Four Years of Blogging and Anime Expo

So this blog is on its fourth anniversary.

I don’t really have anything planned for the occasion (nothing that wouldn’t just be me repeating myself at any rate), so I’m just going to announce that after years of real life getting in the way, I’m finally going to be at Anime Expo for the first time ever this year. Don’t have any real plans since I don’t pay attention to the events until I’m actually at the con (although I heard Kawamori is going to be there), so I’m just hoping to meet a few friends there and maybe purchase one or two things. If any of you guys are going as well, I hope to meet you too – provided that you don’t try to make me leave the con in a body bag or anything like that.

I’m not quite sure who’s going to the thing besides two or three people, so if you are going to be there, feel free to notify me in the comments section. If you want to contact me at the con, you can tweet my phone account at @theanimefighter or just email me at Hope to see you guys there.

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