Twelve Days of Anime #12 (Sixth Best Anime of 2015) — 2015’s Biggest Surprise

Sixth best anime of 2015 goes to a show that’s sure to feature on a lot of top ten lists this year and I don’t want my Shirobako-loving readers to think I’m some sort of hipster who hates all their favorites (although I’m sure that me placing the anime this low will still cause some snarls, but whatever), so take pleasure in considering me your bitch for just this moment, guys. Sound Euphonium. A show where the nickname: “K-On: The Redemption” goes far beyond the girls actually playing their instruments and into the realm of them earning the right to play said instruments when faced with a little thing we humans call “reality”.

I place it on here as a sign that you should never judge a book by its cover, let previous history make up your opinions on a product for you, and that no matter how many gimmicks you use to try to spice up your cute girl shows, they are absolutely no substitute for flawed characters whose arcs drive a meaningful journey full of sacrifice and compromise. Enough with the tanks. Enough with the zombies. Enough with the shitty franchise milking. Give me some fucking characterization goddammit!

Won’t go higher than sixth place though. I’m sorry Tubacabra, but we just can’t be friends.

11 responses to “Twelve Days of Anime #12 (Sixth Best Anime of 2015) — 2015’s Biggest Surprise

    • Although I think School Live has enough characterization driving its story, I mean the premise of the tale is that one of the girls is too insane to realize the reality they’re in and its a relevant flaw that drives the story. What is your problem with it?

      • In that sense even Euphonium is circumstance driven given the different personal problems that the music club members have to face in that story.
        Whats circumstance driven anyway? I wanna make it clear.

      • I don’t enjoy watching little girls go through physical/mental torture and I don’t like the idea of using banal SOL antics in order to run away from the truth. Some may call combining the two clever. I call it cheap.

        Also, I find that whole “too insane to face reality” thing to be a bit of a weak storytelling device. Didn’t like it in Spec Ops or Higurashi, and thought Tokyo Magnitude’s usage was awful and emotionally exploitative.

  1. Ishihara did a good job with this. I’m very much looking forward to the second season.

    I never really liked Girls und Panzer very much, although the I know the recent film version has received extremely positive reviews in Japan.

  2. So… I am glad you considered Euphonium as one of 2015’s best but… I kinda feel sad at the same time since Yahari won’t be included in this list. As much as I love that anime, I think Euphonium won me over by its straightforward execution.

    For the anime, Yay! for straying from the K-On! formula.

    • My problem with Yahari is that the story never really matched the show’s ambitions. I prefer my character-challenging drama to have stronger situations than what the sequel (and the first one for that matter) showed. Also, it ended *right* when it was about to get really interesting.

  3. Not surprised that you gave it that position considering your general feelings about shows with cute girls (great that it had something that intrigued you, though). One of the better anime this year, to me. Are you going to see the second season when it airs?

    • Yeah I’ll watch it. Hopefully it tones down on the cute girl aspect and focuses more on the characterization in the second season (basically, the opposite of what Sidonia did). Otherwise, I’ll probably stop.