Holding Off On The Winter 2016 Anime

Incidentally, this is the first anime that’s getting released this season. LOL.

Winter 2016 anime start getting released this week and whilst I’m sure Nano and whatever anime forums you frequent will get flooded with first impressions posts before long, don’t look to me for them. I decided to take another break from current running shows this season, only I plan to stick more to this one so I can handle some other stuff I’ve been wanting to devote some time to, including video games, rewatching some old favorites, and one big blog project that I’ll most likely reveal around the end of the season. And I don’t think I could have picked a better season to do so, because truth be told, it’s not looking too enthusiastic. I don’t like the two-cour shows I’ve stuck with (Garo: Crimson Moon, Heavy Object, Lupin to a lesser extent) and the Winter shows that look interesting seem liked they’d be better off marathoned, let alone the ones that look crap. So if Kadian decides to have APR go on this season, I doubt I’ll be participating.

Incidentally, I will also (for the most part) not be reading any anime forums, websites, or my own Twitter timeline during this period so as to avoid discussion that could taint my opinion on an anime before I get to it. I’ll still be available for contact by email, Twitter, or this blog, and I can’t stop you guys from telling me your opinions on current stuff through said mediums (although why you’d want to do that, I don’t know), but I’m trying to avoid hearing anything on the level of how good the new Gundam was before people started realizing it was shit, partly because I don’t care and mostly to avoid backlash once the shit hits the fan. Sure I’ll believe anyone who tells me that Dimension W is awful, but that isn’t going to stop me from watching it. After all, Standing On My Neck is not and will never be a blog dedicated only to anime I like – as you’ll see in tomorrow’s review.

Speaking of which, the Monday reviews are still going on and I’ve got quite a few Fall shows, along with some other stuff I recently polished off, to get me through the months. Couple that with video games and other stuff I write about – along with that blog project I mentioned earlier – and you can bet that Standing On My Neck isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So have fun crying tears that KyoAni is making yet another shitty in-house LN adaptation or praising Taniguchi for his new 80s show for the new age. I’ll watch ’em later.

By the way, are any anime movies getting released this season?

Minor Quips

  • I haven’t looked at what’s been licensed for legal streaming FYI.

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