Some Mid-season Ranking of Winter 2016 Stuff


Everyone seems to be putting these out right now, so why not? 

Also, just for kicks, I’m going to include the non-anime TV shows I keep up with this season on here. Keep in mind, I’m not exactly a big fan of the scene, so I don’t stick with the bad stuff the way I do anime – which means that you should expect a lot of the non-anime stuff to be at the very top of the rankings. Oh, and I’m not including the stuff that has erratic scheduling like Adventure Time or Gravity Falls. Too much of a mess to bother putting them on here, although Gravity Falls would definitely be #1 because of how awesome its finale was. I’m also keeping Tonight With John Oliver out of the list because A) the new season just started B) I feel weird putting in news shows, even the satirical ones, on a list of stuff that’s mostly fictional.

Notable Anime I’m Not Watching Because of Reasons:

Rakugo – You already know why I’m not watching this. If I could get in a show regardless of genre just because it was good, I’d like Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul. And I don’t.
Gundam-Iron Blooded Orphans
 – I actually did watch a bit of the show’s second half just to see what was pissing off the fans. Then I realized what I was doing and stopped.
– I’m still not sure what’s supposed to be funny about this show. Mind you, I don’t know what’s supposed to be funny about the anime comedies I did keep with, but whatever.
Red-Haired Snow White 2 
– Meh.
Ajin – Still waiting for Netflix to pick it up.


24. Active Raid

It’s like some unholy amalgamation of Jormungand and Robotics;Notes. Why on earth anyone would want to combine two of the most worthless anime of the last few years, I have no idea.

23. Heavy Object

Just terrible.

22. Haruchika

I read someone’s comments saying he liked this show because it deals with heavy issues you don’t normally see in anime (PTSD, loss of hearing, homosexual childhood friends, etc.). Fair enough, but I don’t see what the point of having those issues in your story is if you’re not going to handle them in a dramatic way, nor do I see what they add to the story of a band trying to get good enough to play in a competition. It feels like they were thrown in just because they exist. (edit:) Oh, and the large amounts of slice-of-life stuff is so. Fucking. Dull.

21. Girls Beyond the Wasteland

This anime was based on a visual novel, so let’s go through the checklist. Lack of a strong hook? Check. Too many characters who add nothing to the story? Check. Very imbalanced gender ratio? Check. LOTS of talking/exposition that drags out an already simplistic story? Check. Utterly boring to watch? Check, check, and check again.

20. Prince of Stride

Every time I finish an episode, I immediately forget about this show until I look at what airs on Tuesday and see this thing subbed. Think that says enough.

19. Dagashi Kashi

I don’t get it.

18. Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

You know I’m watching some real shit when this retarded show isn’t in the bottom three.

17. Dimension W (Dropped)

Absolutely mediocre in every way. It world-builds for the sake of world-building. It reveals character background for the sake of revealing character background. It has creepy robot fanservice for no good reason. That cost-saving trick with the white outlines sucks. And I don’t give two shits about anything because world-building and character-building for its own sake is worthless! If you don’t have any story or anything of substance to say with these setpieces, then why should I care about them? I have nothing more to add from the last time I wrote about this show, so I bailed after that lackluster mystery arc.

16. Garo: Crimson Moon

By this point, I wish this show had been worse than it actually is. At least if it had been outright bad, it’d be more memorable. Unlike Dimension W, it does have a story. That’s about the only advantage it has over that show though, and it’s not even a good story.

15. Bubuki Buranki

This show is trying way too hard to be cool and it just isn’t. Nothing but talking and fighting and talking and fighting. It’s like Mortal Kombat Annihilation all over again.

14. Gate 2

At this point, I’ve given up on being mad at Gate and its glorification of the Japanese military as they overpower these asshole fantasy characters with so much one-sidedness it’s not even funny. Well, I tell a lie. It’s a little funny how much said one-sidedness has actually increased since the first cour hit. But yeah, this is by the director of Mahouka alright.

13. Durarara!!x2 Ketsu

This would be higher if Durarara would stop trying to talk me to death in-between all the action that’s finally starting to happen. And if its last two seasons didn’t wear me down so much. Other than that, not much to say. It’s more Durarara. For those who stuck with the show so far, congratulations.

12. Kono Subarashii Blablabla

I’ll admit that this other Deen comedy has its moments, but without fail, it always ends up killing them by dragging the jokes out far longer than they should be. Also, I’m still trying to discover what about that girl who’s into BDSM is supposed to be funny.

11. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

This show might have been alright if it wasn’t bogged down by the usual problems I have with light novel adaptations. The ungodly amounts of world/character building at the expense of story. The fact that the characters themselves are bog-standard. I heard the show gets more harem-ish later on, so I’m not looking forward to that. It gets the emotions of being stuck in a fantasy world right, but there’s no thrust to them, leaving me more confused than engaged.

10. Myriad Colors Phantom World

Not really sure what was up with the fanservice-y stuff in the initial episodes since Phantom World has pretty much dropped ’em to focus more on being the Japanese version of a Disney Afternoon show. It’s still not great by those standards due to the imbalanced gender ratio and lack of good jokes, but it’s harmless, well-animated stuff I can stomach whilst waiting for something more interesting to watch.

9. Vinyl

Only the first episode is out as of this time of writing, but it was like two hours long, which is longer than all the Dagashi Kashi episodes that are out right now. Anyways, it’s a good portrayal of the rock scene during that time period, but there’s not much of a story to be drawn from it yet. I heard Vinyl doesn’t fix this problem later on, but I’ll cross that bridge when it comes. One live-action show I don’t enjoy isn’t going to waste too much of my time as long as it’s not like the first few episodes of…

8. the muppets.

