What Looks Review-Worthy This Season (Spring 2016 Edition)? — Part I

Gonna push the Phantom World and Grimgar reviews back a day to chime in about the new season. So let’s get to it.

Ushio & Tora 2

I had hoped Ushio & Tora’s last cour would go the route of Noragami Aragoto on delivering majorly on the goods now that its hit-and-miss setup was over with. And with the first episode of this cour, I think we’re definitely going to see something on that level. I loved how it wasted no time in jumping right back into the action, re-introducing us to the characters in a way that feels very natural with the whole Hakumen no Mono plot. And after sitting through the soullessness of Crimson Moon (and let’s face it, the majority of the first Ushio & Tora was hit-and-miss on visuals as well), seeing Mappa deliver on that beautiful animation again really puts a smile on my face. Yeah Jojo is ultimately going to be the action show people pay attention to this season, but that’s no reason for this 90s gem to get overlooked. Although I’m still weirded out regarding how all of Ushio’s human friends are female.

Review-worthy? Definitely, although I might cry when Asako inevitably gets her hair cut. Seriously, her look in the ED is a tragedy.


Could not watch this episode without pointing out countless scenes from Battle Royale every step of the way. And to be honest, I don’t see how you couldn’t since Battle Royale is sort of required viewing for anyone with an interest in Japanese pop culture. Personally, I thought the episode was boring due to the large amounts of talking, failed attempts to be scary, and the fact that as of this premiere, nothing has really happened yet. However, I’ve heard others seem to be seeing the show as an unintentional comedy the same way they saw Mizushima’s last horror anime: Another. I’m not a fan of Another even as that due to the large amounts of boring moments in-between the stand-outs, but whatever floats your boat guys.

Review-worthy? Pretty damn sure it is.

Ace Attorney

Welp, so much for Ayumu Watanabe’s talent, huh guys? This adaptation is as soulless as you’d expect from an A-1 Pictures video game anime. It hits every basic plot beat from the games without inserting any sort of story or character into anything that goes on. Also, if the humor in this show is the same as in the games (which I doubt), then quite frankly I don’t see how these games could be so popular. The fans have mostly already bailed on this show and I’m debating doing the same.

Review-worthy? Shrug

Boku no Hero Academia

I was always worried about this show because there isn’t much manga to adapt and with only one cour, Bones can’t possibly get too far into the good stuff to begin with. And with the first episode, it’s nice to see that my fears were completely right. Whilst it has an advantage over One Punch Man due to the main character actually being somewhat relatable with a chance to grow, Hero Academia is slooooooowwwww as all hell, taking way too long building up its world and characters without delivering on the necessary plot beats to make for engaging viewing. I mean at the end of the episode, all that’s really happened is Deku gaining resolve and his hero suffering from some sort of illness.  We don’t even get to the part where he enrolls into the academy. Sigh, we’ll see what later episodes have in store I guess.

Review-worthy? Of course.

Re Zero “I Don’t Care”

Absolutely awful in every single way imaginable. The first mistake this anime did was making our main character completely self-aware of his situation without doing a damn thing with said self-awareness other than make him an unfunny idiot. Mistake #2 was not telling me who this dude is and just rolling with the fact that we’re supposed to care for him just because he was thrown in a dangerous situation. And Mistakes #3 through Infinity was getting White Fox involved. So that means we’ve got shitty action scenes, waaaaaay too much talking, incompetent attempts at being grimdark that ruin the premise, and basically just being a light novel version of Akame ga Kill. Oh, and did I mention the first episode is an hour long?! Where the fuck was Academia’s hour-long premiere, anime guys? People can’t possibly think this is good satire, right?

*Looks at MAL page and forums*


Review-worthy? Fuuuuuuuucccckkkkkk! Fine, I’ll watch all 24-26 episode of this shit and review it!

Kuma Miko

So I ended up watching the first episode due to Twitter exploding about the unexpected “beastiality jokes”. That was a mistake.

Review-worthy? When the bear delivered the punchline that he had been neutered, I literally felt all the humor in the world die around me. In other words, fuck no I’m not going to watch anymore of this shit!

Space Patrol Luluco

In my opinion, Imaishi is the only anime director these days who knows how to actually be funny. He may indulge in the self-awareness like every other comedic director in the market, but unlike them, he understands the importance of comedic timing and using irony in humor. Luluco continues the tradition of showcasing his unique sense of humor in short format and whilst I doubt it’ll become a favorite of mine, it actually makes me laugh. When was the last time an anime did that? Well, the Noragami OVAs weren’t too long ago, but you get what I mean.

Review-worthy? No, but it looks fun.


Endride comes off to me as an old-school anime in the bad sense rather than the good sense the action shows this season have been doing. The premise reminds me of Fushigi Yuugi if it was catered more towards the BL crowd, the animation is Brains Base so that means it’s mediocre as fuck, and there is absolutely no originality in any frame of this thing. Really, I have nothing else to say besides that. It was just so plain and uninteresting to the point that I’m surprised it’s going for two cours.

Review-worthy? I have no idea.

Minor Quips

  • Just for clarification, the Phantom World review will go up tomorrow whilst the Grimgar review will go up the day after.
  • Next found of “first impressions” will go up after Thursday, as Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday together don’t have much in terms of quantity.
  • After the “explosion” regarding the (unfunny) bear sex joke, I have officially lost all faith in the fanbase and humanity in general.

7 responses to “What Looks Review-Worthy This Season (Spring 2016 Edition)? — Part I

  1. Ushio & Tora: I dropped it early on due to the terrible humor and annoying main characters. Did it get better at those? Or better yet, removed them completely?

    Re Zero: Can we stop pretending that a shit show commenting about how bad it is can somehow make it good? 15 minutes in, and I’m out.

    Ace Attorney: the attempt at making it completely identical to the VN amuse me…for now. Will keep watching.

    Boku no Hero Academia: I have been burned too many time by battle shounen. Will wait and see.

    Mayoiga: I hate ‘so bad it good’-style anime. And I fear that Mari Okada is actually completely serious.

    • Ushio & Tora: I dropped it early on due to the terrible humor and annoying main characters. Did it get better at those? Or better yet, removed them completely?

      You remember how FMA: Brotherhood’s first 13 episodes were rushed and full of terrible humor due to having to get through the material the first anime covered fast so it can get to the new stuff? Ushio & Tora is the same for its 13 (maybe 14) episodes because it had to go through all the stuff the OVA series covered way back when.

      • Actually, Trigun is more an accurate comparison (even has the same director). And personally, I’d skip the OVAs at this point since they have no story. The best time to watch those would have been before the first season started.

  2. I’m fine with Boku no Hero Academia taking it slow. I wouldn’t be surprised if the anime gets another cour after the first one airs, so long as the adaptation is good. Reception to episode 1 has been good, from what I’m seeing, so here’s hoping.

    Re Zero, from what I’ve read of the manga adaptation, as well as what I’ve heard of the light novel, sounds awful. Not gonna watch that.

    I might watch Ace Attourney if it gets better in the next couple episodes. I liked Working/Wagnaria and GATE, despite GATE’s inherent flaws. But the rest of A-1’s catalogue does not interest me. So, kinda mixed on this one. The games were good, but so much of the exposition and dialogue could be ruined by a bad director, so I’m waiting.

    Not super interested in Ushio and Tora, but I might take a look once it finishes.

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