Twelve Days of Anime #4 (Second Best Anime of 2015) — The Anime Equivalent to Dark Souls

Introducing an on-going franchise to a new audience has it hits and misses with an emphasis on miss. The new Black Jack has been getting its fair share of criticism for its apparently awful depiction of the Vietnam War, Sailor Moon Crystal is self-explanatory, and I really don’t think anyone needs me to bring up a certain anime that had an episode about a dude wanting to have sex with the fishes, do they? So what exactly do you have to accomplish to familiarize your everyday schlub with a franchise they know nothing about? Well you can do what Osomatsu-san is doing right now, but how about in terms of familiarizing your everyday schlub in a way that care about?

You distance yourself from everything but the aesthetics, create a grand scale narrative fueled by characters with personality problems, pace said narrative with insightful and varied episodic stories about the darkness of humanity, choreograph your fight scenes better than Samurai Jack, and sacrifice the animation quality in order to do so…okay maybe that part could have been fixed. What do you get when you do all that? Garo: The Carved Seal of Flames. An epic dark fantasy whose style and scope easily matches its execution. Admittedly it’s not a flawless execution, but Dark Souls isn’t exactly a flawless masterpiece either so don’t let its problems prevent you from appreciating its utter coolness, guys.

And since I’m sure I’ll get comments about it if I don’t address the elephant in the room, no that Crimson Knight iteration we’re getting right now isn’t good, but I pretty much doubt the live-action stuff had a spotless record in regards to its multiple shows either, so I could care less. It’s like complaining about Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue not living up to Lost Galaxy.

8 responses to “Twelve Days of Anime #4 (Second Best Anime of 2015) — The Anime Equivalent to Dark Souls

  1. I heard about Garo from here and from Mecha-Guignol, watched it, now it’s on my favorites list, for the same reasons you listed above

    Isn’t it Crimson Moon, not knight? And yeah, it’s not great but people seriously overstate how bad it is. That last episode with the silver armor was really cool, and a lot of episodes have had something interesting to say. It’s probably not as good because it doesn’t have the same sense of scale as the first season (took them awhile to hint at an overarching story), and isn’t executed as well (and the writer is overworked)

    • I don’t think Crimson whatever is as bad as people say it is, but there’s no getting around the fact that regardless of what you think about the narrative, it looks like shit. I mean really Mappa? I know Garo’s animation was never good, but not once do I recall a moment where the animation jumped up or gave us a really cool-looking fight scene or whatever. Isn’t that supposed to be the studio’s calling card?

  2. Yay! This is a series that accomplishes what 150 plus episode shounen shows in a span of 24 episodes. Color me curious with your number 1 show this year. Rick and Morty does not count as a Japanese show though. Hahaha.

  3. They announced a sequel season to Carved Seal of Flames for Spring 2016..although I’m warming up to Crimson Moon (it’s still pretty bad…especially in the animation department, the buildup is keeping me interested) I’m excited to have another story about Leon and Alfonso.