Anime Roundup — Week 4 of Spring 2016

Man, what a busy week. At least I have cartoons to keep me happy…right?

Bungou Stray Dogs

This show is pretty much what I thought Concrete Revolutio was going to be when I first heard of it: a bunch of badass superpowered people acting all cool with no story or character arcs or interesting utilization of its concepts or anything funny. And oh dear god, does that Shaft-like direction get annoying to see, especially when it’s used for lame jokes that don’t make any sense whatsoever. If it wasn’t for Bones other two shows this season, I’d be throwing out a few curse words towards the studio as of now.

Re: Zero

Sitting through Subaru’s awful meta-dialogue is starting to become my personal hell. By itself, it’s really annoying, but when large sections of screen time are dedicated solely to said torture at the expense of actual story progression, it just becomes a lazy padding device. I just don’t understand why I’m supposed to be invested in Subaru’s troubles in a fantasy world. I don’t know the guy. The show hasn’t told me who he is other than he’s a gamer. For all I know, this could be anybody’s story, and why would I be interested in watching a story without a clear protagonist?

Joker Game

Speaking of shows without a clear protagonist, who the hell is spearheading what little story you have, Joker Game? Is it the spies? The government? The people they interact with? Fucking Active Raid had more focus than you do.

And You Never Thought There Is a Girl Online?

On the bright side, this show is better than the last Project No. 9 anime I sat through, but given how the only way you could have made that show worse is by giving the viewers free crystal meth, that’s not a standard anyone should live up to. But more importantly, I don’t understand what’s supposed to be interesting about this show. I don’t play MMOs or video games with my friends for starters, so I couldn’t relate to anything these characters talk about even if I did look past the harem-ish nature of this show. “Oh, but it’s really funny”, say the fans. Yeah, I don’t recall laughing once.

Space Patrol Luluco

And I haven’t laughed once at Luluco either since its first episode. It’s the same problem I have with Shaft shows, Osomatsu-san, and a bunch of other anime comedies that have gotten decent fanbases as of late: jokes amounting to nothing more than monkey-cheese and self-referentiality. Admittedly, the energy this week was amusing, but on the whole this is just another show I’m not going to remember after I finish it.

Concrete Revolutio

Go read this post if you haven’t already.

The Lost Village

For a show’s that apparently supposed to be a horror comedy, there sure isn’t much horror or comedy going on. Actually, I don’t think the plot has progressed at all since the first episode. The whole show so far has just been a bunch of fake-outs with any nuance in regards to the supernatural stuff tossed out the window the moment the latest episode introduced this…this…whatever the hell this thing is. Hopefully it starts actually killing people next week.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Have any of you guys notice with Araki’s recent stuff (Guilty Crown, Attack on Titan) that he likes to dedicate the first two episodes towards throwing us into the action whilst the third episode is dedicated towards slowing things down and explaining the show’s concepts to us in greater detail whilst still being tense (in a way)? I’ve got to say, it’s a pretty decent formula. Not really much to say about this show or the latest episode otherwise. It’s fun, but it’s not the kind of fun where I can really pinpoint anything specific about what it does well.

Ushio & Tora

Ushio threatens Tora not to kill the guy who betrayed them. Tora ends up being forced to kill the guy. This can’t end well.

Minor Quips

  • So my APR this week consist of the following:
    • 1. Concrete Revolutio
    • 2. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
    • 3. Ushio & Tora
    • 4. My Hero Academia
    • 5. Kiznaiver (honestly, this was put in because the latest episode wasn’t bad. It hasn’t been doing anything I’ve really enjoyed lately)
  • Still recovering from the night shift that my work made me do a few hours ago.

8 responses to “Anime Roundup — Week 4 of Spring 2016

  1. I’m really enjoying Kabaneri at the moment, and I’m impressed to see that the animation quality hasn’t gone down since the first episode. It’s quite funny to read old comments on various sites where people moaned about Kabaneri ‘replacing’ AOT, but now those people seem to love the show.

    As for Joker Game, I didn’t think it was that bad for a spy story but then I watched The Night Manager, which actually has good plot progression and interesting characters. Production IG haven’t seemed to have made a good show in a long time.

    On a side note, I watched the first episode of Sakamoto because everyone seems to love it, but I didn’t find it very funny.

    • I think it’s even funnier to read the people who still dismiss Concrete Revolutio and pointlessly pretentious.

      And yeah, Sakamoto hasn’t made me laugh once. Admittedly, the first half of the latest episode wasn’t “that” bad, but it dragged that punchline out wayyyyyy too long.

  2. I thought Osomatsu-san was very varied in its jokes. I understand they were occasionally pretty niche, but they hardly were simply “people screams and makes funny faces”. Luluco on the other hand is simply nonsense comedy. It too has its subtle jokes though (mostly at the expense of how ridiculously smitten Luluco is of the uber-suspicious Alpha Omega Nova). I’m enjoying it greatly in general though, and being a short helps it not overstretching its – admittedly thin – material.

      • Mmmm, okay, but I don’t think it was only THAT either. There was a pretty varied selection of gags (including social satire, character-driven humour, and plain surrealism). I can totally see it not working of course, the disconnect between Japanese and Western humour is one of the biggest cultural hurdles IMHO when watching anime but I think it was often very inspired and definitely not lacking originality.

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