Twelve Days of Anime #8 (Fourth Best Anime of 2015) — How To Write Your Anime Sequels

One thing I noticed regarding anime sequels is that they’re rarely as good as the original, no matter what quality said original anime was. Even Mushishi sort of dropped in quality when it decided to pack it in for good, and do I really need to bring up Sidonia again? Yet, once in awhile, we get a sequel in this medium that actually delivers on what its first season promises but doesn’t quite achieve because it’s still trying to find its identity like the first season of a new syndicated sitcom. Unfortunately for some of you guys I’m sure, I am not referring to Yahari’s sequel, which did a passable job but fell short due to its inability to craft scenarios that felt as important as its ambitions. No, if you want to sell me on your story, you need to make sure that you’ve got the energy required to tell it properly.

And that’s what I like about Noragami Aragoto. Not only does it want to portray what it means to be a Japanese god in a time period when said gods are more likely to be lampooned on an Adult Swim sitcom than they are to be taken seriously, but it finally does things with the concept and it’s not above having a little fun with it by allowing said gods and their ideologies to clash with each other by means of dual-wielded swords versus a hand cannon. Shonen action for its own sake is a dead horse as of now, guys. We need to start using the genre the same way Marvel’s Netflix output utilizes the superhero formula, and Aragoto is solid proof of what you can accomplish when that happens.

Of course, the show has yet to finish as of this time of writing (in fact, the finale will be out in a few hours by the time this goes up) and it’s possible that the ending episode will be so catastrophic that it kills all the goodwill I’ve said on here. Certainly quite a few hints that’ll happen, what with the increased cheese in its penultimate episodes and word I’ve been hearing regarding Bones’ changes to the material. If it does, I’m going to retroactively take its position on these Twelve Days away and give it to Ushio and Tora or something.

Edit: As discovered today, the series is actually 13 episodes.

8 responses to “Twelve Days of Anime #8 (Fourth Best Anime of 2015) — How To Write Your Anime Sequels

  1. The reception for Noragami s2 on MAL seems to be a lot less positive than season 1. This seems to happen with me a lot with MAL; shows I enjoy get more negative reviews, while shows I dislike get the “best anime ever” type of reviews.

    • And yet it’s still in the top 100 on MAL. And despite the number of forum members saying they loved Perfect Insider’s finale, its MAL ranking has been steadily falling. I can only conclude that the majority of MAL forum posters are idiots (not all since I do too from time to time, and so does Gedata).

      • MAL forum is awful. I can’t understand why a forum with moderators and actual rule can be worst than 4chan. I saw sexism, passive aggressiveness, elitism, and anti-intellectualism everywhere. Thatanimesnob amazingly is not the worst commenter on that site. Even the review feature is turning to shit since they remove the “not helpful” button. Most commenters so rarely talk to each other that I wonder why don’t they just use twitter.

  2. I think Aragoto represents the rare case where the sequel is superior to the first series. I actually ended up caring about the characters and the world-building with the gods, heaven politics, and the underworld were rich and interesting.