More Summer 2016 Anime Impressions

So much for not watching much this season. It turns out all the anime worth talking about are on the weekend.

91 Days

I’m sure people are going to be all over this similarly to how people were all over ERASED when it first burst in with its cinematic style and how they’re still all over Baccano because of obvious reasons, so let me ruin you guys’ hype by saying…that this first episode was okay. I like the time period and the style, but so far there isn’t anything about 91 Days that hasn’t been done in every Prohibition story ever. You’ve got bootlegging, a revenge plot, some swanky music, a bunch of crooks, and I’m sure dames are going to play a part later. It’s all fine and cinematic and the characters are okay and the execution is solid for the most part, but I’m not expecting it to be more than a fun time. If that’s all you need to be happy, then go nuts.

Alderamin on the Sky

I made it about four minutes into the first episode before I got bored and turned it off. ‘Nough said.


Not my kind of show. Leaving this to the Aria fans who eat up the silly faces and beach atmosphere whilst I watch that shitty Berserk adaptation. Man, I have great priorities, don’t I?

Tales of Zestiria: The Animation

For a video game adaptation, this show isn’t too bad. The animation is fine, the characters are fine, the story from what I can make out of it so far is fine, and the world-building is fine. And that’s pretty much what I expect from Tales stuff these days: stuff that’s fine, if not outstanding. Nothing I really love, but perfectly watchable, although I can’t say how this show will appeal to someone who’s never had any experience with this franchise.

Thunderbolt Fantasy

Some of you probably don’t know this, but this is Urobuchi’s puppet show thing that got announced a while back before people knew it was a puppet show. Since it’s on Crunchyroll under the “anime” section and written by a well-known big name in the industry, I’m counting it as an anime, even though it doesn’t have its own MAL entry and all that. Anyways, I’m just watching this show to experience the Japanese puppet scene for the first time as told through a writer I know, but I can’t say I’m confident regarding how long the camp factor will last. It kept me reasonably entertained throughout the first episode, but it didn’t exactly blind me to the fact that the story is generic period stuff – with no set episode limit to boot.

Hitori no Shita – The Outcast

This anime is apparently a co-production between Japan and China, but I honestly don’t understand how that knowledge makes The Outcast any less horrible. I mean this is supposed to be a zombie series, right? Then where’s the tension? Where’s the urgency? Where’s the social satire? Why am I watching an unfunny dude and his unfunny sister perform unfunny monologues and fight zombies with all the passion of…well…a zombie? What is the point of anything that goes on in this dull show? Because all I’m seeing are a bunch of college kids acting ten years younger than they should be.

Minor Quips

  • Yeah yeah, I’ll talk about Mob Psycho in the next post. Got to wait for Battery to come out first though.
  • If there has been an announced episode limit for Thunderbolt Fantasy since the time I wrote this post, feel free to inform me in the comments section.

8 responses to “More Summer 2016 Anime Impressions

  1. No Amaama to Imazuma?
    It is like the counterpart of Shokugeki no Soma, as in it has a lot of cooking, except instead of fan service it’s trying to be adorable so I wanted to known if you were meh or disappointed at it or not.

      • If it really isn’t, I think it might be a great thing for possibly broadening your horizons.

        I mean, there was always that time when anime as a whole ‘wasn’t our thing’, but then we watched something that hooked us.

        The drama of Amaama to Imazuma just kept me in awe for the whole episode. I can’t recommend it enough.

  2. Thunderbolt Fantasy has some potential. Let’s be honest, Urobuchi is never particularly good at creating original premises. His show is generally a better executed version of some previous ideas. I’m optimistic, since Kamen Rider Gaim started out pretty generic and turn out to be good.

    Not sure if I care about 91 days. I don’t care too much about Baccano or American crime movies (any recommendation?)

    Tales of Zestiria is basically generic Ufotable stuff: good technical quality with horrible story and direction.

    • American crime movies (any recommendation?)

      Heat, The Dark Knight, Pulp Fiction, Collateral, Once Upon a Time in America (the only Prohibition film amongst this group), and Drive. I’d recommend Scorsese, but I’m not sure how they’d appeal to you and his films are mostly just decent at best. I know a lot of people like Guy Ritchie’s stuff, but I find them to be highly overrated.

      And I’m not expecting more than a fun time from it and Thunderbolt Fantasy. Nothing about them suggests they’re going to blow me away. Even when you compare them to stuff most people find amazing for the execution like the new Yamato, they fall kind of short.

      horrible story

      Wouldn’t call Zestiria’s story horrible yet. Just plain, which is what I’ve heard was true of the game, hence why I’ve never played it.

      • I don’t know, what I’ve seen of Zestiria’s story is so generic that it is painful. I mean, how come Tales franchise hasn’t been able to innovate their story just one bit and still survive?

      • They probably ran out of ideas. That tends to happen with JRPG franchises that run on so long. Hell, even SMT has its downers (the new one on the 3DS was such a step down from Nocturne).

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