Dagashi Kashi & Konosuba Review — Best Girls Ain’t What They Used to Be

Who the hell coined the term, “best girl”, anyways?

Whilst the Winter season was mostly all about the feels, there were a couple of comedies that snuck their way into audience’s hearts that period, so let’s start with the one that most people enjoyed at the time and immediately forgot about afterwards for reasons I’ll get into in a bit. Dagashi Kashi is a comedy show about a dude named Kokonotsu who wants to become a manga artist and not have anything to do with his father’s candy store. However, things take an unexpected turn when a girl named Hotaru arrives in order to recruit Koko’s father to become an employee for her family’s sweets business. Since the dude won’t leave until his son succeeds him, Hotaru basically tries to convince Kokonotsu about the joys of candy, causing him, his female (of course) childhood friend, and said friend’s twin brother to get involved in all sorts of antics. And that’s pretty much all there is to Dagashi Kashi. Fitting that a show about junk food will have the quality of the stuff as well.

There’s no overarching plot or drama, and each episode always contains two eleven minute sketches that share a few commonalities: they involve Kokonotsu (and if they don’t, Kokonotsu will inevitably be brought up), Hotaru will do something erotic in her quest to convey the joy of candy, and they always suck. The pacing is very poor to the point that most of the skits don’t even attempt jokes half the time, mostly focused on trying to use shipping or perversion as substance, and it gets to the point where they repeat the same unfunny jokes within the same eleven minutes. I just sat through each episode stone-faced, wondering where the punchlines were. A friend of mine mentioned that it felt like a short series stretched out to a full-length one, and I’ve got to say that I’m in complete agreement with him. Hell, even the finale was such a big ball of nothing that I didn’t realize the show was over until no new episode came out two weeks later.

If there’s anything I found noticeable about the show, it’d have to be the character designs. They’re a little cute in how “ugly” they are compared to the usual bland “pretty” designs that you usually come across in this medium. Of course, when that’s the best an anime can offer, let alone a comedy one, that’s not a good sign. All in all, Dagashi Kashi might have had its moment in the sun when it first came out, but everyone already forgot about it long before I did, and for good reason. Best to just leave it be if you didn’t jump in on the thing whilst it was airing.

Right, well that’s all over with. Let’s now focus on the comedy which got more inexplicably popular than Hataraku Maou-sama.

Studio Deen is sort of getting back in the fanbase’s good graces as of late with Rakugo Konosuba, and My Name is Sakamoto and whilst I support this new direction in theory, if it means that they’re just going to be like JC Staff and churn out nothing but Japanese comedies that never make me laugh from here on out, they’re not even going to be interesting enough to make fun of. Konosuba – and no, I refuse to type out the full name – is a show about some average Joe who gets killed in a car accident and is sent to reincarnate in a fantasy world accompanied by a selfish goddess named Aqua, who’s basically the high-and-mighty girl that isn’t really all that high-and-mighty when actual danger approaches, so naturally people latched onto her like she was the second coming of Hestia almost immediately. The group of two, which eventually grows into four (and since this a light novel adaptation, of course the other two companions are female) go on adventures that basically take the piss on MMORPGs whilst trying to defeat the Devil King so that Aqua can go home, but because everybody in this show is a goddamn moron, things don’t really progress well on that front.

Konosuba sometimes got a smirk out of me with its high-energy nature, but said smirk would always disappear due to the show’s insistence on overcompensating with its comedic direction. Almost every joke is dragged out way past the point when it would still be funny, and some of the characters’ gimmicks like the girl who’s a giant masochist aren’t even funny the first time, let alone the next ten times. Also, the show has a tendency to have the humor devolve into cheap fanservice stuff like the main’s ability to steal his partners’ panties or that skit where he’s convinced he’s in a dream and tries to have his female companions strip as a result, which works about as well as every other time that damn joke is used. It’s basically just putting light novel tropes in a video game-y setting without actually utilizing said setting to its maximum comedic potential the way shows like Adventure Time or actual RPGs like Paper Mario would do. At best, it’s popcorn without the butter. At worst, it’s popcorn you find in the trash can.

