Some Summer 2016 Anime First Impressions

Summer season is here, a lot of these shows are going to be starting their second episodes over the weekend, and it’s time to preview them before they do. Spoilers: I didn’t drop anything, but I didn’t bother with much this season either. And I sure as hell ain’t impressed by what I’ve seen.

Berserk (2016)

I’m not really sure what to say about Berserk’s first episode. I already knew the CG was going to be bad because everyone was complaining about it, but other than the incompetent technicals, it was just the same typical dark fantasy series it has always been. Of course, some really good technicals would have made said cliches a lot more bearable, so I can’t blame people for hating what they’re seeing. Still, I can’t say I feel much emotion – either positive or negative – for this current adaptation. It’s just a pretty mediocre adaptation of a popular series I never had much attachment to.

Taboo Tattoo

Some people apparently think the action in this anime is good. I honestly don’t know how they could think that given the lousy camera work that hampers the choreography from the shitty close-ups to the janky movement. Complaints about anime action aside, Taboo Tattoo is just another run-of-the-mill highschool action show. The male lead is hot-blooded, the females are hot-blooded for him, the bad guys sneer too much, and I don’t give two shits about what I’m seeing. Yawn.


Read this post. I’ve got nothing to add until the next episode comes out.


Not really sure what the release schedule is for this five-episode net-series, but I figure I might as well put it on here. Anyways, I’m kinda interested in Planetarian since even Key haters admit this thing is fine (although I hate all visual novels, so I take those claims with a grain of salt) and apparently the total running time is going to be around ninety minutes long, which puts into mind those actually decent films. Sure the robot girl is probably going to die at the end and tears will be shed, but if I was inherently against that, I’d have to hate Mushishi. Of course, I don’t expect Planetarian to be nearly as good as that show, but my point is that I’m open to giving this a shot. Plus, it helps that the first episode was alright. Nothing great, but it gets so many points for starting the story at the very beginning that it’d have to go the route of those Science Adventure series before I start marking it down too much.

All that said, I’m aware Yumemi is supposed to be an annoying chatterbox who doesn’t understand her situation due to being a robot and all, but I could have done with less fast-talking and attempted humor on her end.


Can’t say I understand this show’s overall poor reception by the anime community so far. It’s just another shonen sports anime with some decent visuals, except focused on soccer this time. Nothing on the level of Haikyuu’s animation, but still nothing worth tossing under the bridge. I mean okay, the main character is pretty stupid and it felt like I was missing a scene or two, but otherwise Days’ first episode felt watchable enough. Maybe this is something you need to be a fan of sports anime to get.

Shokugeki no Soma 2

When Soma has the characters suffering under the wrath of Gordon Ramsey successors, it’s kind of amusing. When it’s just the characters showing off their cooking, it comes off as trying to look cool. This first episode was more of the latter, but overall it’s nothing to complain about. Even by Shonen Jump standards, Soma is Jesus and we shouldn’t question his or the show’s methods.

Masou Gakuen HxH

I heard there was an uncensored version of this softcore porno, but unless someone can give me a proper subbed file of it, I’m not gonna bother watching it.


Definitely the best thing on this list, but even that comes with some caveats. I’m not really sold on any of the characters as of yet given how they’re mostly just shoujo stereotypes. And whilst the drama is certain to be heavy given how the new boy is fated to die in the future, that doesn’t necessarily mean the story will be as equally heavy. Certainly doesn’t help that we’ve had quite a few “change the past” anime this year, but that’s not really fair since orange is different enough from ERASED and ReLife in regards to the execution – even if I’m not exactly big on the shoujo-y way it chose to differentiate itself. It’s pretty much a wait-and-see show, but the premise is decent and the possibilities regarding these letters from the future seem interesting, so it definitely has a clear advantage over everything else on here as long as you’re not allergic to teen drama or something.

Minor Quips

  • ReLife wasn’t included because it feels wrong to talk about just the first episode for a series that’s already completed.
  • Tales of Zestiria wasn’t included either because the episode out right now is a prologue.
  • On the other hand, The Night Of might make this summer entirely worthwhile.
  • I’ll take watching two Key series a season over keeping up with any of those Science Adventure series any day.

7 responses to “Some Summer 2016 Anime First Impressions

  1. I kind of liked the first episode of Days even though I’m really not into Sports anime. Maybe that’s the problem, it’s hitting the wrong audience? I found it kind of sweet but don’t know if I’m up for watching a whole season of boys playing soccer.

  2. So foreshadowing can’t function as substance but Orange was the best this season because despite being super boring and cliche it MIGHT become better?

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