Twelve Days Of Anime #7 (Fourth Worst Anime of 2015) — You Knew This Was Coming

Well we can’t talk about the worst anime that 2015 had to offer without mentioning the community’s biggest disappointment in a year of disappointments: The Rolling Girls. What more can I say for this mess that hasn’t already been said by me and everyone else by now? A badly written, badly conceived, and just plain unfunny train wreck that kept increasing the number of fan-pandering and completely nonsensical set pieces rather than narrowing the focus in the vague hope that something worthwhile will come from it, before spectacularly collapsing in a manner that makes Armageddon’s cinematography look coherent. It couldn’t have been more un-entertaining if it dipped the bright visuals in brown liquid in order to resemble a generic first-person shooter.

I feel kind of bad for picking on it given the interviews I’ve read regarding Wit Studio’s hopes for it, but then I remembered the massive migraines and overall brain damage the show gave me and decided to just settle for not suing the creators.

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