Twelve Days of Anime #2b (The Best Cartoon of 2015) — The Western Scene Needs Love Too

Considering they’re not actually anime and South Park having an episode about yaoi this season doesn’t make it qualify, I wasn’t allowed to give these shows an actual trophy despite them badly deserving to take first place on this Twelve Days project both for the increased sharpness in their satire this year, as well as for being the funniest cartoons to ever exist in general. I was actually considering bending the rules to give them their moment in the sun, as I find it very hard to believe at this point in time that there are anime fans out there who don’t watch Rick and Morty unless they have never heard of the show before or are in a coma, so they would technically qualify by the standards of this blog. Instead, I’m just going to spotlight them as a sort of “extra” on my Twelve Days before my actual “best anime of 2015” choice as the best overall cartoons I watched this year – easily worth your time more than light novel adaptation number whatever.

With South Park’s new direction into ongoing narratives paying off far better than it did last year in order to make for one of its strongest seasons in a long time, along with Rick and Morty’s continued foray into increasingly creative/satirical space adventures that make Red Dwarf look like The Big Bang Theory, the only reason I can think of to not make them my number one is that both shows had that one “really bad episode” this year and their finales sort of “happened”. But if one bad episode and a meh finale was enough to kill my enthusiasm, I wouldn’t like anything at all, let alone all the other anime on my Twelve Days.

And no, I refuse to choose between the two. They’re both the best “anime” of 2015 in my eyes, and if Gravity Falls wanted to get recognized on here as well, it shouldn’t have had such a fucked up release schedule.

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