Picked up this show again after I heard it got retooled, and thank god for that because this show was agonizingly unfunny when it first aired to the point I had to stop halfway into the third episode. So you can imagine my joy when I gave it another chance and saw the Muppets being fun again. It’s a little too late to save this season as a whole, but if the network executives decide not to cancel this show, I’m definitely looking forward to watching more of it.


Despite all my complaints against this show’s direction as of late, ERASED isn’t bad. I’ll need to see where the show goes from the end of its latest arc before I say more about it.

6. American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson

Pretty heavy-handed/obvious about its themes regarding racism and fame related to a guy who was basically to the 90s what Bill Cosby is today, but being heavy-handed is always preferable to not having it at all, and there’s really no other reason to watch the show otherwise because we all know how the incident played out in real life. I mean, I guess it’s kind of funny to see David Schwimmer playing Kim Kardashian’s father, but eh.

5. Lupin III

Favorite anime that’s airing by default when you get down to it, but overall, Lupin is a fun show. Could care less about the plot if I’m being honest since it’s just a bunch of Italy-related events that Lupin and his buddies are only tangentially related to. When it focuses on Lupin being Lupin though, it’s funny enough. Far from what I’d consider a great show, but definitely the Lupin that old-time fans deserve.

4. Fresh Off the Boat

At this point, it’s pretty clear that Eddie’s parents are the stars of this show whilst anything focusing on Eddie himself just isn’t as funny. That’s why the second season has mostly focused on them and that’s why Fresh Off the Boat continues to be funny. It’s not one of my favorite comedies or anything, but that last episode where the parents get all worked up over the Internet cracked me up.

3. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia


2. The Venture Brothers

Finally, I can watch this show as it airs. And I honestly prefer that, because I rewatched the first five seasons (and the specials) prior to the new season’s start and it ended up being a bit more than I can handle due to how many jokes Venture Brothers throws at you with each episode. Now that I’m taking my time with a weekly airing, it’s easier to digest the humor and it’s easier to remember who the hell all these characters are. And seriously, this show is funny as shit. Even if you’re not familiar with stuff like Jonny Quest or Scooby-Doo or all the other 70s-80s stuff this show lampoons, you need to at least give this thing a chance. It’s way funnier than any other cartoon that’s airing right now, that’s for sure.

1. Modern Family

I’m not sure what was up with its string of poor episodes last Fall, because Modern Family has been on top form ever since it made its return. It’s got heart. It’s got humor. It’s got a great cast of characters. It always makes you think it’s going one way, only to go somewhere else. And it is one of the best modern comedies to ever exist.

7 responses to “Some Mid-season Ranking of Winter 2016 Stuff

  1. Weird. I also rank Lupin as one of the enjoyable shows this Winter that is ironic since it came from Fall 2015.

    I am amazed how high you relatively rank Phantom World, not that it’s bad but… well, it’s not good for a KyoAni show too.

    Darn. Ajin is late by an episode in some streaming sites but I believe it is much better written than Erased. By a lot.

    Dagashi Kashi.. Ehhhh?

    I am picking Haruchika as the worst this season. Boring is worse than appalling (Active Raid).

    I am torn between liking the second season of Shirayuki-hime more since it has a story now but the freshness of the characters are just… gone.

    Osomatsu is funny at episode 18 then that’s it.

    Yet I am liking this season better than Fall 2015, just because I have two shows I can take seriously and some ridiculously funny shorts.

    • I am amazed how high you relatively rank Phantom World

      It’s actually kind of interchangeable between Grimgar and Konosuba. I just put it higher because of the talking teddy bears last week.

      I am picking Haruchika as the worst this season. Boring is worse than appalling (Active Raid).

      The reason I rank Active Raid at the bottom is to make a statement against anime who base the entirety of their concepts on over-the-top wackiness. That, and last week’s episode had the gall to remind me of Robotics;Notes, and…well…fuck Robotics;Notes.

      I am torn between liking the second season of Shirayuki-hime more since it has a story now but the freshness of the characters are just… gone.

      Zen confessing his feelings was mostly the reason why I didn’t bother to watch more of it if I’m honest.

      Yet I am liking this season better than Fall 2015, just because I have two shows I can take seriously and some ridiculously funny shorts.

      If you include the non-anime shows, I’d agree with you. But I really liked Bones’ stuff last season, so anime-wise, I prefer Fall. I saw the Ajin movie sometime ago and it was alright, but I didn’t like it as much as Fall’s best. And of course, Lupin is technically a Fall show.

      • Ow. I forgot ConRevo and Noragami aired last season (not the shows but when they aired). Nonetheless, I quite like the diversity of this season as opposed to gar gar gar mecha action oriented Fall.

      • I still haven’t seen that but well, I guess I am lucky for avoiding it. I sensed Saekano all over it so no. I have yet to see Erased’s 8th episode but we are so done (thankfully) with Airi drama fest.

      • At this point, I think we’re all in agreement that ERASED’s plot is terrible and the show is at its best when it’s taking a break from it. The downside is that you need the plot for the breaks to be effective, so we’ve got a Catch-22 situation here.

  2. Realized I forgot to put Durarara on here. Honestly, I’m not sure whether it’s better or worse than the Grimgar/Phantom World/Konosuba harmless trilogy, but I’m ranking it lower just to make a statement.

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