Anime Roundup — Week 12 of Spring 2016

It’s been a really bad week for the world and myself, and I’m not exactly helping by slaughtering these finales, am I?

Ushio & Tora

Can’t say I was the biggest fan of this finale. It was pretty predictable and the implication that Tora came back just feels cheap. Also, whilst the action is decent, I find it very hard to believe Hakumen couldn’t hear all that yelling Tora was doing, explaining why it’s important to hide the Beast Spear’s presence. I know Hakumen’s hearing isn’t as good as his sensing, but c’mon. All in all, Ushio & Tora joins Carved Seal of Flames, Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, and Hajime no Ippo: Rising on the list of Mappa’s growing list “solid, but not great” series. Which is fine and all, but someday, I want this studio to produce something awesome that’s not made by Shinichiro Watanabe.

Re: Zero

I had to mute the episode a minute into watching this, because the alternative in regards to ending the pain was to slash my own throat with the PS3 remote control I use to watch Crunchyroll on my big-screen TV. Dear lord, I can’t handle Subaru’s fucking awful smug personality anymore. It’s ear poison. Really really strong ear poison. “But he’s incredibly relatable,” says the fans (paraphrased, admittedly). Seriously? How?! He gets madly jealous over guys kissing his crush on the hand when that’s a perfectly valid greeting in fantasy settings and Europe! He never cares about the fact that his parents or whatever family he has back in his world are not with him! This is not a relatable character. This is just some bullshit wish-fulfillment robot the writers have constructed in order to pander hard to the nerds.

Complaints about the lead aside, this episode was nothing but setup, and padded setup as well. What’s the point of giving a two-minute speech regarding how unnecessary the introductions to throne are if you’re just going to go ahead with the introductions anyways?

Bungou Stray Dogs

So dull and forgettable that I completely forgot everything about the episode as soon as I finished it.

Joker Game

See Bungou Stray Dogs.


Why did anyone fall for Emilia’s disguise? It was horrible.

And You Never Thought There Was A Girl Online?

Yet another shitty MMO anime finished. What is wrong with my life?


After talking with a friend of mine and seeing this final episode, Kiznaiver sort of won me back. My main complaints were with the fact that it wasn’t pushing the whole Kizna experiment thing far enough and that Sonozaki’s plot did not mesh well with the other characters’ due to the difference in tone and the fact that she only interacts with Katsuhira. The finale tries one last effort to tie them together, and…it all comes down to power of friendship. Well, I guess there are worse things it could have used. At least the relationship story lines were ended semi-maturely (but only “semi”).

All in all, the show is a step up from most of Okada’s recent teen dramas (as well as its direct comparison, Kokoro Connect) as well as most of Trigger’s recent output due to actually having some fun stuff to think about, but I think it’s too flawed to give a second glance. Wouldn’t be surprised if you told me you did love this show though.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

So I finally took a look at some of the fan reactions for this show, and Kabaneri has been getting the same sort of flak Attack on Titan received when it aired. Not really surprised, but I didn’t stick around long enough to understand why. Probably has something to do with how Mumei turned from a badass action girl into a damsel-in-distress. Okay, that wasn’t exactly the best route to take her character, but it’s nothing to get all crazy about. Or maybe it’s the yelling. Yeah, probably the yelling.

Anyways, this week’s episode was standard penultimate episode stuff. Biba wrecks havoc on the village, we get some cool action along with that scene of Mumei getting wrapped in a Void-like cocoon, and Ikoma sacrifices his body in order to stand a chance of beating the bad guys next week. Kinda reminds me of the last episode of The Walking Dead video game reimagined as a shonen action movie. Unlike The Walking Dead, I don’t see this show getting a sequel season unless they decide to continue focusing on Mumei solely for future installments. Which is a shame, because I really think more could have been done with Kabaneri’s setting than what we’ve gotten.

Minor Quips

  • No rankings, but Kabaneri wins first place easily this week.
  • I’m going to be changing up my review policy a bit starting next season, though I don’t have a final concrete plan yet.

13 responses to “Anime Roundup — Week 12 of Spring 2016

  1. It seems like I always begin a new anime season with hope of some good shows, and there tends to be a few first episodes that have potential, but by the end of the season I’m usually disappointed and feeling bit down because that potential was (usually) never met.

    Summer season starts soon. Yay! I’m very much looking forward to Mr. Robot because I enjoyed the first season (especially the second half), and the second season has been extended with two extra episodes.

  2. For Kabaneri…. Most people complain is more towards biba more than anything else. That guy never get developed, he dragged innocent people into his scheme…. other than that it’s complaint about not being logical bla bla bla

    I still liked that show though

    • Not really sure why people are complaining so much about Biba’s motivations. The dude obviously went insane after his daddy deserted him. It’s not a great motivation or anything, but it’s no reason to pour gasoline on the show.

  3. Well, I wish Biba appeared much much earlier if the show wanted to focus on him. Darn it, in my case, he is spoiling the fuuuun. Maybe we can enough camp if that is the case. Haha!

    Of course, I love how Ikoma powered up but.. well, the main antagonist makes my eye roll so much.

    • Well, I wish Biba appeared much much earlier if the show wanted to focus on him.

      I don’t really see how that would improve things in any way. Wouldn’t stop his motivations from being dumb.

      • A flashback of his motivations for added dumbness will be good, intentional or not.

        Maybe I just cannot swallow a major antagonist who appeared midway in a show then gobbles all the attention from the other characters. Nevermind, I will see it until the end. It’s not appalling – unlike a bear show which sugarcoats creepy with cuteness.

      • Yep. The longer, the more stupid and it equates more fun in my book. I want to see how a 12 year old lead an army. Lol.

        Ah. Snap it. I am just trolling with the show at this point.

  4. I have my grips with Kabaneri but I still enjoy it overall from a “Summer blockbuster exploitation” perspective.

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