Twelve Days of Anime #3 (Second Worst Anime of 2015) — The False Potentials

You guys wondered when they were going to show up. You both get your wish at the same time.

Let’s start with Yatterman Night first. Truth be told, it’s an anime I don’t quite hate so much as pity, which kind of guarantees a spot on the worst list since the latter has been known to be worse than the former quite often. It was one of the blogging community’s biggest disappointments because it started off fantastically (to most people. I just thought it seemed like a watchable kids’ show), only to fall apart fast around the halfway point. Personally, I thought it was shit starting on Episode 2 because the fact that this Doronjo trio – who are supposed to be poor mind you – can summon a mecha out of nowhere completely broke my immersion and the drama was trying so hard to be Now and Then, Here and There (a series I don’t even like) without getting why it worked when it did it. But oh dear god, that second half. Sex with fishes? Half-naked pre-pubescent girls doing a dance to gain money? I have never in my life seen a show throw away everything that was good about it that so excessively.

When I was writing about the show’s failings as it aired, I was trying to get the community to recognize its faults because whilst I had no problem with people liking the show, it seemed like they were ignoring an awful lot of things in doing so rather than acknowledging them. However, nobody was a winner when the show decided to stop pretending that it wanted to be serious and heartfelt, and it just wasn’t fun to talk about anymore. The pacing was terrible, the production values ranged from average to downright awful, the constant humor during what should have been a serious moment completely ruined any sort of tension, and do I have to mention how rushed that finale was? The whole show is basically like the live-action Scooby-Doo films in that it couldn’t make up its mind whether it wanted to be funny, serious, or both in regards to an old franchise. But whatever it was trying to be, it didn’t work at all, resulting in a pitiable drugged-out mess that you want to take behind the shed and put out of its misery by the time the dinosaurs were introduced.

As for Comet Lucifer, whilst Yatterman Night fits the term better, that doesn’t change the fact that it is by every definition of the word, a mess. Whilst it didn’t start off “fantastically”, there was enough promise according to my colleagues (again, not me personally) for a really fun adventure show that could change our minds regarding 8-bit and that the inevitably awful Rewrite adaptation would be in safe hands. However, just like Yatterman Night except more people saw the warning signs this time, any hope of that was squashed by the show’s second episode. The story is completely missing (and when it shows up in the finale, it’s environmental garbage), the tone is all over the place, the action is dull, the characters have no identity to them whatsoever, and the constant copying of much better anime without putting its own unique spin on them is incredibly distracting. And the worse part is it’s not even fun to watch for laughs or point out what’s bad about it because its narrative is incredibly lacking. It’s like if you took Guilty Crown, removed the cynical tone, hilariously stupid characters, high production values, and great music from the product, leaving you with just plain stupid. Or just made another Eureka Seven without giving people a reason to not just watch that again instea…oh yeah, that happened already, didn’t it?

Add in the fact that the lead female is probably one of the worst love interests to ever grace the medium and you can bet that it takes something special to beat out both these shows as the worst anime of the year. What could it be? Tune in in two days to find out.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why there are two anime in this particular Twelve Days entry, most of it has to do with the fact that Lucifer was a last-minute addition as its awfulness didn’t really get into “worst of the year” status until the last few episodes. However, when you think about it, both shows are about equally bad for similar reasons, so no point in splitting them up anyways.

2 responses to “Twelve Days of Anime #3 (Second Worst Anime of 2015) — The False Potentials

  1. This is interesting! Now I really don’t know what your worst anime of the year is.

    Personally, I was disappointed more with Comet Lucifer, because at first it reminded me of Last Exile, which was just plain fun. But instead it turned into what you described it as.

    Again, I have no idea how they’re going to adapt Rewrite. Do you have any theories? I’m thinking that they’ll just do part of the common route and then skip most of the individual character routes and the main part will be the final two routes where the ‘exciting’ stuff happens. Even though doing that won’t make a lot sense.

    • I’ve learned a long time ago to stop theorizing and just wait for it. And I can’t really speak for Last Exile other than I remember it being okay because it’s been years since I’ve seen it.