Anime Roundup — Week 3 of Spring 2016

Let’s bring back the grab bag formula under its new name, the “anime roundup”.

Just a reminder in case you forgot how these work, I’ll only be covering anime I feel I have something to say about on here, and there may be times when I sneak in something non-anime related. But “anime roundup” just has a certain ring to it and said cartoons will always cover the majority of these posts, so what can you do? Also, the planned day for these is every Sunday due to APR-related reasons and the fact that Monday/Tuesday are review days.


I really want to like this show, but I can’t stand the inconsistent tone. The majority of the characters are fine for the most part, but Niko really grinds my gears and Tenga isn’t much better. But what really caused the show to lose me this week was how it put the story on halt to build up the characters and introduce the seventh guy, who we don’t learn anything about other than he’s a crook and fucking retarded. Apparently, the character work between our initial cast is enough for some people and sure it was decent, but I don’t see why you had to pause the plot in order to accomplish that.


Wow. She’s a girl? Nooooooooo! Next you’ll be telling me that the guy who looks like Superman except for the fact that he wears glasses is Spiderman!

Joker Game

A story about criticizing Japan’s involvement in WWII told through one-off, non-story related, and simple yet retardedly executed missions that don’t characterize the spies (or even the people they’re involved with) with all the story-related bits reserved for the end of each mission. And all it amounts to are the spies reacting in surprise at their country’s actions. The boredom just really leaps off the screen, doesn’t it?

Concrete Revolutio: The Last Song

Not really one of the show’s strongest episodes, but Concrete Revolutio still delivers in regards to satirizing Japanese culture, the Winter Olympics, and the gods in general whilst delivering on the superpower thrills and all that. This show is always good in handling its combination of anime tropes and thought-provoking themes, but it only reaches perfection when the main characters – particularly Jiro – have personal stakes in what’s going on. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the test jumper who refused to get his body modified so that he could compete with the young crowd all that entertaining. Oh well, let’s hope next week’s episode is stronger.

Re: Zero

I’m sorry, who thought this was a good idea? An entirely action-driven episode shot in the dark so I could barely see what was going on, even in scenes when the characters were being lit by moonlight. And whilst the animation is decent, the fight scenes are awful. The camera is a joke what with its constant switching of angles and that godawful first-person perspective to mimic choreography, and Elsa is too far above the other characters in terms of power to make for an entertaining combatant until Reinhard came in and reversed the roles. And from what I heard, the story (what little there is) gets more sadistic in the coming arcs. Oh goody, I can’t wait to see that.

I Am Sakamoto?

Still not understanding what’s supposed to be funny about this show. Not one thing Sakamoto does makes me laugh, and all the supporting cast members are just a bunch of stereotypes who’d embarrass the cast from Saved by the Bell if they were all stoned. They don’t even attempt jokes at least half the running time. Without strong characters, how am I supposed to be entertained during said downtime?

The Lost Village

Macross Delta

So despite what I said, I ended up dropping a few shows (Ace Attorney, Endride) and caught up to the new Macross. And wow is it not doing a thing for me. I don’t find Kawamori’s humor funny and the love triangle stuff between a rookie soldier, a cheerful idol, and a hardass female superior hasn’t gotten any less annoying since the last time every other Macross series did it. It feels like they just made an entire show out of references to previous entries, and all I have to wonder whilst watching this is whether or not Delta is going to introduce something new to the formula. You know, just so that the next Macross can reference it?

Minor Quips

  • Yeah yeah, I know some of the love triangles in the previous Macross stuff were between two guys and a girl as well.
  • So my top five anime of the week basically came down to this:
    1. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
    2. Concrete Revolutio: The Last Song
    3. Ushio and Tora S2
    4. My Hero Academia
    5. Didn’t like anything else this week.
  • Sorry guys, but with the exception of Concrete, I couldn’t find anything interesting to say about the shows I did like this week because they’re mostly just well-executed action stuff.

6 responses to “Anime Roundup — Week 3 of Spring 2016

  1. I am mostly on the dudes who are entertained with Kiznaiver’s last episode but is totally on fence with Sakamoto Desu Ga. The joke died on the second episode. Uuggggh. It was a fun run Sakamoto.

    All others? Yeah, not a good week Spring 2016. I am bored. Wait. Did you drop My Hero Academia?

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