Twelve Days of Anime #2 (The Best Anime of 2015) — The Solution to 2015’s Problems

Let me make it clear right now that Standing On My Neck does not tolerate style as substance on its own terms like the anime shown above in case you’re one of those people who think 2015 was an absolute gem of a year for anime. And it really disappointed me in this particular year because it was pretty much the year of the shonen/superhero (or super power in general) shows, two genres I’m not exactly big on by themselves, but I’ve been known to enjoy them when those genres were used as a means for larger issues, as Punch Line, Noragami, and Garo have shown. And who can deny the awesomeness of Daredevil and Jessica Jones when they arrived? Unfortunately, when they weren’t trying to use bright visuals to distract from the fact that they have nothing to show for it whatsoever, most of 2015’s superpower anime either took a page from the Ant-Man school of writing and suffered massively for it, or bungled the execution of their larger issues and ended up not faring much better.

On a side note, I’ve also recently been giving Star Driver another shot and it’s really boring me. There’s no overarching story, the characters are so fucking dull to the point that they make Superman look charismatic, the tributes to old-school mecha are not the least bit interesting at all, and I hate how much it wants to be Utena whilst completely missing the point on what made Utena a good show. So basically, like everything else Bones has released since the beginning of their time.

It wasn’t until Concrete Revolutio came along, slapped Charlotte, Jojo, Insight, BBB, Durarara, One-Punch Man and practically every other anime that aired this year (and Star Driver) across the face, lectured them on their failures, and then showed ’em how this sort of shit was done. What it isn’t is gimmicky, padded, and populated by a bunch of arrogant dickheads with no relatable flaws or purpose in the story. What it is is tight, multi-layered, rich in thematic value, and populated by characters who actually have arcs that drive the narrative.

Concrete Revolutio isn’t over yet and it’s full of spotty plotting, but I had more fun with it than practically any other anime in the last few years and I think the first half can stand on its own as a separate product the same way Eden of the East and Aku no Hana can (and if the season finale ends up sucking chunks, we’ll just have to promote my #2b to just plain #2…exactly as I planned), so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be my number one anime of 2015. Hopefully the show doesn’t let the praise get to its head and bungle things up in the future.

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  1. It’s actually not a bad choice given the resolution of the most recent episode. I love how things are getting glued together in Concrete Revolutio. Now, my only concern for this one is its tendency not to care with the overseas audience (it’s not its fault but…). I cannot keep up with the timeskips at first because I don’t know what does the Showa Era mean, etc. Well, once I got used with it, this show became my dark horse this season until it acknowledged it as one of my favorites.

    For my best animes this year: Death Parade, OreGairu Zoku, Noragami Aragoto, Sound Euphonium, Garo, Mobile Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans, Shirayuki-hime, Concrete Revolutio and Punchline are what I consider I genuinely like for 2015 with the first two and Sound Euphonium being in my top anime list.

      • Well, I don’t know if you’re gonna like IBO since it’s more character driven and the militaristic aura of Gundam is almost not seen here. The plot is moving at a glacial pace to give way for character development though.

      • The episode I saw was pretty damn slow. The one where the guy nearly died (and I think someone actually died in the next episode). After that battle, there was ALOT of talking.

      • Watched the first two episodes since posting that last comment. Couldn’t get into it. There are way too many characters in that show to the point that they all have to sacrifice screen time and none of them get developed properly. And the child soldier angle does nothing for me either.

      • I see, well, that’s one big problem of IBO that I ignored. If you’re not able to appreciate the space rats thing aka child soldiers this show wants to portray, you will not be able to enjoy the show at all and that’s understandable. The execution is on point for my taste though.

        And yes, the glacial (and sometimes wobbly) pacing of IBO is a turn off.

  2. I’m glad I started Concrete Revolutio, since at first I had not interest since it’s Bones, but this blog and a few others convinced me to watch the best anime of 2015

    The only thing OPM has going for it is it’s great animation… I read the manga before and while I thought it was funny at the time, I was really only reading it because of Murata’s artwork. I don’t think it’s funny anymore; but that’s not because I read the manga, it’s just because I realized it isn’t funny.

    I also watched the first OPM OVA, and it had none of the good animation, and was a complete bore, making it a good showcase of why it’s a bad show.

    I’m also gonna have to rewatch JoJo since it’s on my favorites list, but I’m not sure I like it anymore (or any of its ilk, for that matter)

    • I watched a few minutes of the first special, got bored, and turned it off.

      I’m also gonna have to rewatch JoJo since it’s on my favorites list, but I’m not sure I like it anymore (or any of its ilk, for that matter)

      Every time I see high praise for that series, I wonder if people are watching a different show or reading a different manga that just happens to have the same name.

  3. I never did getting around to finishing Star Driver back when it was airing. It was one of those shows that I badly wanted to like, and in theory it should have ticked nearly every box for me, but I ended up completely losing any motivation to continue watching somewhere around the halfway mark. I think the main problem for me wasn’t the characters or the mecha so much as it was the increasingly predictable story.