Anime Roundup — Week 8 of Spring 2016

Memorial Day weekend. Family is over. Going to have to make this quick.


My god, when is this arc going to end? I’m sick of watching Subaru do housework and get closer to females all to solve some random magical force that threatens his new home and his own sanity! If you’re going to insist in dragging this farce of a story out, at least put some goddamn variety in it. Having him get closer to his boring love interest and taking the maids out to town at the last minute doesn’t cut it!

My Hero Academia

Well this is the first time the series has bored me. It was a transition episode focusing on the antics of the side characters and how they motivate the leads into trying harder, and I could care less about that tired cliche being the focal point of an episode. Some of my friends who don’t like the manga have informed me that Academia gets really cliched from here on out. Let’s hope they were exaggerating.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Whilst not as bad as Academia’sKabaneri’s transition episode wasn’t very exciting to watch either. Taking a break from zombie attacks is fine and all, but I’d like some more characterization in my downtime episodes than a festival where the characters reveal want to do after all the Kabane have been defeated. Also, if Mumei’s brother isn’t a Kabaneri, I will punch my own testicles.

Joker Game

Is anyone still watching this show these days? Its MAL ranking gets lower and lower every week and there’s not really much to say other than the show is boring. Throwing a new spy agency into the mix doesn’t help if you don’t give them any characterization or particular chemistry with the guys we’re supposed to be rooting for, but don’t because we don’t know them either.

The Lost Village

Seriously, who does?

Concrete Revolutio: The Last Song

Looks like we’re entering the final stretch with these last four episodes and I’m incredibly hyped for what’s to come. It’s been a fun ride watching this show and all, but it’s gotten to the point where it really needs to conclude things now if it wants to secure its spot as one of the few anime I can legitimately say is amazing. And an ending on the same level as last season’s concluding arc (preferably better) would be much appreciated.


I’m putting Kiznaiver on my APR this week because it made sense and there were parts that intrigued me. Having said that, am I the only one uncomfortable with this whole “forcing characters to fall in love” game the people behind this project are playing? I mean I’m not a fan of the concept (or love triangles in general) to begin with, but something felt off with the way Kiznaiver executed it.

Minor Quips

  • My APR this week:
    • 1. Concrete Revolutio
    • 2. Ushio and Tora
    • 3. Kiznaiver
    • 4-5. Nothing
  • Yes, I know Re:Zero’s newest arc is going to go on for around fifteen or so episodes. I was being facetious.
  • So is Orange is the New Black worth watching?

11 responses to “Anime Roundup — Week 8 of Spring 2016

  1. So I am not the only one who found this week to be really dull. Something’s really wrong when the sleepy Flying Witch enters in my top 3 this week just because I have no other choice. Darn it.

  2. I’m starting to eye of the next season because there is very little still holding my attention this season. I keep watching but I know if I had other options I’d probably take them and there are more and more shows where it’s a couple of days before I’m getting around to watching them because I am just not that interested. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I just assumed that we were supposed to feel uncomfortable with the ‘force people fall in love’ background scheming of Kiznaiver. I mean, the main group have made no secret of their general hatred and/or disgust with the project otherwise (especially this week’s episode), and with the single exception of Nori, none of the people behind the scheming have been painted as particularly sympathetic characters thus far.

    • Well I “did” say it made sense. However, only Katsuhira/Chidori/Nori’s side of things feel like it’s going somewhere with this new mission. Tenga/Nico’s side feels weird because I never got much of a prior romance vibe from them, and Maki/Yuta’s side of things feels like a reaffirmation of their interactions from before rather than something that might actually progress. But this arc is just getting started, so maybe I’ll be proven wrong next week.

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