Twelve Days of Anime #5 (Third Worst Anime of 2015) — And You Thought Sonic’s Fall From Grace Was Bad

2015 was such a disappointing year that two of the most hyped second seasons within the community had to air in the same season just to make room for everything else. And as bad as Aldnoah Zero might have been, I doubt even that mess compares to the giant black hole that was once the flawed Enlightenment of five years ago.

Durarara!!x2 (especially Tenis not just a bad sequel, it’s the bad sequel. So bad that its sales tanked massively, it barely ranked on APR after the first cour ended, the discussion boards were nowhere near as populous as they once were, and absolutely nobody who watched it was having any fun. And if they did, chances are they’re lying to themselves (that’s the only way I can buy into people actually thinking that Ten is better than Shou). Badly animated, terrible fight scenes, way too much dialogue, a growing cast of characters no one gives two shits about, and pacing that makes A-1 Pictures look like Shinichiro Watanabe, there is absolutely nothing to like about Durarara’s return whatsoever. And hopefully after Ketsu airs next season, we can put this particular franchise behind us forever.

10 responses to “Twelve Days of Anime #5 (Third Worst Anime of 2015) — And You Thought Sonic’s Fall From Grace Was Bad

  1. You mean Ten was even worse than Shou? Shou put me to sleep every episode! So bullet dodged for me not watching this dud. Well, it’s not like we didn’t see DRRR!!’s downfall coming. The second half of the first seasob was vastly inferior then we saw this one. Wow. At least Monogatari is still visually quirky.

    • The second half of the first seasob was vastly inferior then we saw this one.

      The first half of that show wasn’t exactly worth the trouble of watching itself.

      At least Monogatari is still visually quirky.

      I don’t get the appeal of Monogatari’s animation style. I watched an episode of Owari a little while back and it looks the same as everything Shaft has made over the years. And it doesn’t make the dialogue any less tedious to sit through either.

      • In Monogatari, everything( the lighting, the scenery, the movement, the music) project the character’s feeling. Monogatari is extremely theatrical. If you watch any Shakespeare plays, the style is pretty much the same: lengthy dialogue and monologue scene, exaggerated action, and thin plot but thick in thematic content. People like Monogatari and not Nisekoi because the former has something for the animation to project, while the later is empty. This style relied on heavily on acting and poetic dialogue. Of course, Nisio Isin cannot match Shakespeare’s brilliance, mostly due to his ridiculous self-indulgence.

      • The (good) Shakespeare movies I remember were about examining the nature of revenge and the failings of monarchy with unrelenting brutality, with the direction from either Julie Taymor or Kenneth Brannagh bringing about a sense of theatrical camp.

        Monogatari is about character types lashing out shallow criticisms of the genre it grounds a lot of its success on whilst simultaneously hating animation (aka the reason I watch anime in the first place) due to its awful cuts and still shots where overly-long drama CD-quality dialogue and unfunny self-referential humor plays over them.

  2. Durarara’s first season started off quite well, but after the first few episodes I lost interest. As expected, I found both Shou and Ten boring, but I was surprised at how bad the animation was. The first season of Durarara was very popular so I thought that at least the budget for animation would go up.

    Looking forward to seeing what your second and worst anime of the year are.

    • Durarara 2 was being handled by a new studio despite otherwise having the same team and it’s clear said studio doesn’t have all its priorities together as of yet.