The Experience of Watching Mahouka

Because I missed out on Mahouka during its initial run and due to it conveniently being on Netflix, I decided to marathon the series and set what all the hubbub was about. The result?

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

Episode 15

Episode 16

Episode 17

Episode 18

Episode 19

Episode 20

Episode 21

Episode 22

Episode 23

Episode 24

Episode 25

Episode 26

The Movie (TBA)

9 responses to “The Experience of Watching Mahouka

  1. A Higurashi montage is more than enough to describe my feelings with the show. I am curious, why did you skip Mahouka on its initial run especially when the community is going gaga over its existence? Hahaha.

  2. You know, since I firmly believe that art is about empathy, I always try to understand why somebody like a shows.

    For Mahouka, it is impossible to do so. It feels like me and the fanbase are living on two different planet. The anime, the manga the LN are unbelievably boring. The characters do not act like human beings; the actions involve more narration than the entirely of Fate/Sn; the philosophy are so bad and in-your-face that it would make Ayn Rand blush. What is good about this series?

    • Most of the anime fanbase loves characters that are depicted as a Gary Stu because, well, they think it’s cool; basically the same reason as SAO. These group of people doesn’t need to think too deep to enjoy something (I’m not implying that they’re incapable of). I’ve read Mahouka’s original source and I’d say the anime adaptation did actually tone down the info dump on us viewers which is a plus.

      • Of course. If the anime adaptation felt slow, then I can’t possibly imagine what you’d think of the LN’s pacing — it’s frustratingly dragging; info dumps left and right. Such is why I found the anime adaptation to be a fresher breathe of air than that of the novels. I’m not saying that Mahouka is a great/good anime — it’s far from one. Still, that doesn’t mean I didn’t find it enjoying to watch.

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