Examining Haruchika’s Opening Credits

I wonder how you even get your voice that high-pitched. Overuse of lemons?

Let’s take a look at the opening credits of an anime that actually has its main characters’ names in the title, shall we? Haruchika’s opening credits start off on the right foot by promoting its titular characters the very second it starts up. We start off with an individual shot of Haruta because his name comes first in the title due to the author of said books apparently having a thing for ordering names in reverse alphabetical order, followed by an individual shot of Chika before we see the two of them together putting their instruments in their mouths whilst the camera pans to the sky in order to have a clear background for us to see the title in the most unoriginal way possible. So at this point, we know who will be driving the show, but don’t get what Haruchika is about from those scenes alone or even if the instruments are actually a part of the show to begin with. I mean Kannagi’s opening has Nagi getting managed as an idol, and whilst I’m one of the few people who hasn’t seen that show, I’m pretty sure that the story is idol-free.

The later scenes show Haru and Chika interacting with some other characters who we assume are going to be the supporting cast as they hang out in the train station, eat cotton candy, and partake in a festival. Basically, banal school life stuff that’s just as boring to watch in opening credits as it is in an actual show. So so far, Haruchika is giving off the impression that it’s going to be about happy times with these group of friends, and happy times do not make me, or most people, happy. Hey, remember how in Euphonium’s opening when they cut to all those girls standing around in the rain, looking depressed as a sign that there would be drama on the horizon? Are we ever going to get something like in this opening?

We then cut to a generic look-back at nothing shot with a sakura transition before we see a grown man in glasses doing some conducting, followed by the characters playing instruments. Okay, so I guess instruments will play a big role in the story, and the story itself is about a band? Fair enough, but why are they playing over a generic sky background? And whilst the instrument movement is fine, if generic, for the most part, some of the characters just look at the sky without playing their instrument at all. Particularly the glasses girl, who apparently is the most important supporting member given by how serious she looks and how much screen time she gets in this act of the opening.

Afterwards, we move on to the opening’s final act with the band actually playing in a concert hall, and I use the word “playing” very lightly because the majority of the scene is a still shot whilst the camera moves diagonally because…I honestly have no idea. But seriously, the opening is usually the most animated part of a series and you can’t even spare money to animate people playing in your credits? No dramatic violining ala Your Lie In April’s opening credits, nor the realistic attention-to-detail band movement in Euphonium’s? Just a still frame, followed by quick cuts to Haru and Chika blowing in their instruments and the glasses guy waving his baton before cutting again to a picture of the characters (and why’s that one dude in the front and center of it)? You do realize that means you’re most likely not going to have them play in the actual series, right? And if we don’t get to see the band play, then why are watching an anime about a band?

In short, whilst Haruchika gives off the impression that the show will be about a boy and a girl named Haru and Chika and that it’ll be about their friends and a band, this opening is too lifeless to extract anymore from that. Not all good shows have good opening numbers, but I can’t think of one off the top of my head where the actual scenes playing in the credits is this bland. I don’t think I’m going to surprise anyone at this point that I think the show is shit so far given how I’m one of like five people who are watching the thing, but for those of you who checked the show itself to confirm if it was worth watching, you really only needed to have seen these horrible opening credits whilst keeping the volume on mute so you don’t have to hear the awful song to know this show isn’t worth your time.

Also, why does what is unmistakably the chorus show up in the last few seconds of this OP rather than in the middle?

5 responses to “Examining Haruchika’s Opening Credits

  1. Wait. I laughed the moment I read the title of this article but it was a fun one. I agree that IT IS LIFELESS just like the show itself. I mean, why is it like shown like still images? Ugh. I like the song used though.

    As regards to Kannagi, that was a cute show that I mistook as a KyoAni show because A-1 also pulled some real fluid animation even that was like in 2007? I don’t want to spoil anything but you are almost correct to say that the show has zero idol moments.

  2. *shrugs* I care for the visuals in the OP about as much as I do for the show overall, which is to say not very. I like the song itself well enough though – not a Fhána fan myself since most of their stuff comes across as pretty bland to me, but I do like the duet parts of this. Whoever the male singer is, he’s bringing a lot more energy to the piece than usual for the group. That said, it’s still pretty standard J-pop fare I guess, so I’m more than used to squeaky high-pitched vocals.

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