Examining The Loud House’s Opening Credits

One boy and ten girls. Wouldn’t trade it for the world!

You guys ever heard of The Loud House? It’s this new cartoon on Nickelodeon about a boy living with ten sisters and the trouble that comes from that sort of stuff in a sort of Baby Princess 3D Paradise as told in the style of Malcolm in the Middle manner. Whilst nowhere near Gravity Falls and Steven Universe in terms of blowing animation fans’ minds, it’s been getting a fair amount of critical acclaim, and I’m slowly working my way through it because it’s the first Nick cartoon in years that I’ve actually found funny. Probably because after sitting through this sort of harem-ish setup so many times, it’s nice to see one told similarly to one of my favorite sitcoms growing up, even if it’s nearly as hilarious as Malcolm.

And the opening credits pretty much detail what you’re going to get watching this show. Not quite sure what the point of starting them with three sliding images of Lincoln is (I’m not sure what that style is called either) apart from giving a convenient transition to show him running in the next scene, but if you can’t tell the show is going to be about what looks to be the middle child getting pestered by his eccentric siblings of the opposite gender, you are obviously blind. Or you think girls riding motorcycles in the house, handling dangerous lab equipment, or throwing pies at the wall for no reason is considered normal in your family – in which case, what fucking country do you live in? Because it’s obviously not Japan.

Given the extreme nature of the sisters from running for the remote to bursting a water pipe so that Lincoln surfs away on his bathroom door a stair railing, you know that they’re not going to make his life easy. You’ll also notice that aside from the baby in some scenes, there’s never a moment where the sisters are showcased individually. While you can kinda tell what stereotype they fall into by looking at them (seriously, if you can’t tell what the glasses girl’s schtick is), it’s also a good indicator that we’re not really going to know any of them individually unless it’s a special episode or something. Whatever situation Lincoln gets into it, it’s a pretty safe bet that all of the sisters – except for maybe the baby – will get involved somehow. And when it’s required that that many characters stay together like that, it’s also a safe bet that they won’t have many opportunities to showcase individual characterization aside from gags associated with their stereotype.

But one thing is clear at the end of these thirty seconds – no matter how much they pester their brother and probably each other, they’re still a family who watches TV together and you’ve got to love them. And since the baby girl’s age prevents her from doing much actively, she’s basically used as the show’s mascot, ending the credits by being the last character to be shown whilst making standard baby noises.

Also, I think the actual song is kinda catchy.

Minor Quips

  • Also looked at that new Voltron cartoon on Netflix. Not really my cup of tea.
  • So is there an episode where Lincoln and his sisters make up their own baseball team?

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