a bunch of sewer guys and Tom (Ansari’s character) going “how come the sewage department gets all the hot interns?” like it’s a fact of life. Still only on the second season so it’ll be a while before I actually finish it – and by the way, thank god this show is only 144 episodes long.

Minor Quips

  • So should I catch up on New Girl or Bob’s Burgers first?
  • I’d like to watch my The Wire blu-rays sometime this year.
  • Yeah yeah, I know Parks and Rec’s first season is seen as not good by most people.

2 responses to “Some Non-Anime First Impressions Whilst Waiting For The Noitamina Show to Air

  1. Glad you’re enjoying Parks and Rec, and I think each season gets better than the previous one.

    I’d be interested in what you think of Bob’s Burgers. Personally, I think it’s definitely Fox’s best animated show right now, but I don’t think that it’s good as The Simpsons of the 90s.

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