Anime Roundup — Week 10 of Spring 2016

It’s time for a good chunk of these shows to wrap things up. And I really really want them to end.

My Hero Academia

Academia’s pacing issues are getting more and more aggravating with each week. Here I am hyped for a fight between these villains and all the hero characters, and whilst we certainly get that with the teacher, the students take too long talking about their situation (or in Mineta’s case, bad stand-up comedy) rather than doing anything about it to the point that by the time they take action, the episode ends. Also I know a lot of people like how Tsuyu is finally getting screen time, but while I certainly think she has potential as a character, she has yet to do anything that makes her stand out. No, saving Deku and having a long tongue doesn’t count.


Enough with the focus on the maids already! I don’t care about them and they’re not important to the story in the least bit! Do something else!

And You Never Thought There Was A Girl Online?

Unless it’s a fighting game, there’s nothing more boring than watching someone else play a video game.

The Americans

So we wrap up another season of Breaking Sad with things progressing, but still not to the point where the situation explodes. Paige is getting intimate with the son of the frenemy, the subplot regarding the bacteria sort of fizzled out, some important characters have been killed off, and we’ve still got two more seasons left of the Jennings’ conflicting desire to serve their country against raising their family right. Definitely looking forward to more, but at the same time, I’m glad I’m taking a break from this series.

Concrete Revolutio

Some people will no doubt accuse this episode of being rushed, and while I do wish it (and pretty much every episode of this show when you get down to it) was an hour long, I say it’s not excluding anything we need to get attached to what’s going on. While I would have liked to learn about it, knowing why Emi and Jiro are so intimate with each other isn’t important in the grand scheme of things. What’s important is that the civil war between the different types of superhumans is finally upon us, we know why it’s happening, the historical metaphors are as strong as ever, and I think every single character in this show has betrayed each other about seventeen times apiece by now. I’m a little worried the last episode will be too crammed, but at the same time, I’m happy to see Concrete Revolutio finally coming to a close.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

At this point, Kabaneri is the only “new” show of the season I’m enjoying, and it’s far from a masterpiece. While I could complain that Babi’s motivations make no sense and Ikoma is ultimately a supporting character to Mumei, that would all be excusable if the story had been strong. Unfortunately, Kabaneri is just decently executed camp. In a sense, it (and everything else on this list for that matter) has the opposite problem to Concrete in that it’s sacrificing the big picture in order to put more emphasis on the small details, and whilst I know most anime fans prefer that, most anime fans also think Boku Hero’s and Re:Zero’s current pacing is acceptable. Kabaneri’s pacing is what I consider acceptable. And the show as a whole isn’t much better.

Bungo Stray Dogs

Um, would you guys believe me if I said this show isn’t that bad? The story is pretty much non-existent, but unlike most Bones anime that favor style over substance, at least Bungo tries to make its characters interesting. A little too late to save this season, but I’m at least going into the next one this Fall with a slightly optimistic attitude.

Big Order


The Lost Village


So I never read the original comic, but even if I hadn’t, I could tell right away that this series has been sanitized for a more mainstream audience because there’s no way it could be as well-received by comic elitists like this. There’s very little in this adaptation of Preacher that’s unique, mostly hitting every “religious badass” action movie trope ever, and none of the characters have anything resembling an arc or flaws or some sort of grounding to make them interesting aside from maybe the actors’ talents. It seems to be going really well with the mainstream audience though, so meh. I’ll stick with it until it gets too insubstantial to continue.


Once again, another anime that seems like it could have given a good insight on real teenage issues has ended up being a disappointment. Forced developments aside, Kiznaiver’s main problem as of right now is that the stuff related to the Kizna experiment (and Nori for that matter) doesn’t gel well with the characters’ own anxiety issues. It feels like two separate plotlines that are only loosely connected to each other through Katsuhira, and it doesn’t help that neither plotline has developed into anything all that substantial other than “feelings”. Um, emotional hooks don’t exactly work if you don’t have anything to hook them on.

Minor Quips

  • My would-be APR this week if Kadian had sent them:
    • 1. Concrete Revolutio
    • 2. Ushio & Tora (damn, these last few episodes have been intense)
    • 3. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
    • 4. Nothing
    • 5. Nothing
  • So how’s that new Voltron show on Netflix, anyways?

4 responses to “Anime Roundup — Week 10 of Spring 2016

  1. About Re:Zero, I get being annoyed with the maids (I’m currently a bit behind, episode 7 or 8 I think), but why do you say they’re not important to the story? They’re prominent in this arc so they’re already important to the story as it is now. As for the overarching plot we know precious little about it at the moment, so anything *could* be important. If the Roswaal lord is relevant to the whole “choosing a new king” thing then the maids could come back too (they seem peculiarly well versed in combat skills – then again, so are most anime maids and butlers). Ushio and Tora managed to bring back every single character from all those episodic side stories. I don’t expect that much plot economy from Re:Zero, but you never know.

    • To me, this whole thing with the maids feels like it was made just so that the light novel could continue publication for a few more volumes. It reminds me of one of those visual novel adaptations where every girl gets their own mini-arc despite the fact that only one or two actually contribute anything in terms of the main character’s journey. All this arc has been doing so far is come up with excuses to torture our lead character or make him a reluctant hero, and it doesn’t help that I don’t know why he he cares so much about the maids since their personalities are completely opaque to me and the help they’ve given him is not really a big deal.

  2. I ceased to watch Kiznaiver in fishing some feels. Well, I think the result of the Kizna experiment is quite disturbing enough (so I like the show) but the means to get through it is just hit and miss. For every good Nico moment in the show was given an equivalent of that boring Sonozaki-Katsuhira pairing.

    As for Bungou Stray Dogs, what was the purpose of those filler=ish episodes? (aka the first 5 eps) It makes me so frustrated that it can be good when it wants to.

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