Anime Roundup — Week 5 of Spring 2016

Well real life went better for me this week than last week. But who cares about that? You want to see me talk about anime, right?

Concrete Revolutio

This week, Concrete Revolutio dealt with the human side of the “superhuman” label, as well as how inherently selfish all superpowered beings are at the end of the day, whether they be heroes or villains. Also, since Sho Aikawa is back on board for this week’s writing, we get plot progression regarding some previous events from the last season as well as the return of Campe. Have I mentioned how much I love this show? I’ve notice some people complaining about how these latest episodes don’t contribute to the overall plot, but considering you’d only need like three or so episodes to do that and the episodic stories are rich on their own terms, why is that an issue?

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

And I’m really hoping to love this show too. Kabaneri’s first arc was solid enough and the show as a whole is pretty fun, but it hasn’t exactly transcended into the realm of “special” as of yet, mostly due to the characterization being only passable at best. Ikoma, Mumei, the princess, etc. aren’t exactly subtle characters or anything, but they’re going to need to be more relatable if they want to stick with me after all is said and done. Also hope the animation doesn’t degrade too much over time, as there were some noticeable still frames this week.

Bungo Stray Dogs

I’m sure some people find Ranpo’s detective-solving skills cool, but I think it’s retarded. Not that it’s bad in of itself, but what the fuck was the point of this episode other than for him to show off? It doesn’t further the story, it wasn’t very entertaining, and I don’t care about Ranpo anymore now than I did then. Guess I know what Cara meant when she said she dropped the manga due to it being style over substance.

Big Order

Honestly, I think Big Order is in the upper-tier of all the bad anime I sift myself through. At least the main character has a reason for his status – even if it’s a generic one – and at least it makes things fucking happen. Granted, it’s trying to do too much at once to the point that it backfires and ends up feeling a lot slower than it should, but to be fair it feels a little less slow when Eiji is getting stabbed and this Minene copycat is…well…being a Minene copycat.


Ended up picking this one back up out of curiosity. Instantly regretted it. The whole “man interacts with current-day stuff” wasn’t funny when Master of the Universe or Thor did it, so why the fuck would it be funny when Kurumukuro does it?


This show isn’t bad so far. It’s just not as imaginative as it should be given the premise and the way it’s executed. With the way the characters act about their issues like they’re the worst thing ever, I’d expect more important teenage problems than standard puberty stuff and just being a better executed version of Kokoro Connect. On the bright side, the tonal shifts actually kinda worked this time and I like how the drama actually moved the story forward here, so on the whole I liked this week’s episode. Just hope the improvements don’t stop here.

The Lost Village

I’ve mostly been ignoring the people who say that Lost Village is hilarious because quite frankly it’s not even as funny as Leprechaun, which wasn’t very funny to begin with. This show is so half-assed in delivering on the camp, let alone the scares, that it just makes the whole “idiotic kids being chased by terrible CG monsters” stuff a real slog. And just to hammer the nail in, we’re six episodes in and still nobody has fucking died! C’mon, go all-out already Lost Village!

Joker Game

As well-executed as the direction might be, it’s impossible for me to care about the spy stuff when it’s in service of a character I don’t know executing a story that’s completely bare-bones in its criticism.

Re: Zero

What’s the best way to follow up on last week’s cliffhanger? Lots of talking and character interaction masturbation followed by another cliffhanger. Fuck you anime! Fuck you!

Ushio & Tora

Hakumen no Mono is finally upon us. Bring on the epicness!

Minor Quips

  • I’m going to review Girls Beyond the Wasteland tomorrow instead of Garo: Crimson Moon because I’ve been writing some posts regarding Captain America: Civil War and I don’t have the energy to write another big review this weekend.
  • My APR this week:
    • 1. Concrete Revolutio
    • 2. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
    • 3. Ushio & Tora
    • 4. Kiznaiver
    • 5. My Hero Academia

17 responses to “Anime Roundup — Week 5 of Spring 2016

    • I had the review written up weeks ago. Just haven’t put it on the blog yet because I wanted to do some of the bigger shows first (which ended up backfiring in Durarara’s case since the people who do still like it don’t read this blog).

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these shows. I though that Yottsu (or whatever his name was) died after he tried to attack the weird gril in The Lost Village. Or at least he went missing. And then there was the other guy floating in the river. Or maybe that was just a hallucination.

    • Supposedly Yottsun and Hyoketsu no Judgeness died. But yeah, no bodies were seen (not clearly at least) so that’s REALLY suspicious.

      Of course there’s always the current fan theory that they really all died in Episode 1 when the driver steered the bus off the road and now they’re in Purgatory, like Angel Beats meets The Others. Which would explain the low body count.

  2. I was pretty down with the Loats Village this week until I realized that those things were too slow to actually cause any harm. The whole “they all died” would be a pretty nasty slap in the dick since the dead can’t die again.

  3. Kabaneri’s definitely very explicit and clear cut as to how its characters function. A bit of a pantomime-y feel to it. But we need shows like that. Whether it expands on things dramatically or just keeps them perfectly functional as they are right now, I’m on board. The action this week was phenomenal.

      • I found that really dramatic! It was the whole theme of the iron resolve/traditions of the bushi being unable to penetrate the iron hearts of the Kabane in one scene.

        ‘Iron’ is such an important element of the show.

  4. The end of this week’s Ushio and Tora was great. That’s how you do a final boss entrance. Everything has been building up to this point. Here’s hoping all that buildup pays off

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