Twelve Days Of Anime — Introduction


It’s back! And I couldn’t be happier for its return.

I notice people have been getting tired of me being negative on anime all the time, but when these same people say shit like “this season is weak because there were only three anime I really liked”, I have this incredibly violent urge to reach into the screen and slap their avatars silly. But they do have a point when it comes to just watching anime in order to highlight how awful it is. You should only do that if you have a reason for doing so, and my reason is to expose the majority of Japan’s cartoons for the mediocre tripe that it is so that the few good ones I find can stand out all the more. So with that in mind, this year’s Twelve Days of Anime will consist of highlighting the good and the bad – or to be more precise, the best and worst anime of 2015.

Here’s the format: there will be a new post every morning from December 14th to Christmas Day. The first post will start from the sixth best anime of the year, the second post will be the sixth worst anime of the year, and I’ll continue switching back and forth (starting from #12 and working my way down to #1) until I highlight your Christmas Eves with what I consider the best of the year and ruin your Christmas Days with the worst that 2015 had to offer. Sounds fun, huh? I know I had some writing this stuff.

Oh, and just to make it clear, here are a few ground rules:

  • Only anime that are finished (or close to finishing since Fall isn’t over yet, but it would take a catastrophic ending to change my opinion on this season’s shows at this point) this year get on. Since I’ve practically disowned that old yearly ranking system and only judge whether an anime is good once it’s finished to avoid disappointments like that goddamn Parasyte adaptation (spoilers: it’s not going to be featured on my Twelve Days at all), it would be premature of me to say that the new Lupin or the new Gundam are the best thing to happen since sliced-bread, even if I’d bothered to keep up with them in the first place. Split-cour shows and their separate cours are only allowed if they can stand on their own enough to talk about.
  • No sequels/spin-offs unless it’s different/improved/degraded enough from the original to stand on its own. I liked the theatrical Mushishi and Psycho-Pass sequels, but there’s no denying that their success is largely attributed to their original shows and praising them in a yearly list is both unfair and awkward to everyone else. No “specials” either. Not naming names, but every time I saw that Code Geass: Nunnally in Wonderland thing in a top ten 2012 list, I just shook my head.
  • This goes without saying, but I have to actually have seen the anime for it to qualify. It may be true that the Aldnoah Zero sequel had more self-destructive tendencies in it than a war-torn veteran or that Jojo gave prepubescent boys (and girls) the best orgasms of their life. But it’s a little hard to share in the twisted love when you’ve never actually had any physical encounter with the temptress whatsoever. Plus, anyone who actually judges a show without seeing it first, let alone puts it on a top list, is quite frankly a fucking idiot.
  • Reminder #1023 that everything on this blog is subjected to personal opinion based on how much fun I had with the product and if you really enjoy the anime I hate or dislike the anime I enjoy, then you shouldn’t let what I say get to you. I will raise a few eyebrows at you if you disagree with me, but you’d do the same in my shoes, so don’t be calling me out on it.
  • I will NOT be putting the name of the anime on my post title, nor will I be showing any preview images of the anime in question. Whilst there’ll be some a hint in the title, if you want to know what I selected, you’re going to have to actually read the post.
  • There won’t be any review-posting during the Twelve Days period. Instead, said Twelve Days posts will be taking up the usual Monday/Tuesday time spot, thus giving me an excuse to free up more time to play some goddamn overly-long open world games.

Now that that’s all straightened out, I hope you enjoy my praise/piddling of what I’ve chosen to spotlight in a few days. And if you want to see other Twelve Days posts, check out Anime Nano around the 12/13-12/25 period and see what my colleagues are up to.

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