And that’s really all I have to say about Konosuba, which is a bit embarrassing because I like to have my reviews go on for at least 1000 words, and two anime comedies that some find to be hilarious whilst I find to be rubbish couldn’t even hit the 900-word mark in terms of discussions. So I guess I’m going to have to cheat and type “Charlie Puth sucks” a bunch of times until I reach said limit. With that said:

Charlie Puth sucks. Charlie Puth sucks. Charlie Puth sucks. Charlie Puth sucks. Charlie Puth sucks. Charlie Puth sucks. Charlie Puth sucks. Charlie Puth sucks. Charlie Puth sucks. Charlie Puth sucks. Charlie Puth sucks. Charlie Puth sucks. Charlie Puth sucks. Charlie Puth sucks. Charlie Puth sucks. Charlie Puth sucks. Charlie Puth sucks. Charlie Puth sucks. Charlie Puth sucks…

Minor Quips

  • That new Key and Peele movie, Keanu, had more laughs in ninety minutes than the over ninety episodes of anime comedies I’ve watched in the last few years had.
  • Superman got nothing on me“? Who the fuck wrote that line?


14 responses to “Dagashi Kashi & Konosuba Review — Best Girls Ain’t What They Used to Be

  1. I felt more or less the same way about Dagashi Kashi. I made it through about six episodes before I realised, that was it, there wasn’t anything else and it wasn’t going anywhere. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Dagashi Kashi made me appreciate just how important a supportive OST is to a comedy show. The inane noise you have in the background of all the jokes went from irritating to almost unbearable in only a few episodes.

    KonoSuba had some hilarious bits and, indeed, a lot of dragging-out of material that ought to have never had any kind of spotlight to begin with. I was also uncomfortable with the level of innuendo surrounding Megumin and her ‘explosion magic’. Trigger have played around hilariously and interestingly with implying the female orgasm in Lululco this season; but KonoSuba only made a rather heavy-handed, one-dimensional joke of it, and it’s not something I want to laugh with or at, considering her age.

      • 1) She reaches a ‘climax’ with it that leaves her paralysed
        2) She blissfully rubs her staff at one point between her thighs
        3) She blisses-out at the feeling of magical energy conducting through her.

        And just generally the tone whenever she discusses her magic.

        With Darkness covering the masochistic side of female sexuality, Megumin is the opposite. Her magic seems heavily designed around the female orgasm.

  3. I guess these two shows are more of the search for the best girls first, then any form of entertainment comes second. I find KonoSuba better than Dagashi Kashi in terms of comedy because:

    1. Hotaru is a bad one note character.
    2. Kokonutsu is so generic you can insert your self and imagine you are that dude.
    3. KonoSuba has more jokes (that if even drags) that scream variety than Dagashi Kashi.

    Nevermind, it feels like I am comparing two moldy bread and which one is more edible. Even Mayoiga gets me more laughs than this. Ugh.

  4. Gonna say that Konosuba is miles funnier than Adventure Time. I hardly get a chuckle out of AT anymore, though it still has its good episodes. And I argue Konosuba uses its setting well, though not perfectly. I’d argue that it’s more entertaining than Paper Mario, in terms of humor, even. But neither of those is a high bar at all, to be fair.

    And stealing panties isn’t really fanservice, I’d argue. Nothing really titillating about the scenes, and it’s not like there’s a shred of sexuality in the scenes. I just can’t see it.

    • And stealing panties isn’t really fanservice, I’d argue.

      Stealing panties (and sexual harassment in general) isn’t funny when fratboy films do it. Why the hell would it be funny when Konosuba does it?

      • Never argued it was funny. Just that it wasn’t really titillating. Though I think the first time he did it was kinda funny. If I had to argue it, then I’d say that the key difference between Kazuma and the frat boys is that Kazuma doesn’t have to sneek into peoples’ rooms, or actually come into physical contact with a person, to steal them. It’s not that common a gag in the series, though.

      • I suppose it COULD be considering “titillating” in a wish-fulfilment kind of way. Clearly if THAT is what titillates you you are beyond sad.

  5. Wow lots of humorless people commenting on Konosuba. 1) Konosuba does not glorify sexual harassment or panty stealing. 2) The female characters refer to Kazuma as Kazutrash and make comments at length about him being a pervert. 3) The entire point about megumin getting turned on by her staff and Darkness being a Masochist is female characters are just as twisted in their own right as the male character is not to mention Aqua’s boozing.whinyness, and selfishness. The entire show is a pisstake on “In another world” and and sword and sworcery shows with all the main characters being more or less completely broken in hilarious ways.

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